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30 gifts for 30 days of November - Day 8

Background: Black and White photo of a group of Slugs, Foreground: White Cover of Shaun Hutson's book Slugs

30 gifts for 30 days of November - Day 8

Here is the eighth of thirty Better Than a Poke in the Eye recommended gifts for the book lover in your life even if that book lover is YOU!

Day 8's recommendation is Slugs by Shaun Hutson.

Shaun Hutson was always my guilty pleasure. Shaun Hutson was known as the rock n' roll horror writer. As a teen I loved so many of his novels. One book stood out though, and that is Slugs.

Most of us are somewhat repulsed by Slugs. But what if they were carnivorous? Hutson's 1982 novel explores this idea to its most disgusting and depraved limits. If you like horror with a basis set in twisted reality then give Slugs a try.

This classic horror has a R.R.P. of £8.99.

You can purchase it through our online bookshop or through any of our affiliate links.

Published: 8 Nov 2023 09:49
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