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To start off the new year, we have moved web servers!

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[New Year - New Server]

We've been using the same Virtual Private Web Server since 2018. At the time it was shiny and new and suitable for our needs. Over time we have gone well beyond its life cycle. Updates for the operating system and its control panel had stopped a few years ago meaning the server wasn't getting new technological improvements (we pushed it beyond its limits and broke a few things along the way).

But there never seemed to be time to make the transition over to a new server. After a few failed attempts we were determined to get it done. So after setting up a temporary server at home and testing all the technologies, in early 2024 we gave it another go.

Moving to our new server means that it will be compressing the data as you request it and serving pages to you using the latest web server technology. We have also moved over to a new control panel solution that has reduced our monthly hosting bill to 1/3 of its previous price.

We've been running the new server for about a week now and with the exception of a few minor issues we are happy that it is all working.

Hopefully we won't have to be doing this again for a few more years!

Happy new year all!

Published: 7 Jan 2024 09:28
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