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30 gifts November Day 18 - Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

Background: Faded photo of a quad bike. Foreground: Cover of Stormbreaker book one of Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz

30 gifts for 30 days of November - Day 18

Here is the eighteenth of thirty Better Than a Poke in the Eye recommended gifts for the book lover in your life even if that book lover is YOU!

Today's recommendation is Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider never expected to end up being a spy but in many ways it was already written in the stars as his family had been spies for many years beforehand. Stormbreaker is the first in an expansive series that not only spawned a film but also a major TV series. Whilst written for the young adult market the Alex Rider series are as good as if not better than Ian Fleming's Bond books.

R.R.P. £7.99

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Published: 18 Nov 2023 13:31
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