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Terry Pratchett - A bibliography by Better Than a Poke in the Eye

This page contains a complete list (to our knowledge) of Terry Pratchett's published books. It doesn't include items where Terry is credited but wasn't heavily involved with the writing.

An * indicates the book was also available as a slipcase edition.

Discworld Novels

Discworld Compact Editions


Graphic Novels

Colouring Books

Illustrated Screenplays / TV Companions - Discworld and Non-Discworld



Science books

Folklore Books

Plays as adapted by Stephen Briggs

Plays as adapted by Irana Brown

Plays as adapted by Matthew Holmes

UK Compilations

US Compilations

Other Discworld Stuff

Art Books

Gaming Books

Bromeliad Trilogy

Johnny Maxwell Series

Compilations of short works

Official Biography

The Long Earth Series

Other Non-Discworld

Quiz books (with forewords by Terry Pratchett)

Unofficial books about Terry Pratchett

Unofficial Tributes

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