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Know your Christmas Movies? Try our new Christmas Movie Quiz

Festive image of a large television set with presents around the floor.  On the screen is the message Christmas Movie Quiz 2023 by Better Than a Poke in the Eye

We at Better Than a Poke in the Eye love a good Christmas movie.

A Christmas party in Los Angeles, home alone in New York, this year's new must have toy, an amazing new pet, a new twist on a literary classic or a visit to Santa's workshop! If any of these make sense to you, you probably like some of our favourite Christmas movies.

If you share our passion at this time of year, why not try our new Christmas movie quiz and see if you can answer ten simple questions?

It's all just a bit of fun, why not let us know how you did by posting your comments on our socials. Use the #BetterThanChristmasQuiz. Please don't post any answers though.

Published: 6 Dec 2023 10:00
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