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We will be returning to Fantasy Forest with our Portal to Discworld

An stylized picture of Terry Pratchett surrounded by the words A Portal to Discworld surrounded by patterns of light

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A Portal to Discworld is back at Fantasy Forest for a second year.

Step into Discworld through our Portal and join in with the fun and games that lie within! With The Luggage, workshops, quizzes, a Cosplay Competition, storytelling and more, A Portal to Discworld is the home from home you didn't know you needed at Fantasy Forest.

All Pratchett fans are welcome and even if you have never heard of the author, there is plenty to delight and entertain you through our Portal. Ineffables will also have a corner where they can colour in their favourite demon or angel and have their iconograph taken in our Good Omens corner of the Portal.

All of this is free to those who have tickets for Fantasy Forest!

"Bee there Orr Bee A Rectangular Thyng" - Terry Pratchett

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Fantasy Forest

Published: 26 Apr 2024 15:50
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