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Discworld Monthly - Issue 18: October 1998

Table of Contents:

1. Editorial
2. News
3. Readers' Letters
4. DiscTrivia
5. Article: Information from the Clarecraft Collectors Guild
6. Review: Wallbro's Luggage Money Box
7. Review: Waxworks Hex Plate.
8. Waxworks Competition
9. Clarecraft Competition Results
10. Feature: Discworld Convention 1998
11. The End

1. Editorial

Welcome to issue 18. The big event this month was the second Discworld Convention. William and I managed to get to Liverpool and spend a few days there. You will find a short report in section 10.

Discworld Monthly will be changing its email and web address sometime soon (due to Aquapal Ltd stopping trading). As soon as we have the details of the new site we will let everyone know.

Colin Smythe, PTerry's agent wrote to us to add a footnote to Phil Penney's review of Theatre Of Cruelty.

When I was approached in June 1995 by Peter Haining to use TOC in a collection he was editing I asked Terry whether he was prepared to let it be reprinted, and if so would he expand it for its appearance there as I'd known that he wanted to do so. At that time I was unaware of the OryCon 15 version. I got a text from Terry in mid July and I passed it on to Haining for _Wizards of Odd_ and it was published in that volume by Souvenir Press (which used the original Josh Kirby illustration on the dustjacket) in March 1996

In the light of the information about the OryCon version's availability on the Net, I downloaded a copy and checked it against the _Book Case_ version and that in the Haining collection. I found that while the OryCon version was expanded from the original version, the _Wizards of Odd_ version was yet further expanded by the addition of a few telling phrases and sentences, and the gnomes were changed to goblins, so to date there have been three different versions.

So often in Terry's novels there are throw-away ideas that one feels would make a book in themselves, but the final version of this story is such that I doubt it could be improved by further lengthening.

*Request for input*

We need your input: please send us any articles, book reviews, details of events or anything else that other PTerry fans might enjoy. We need to receive all articles no less than a week before the next issue is due. We should receive all submissions for issue nineteen by Friday 23rd October 1998.

Jason Anthony, (editor)
William Barnett (deputy editor)
Ritchy Rich (absent friend)

2. News

"IAN TUFFNELL" ( ) writes: Collectables Stockton have said that they will be holding a Halloween event to include Clarecraft's Discworld figures. The assistant didn't say if it was an official Collector's Guild event or just a cut-price type event.

The URL we published last month for the Washington Post review of "Jingo" has now moved into their pay for access section of their website. We found the review interesting but wouldn't recommend you pay to read it.

A new Discworld Wall Calendar which has Josh Kirby pictures, including the hitherto unseen one for the cover of the 2-in-1 volume containing THE COLOUR OF MAGIC and THE LIGHT FANTASTIC should be published in 1999. The 2000 calendar will feature Paul Kidby's work.

There will also be a Discworld Day-to-Day Calendar with text from the Companion and 50 odd pictures by Paul Kidby, many hitherto unseen. A similar one is planned for 2000.

Chapel House are issuing a number of Discworld bookmarks with Josh Kirby images (Paul Kidby ones to follow) which will be on sale at the Convention, probably at the stand of the Cunning Artificer.

The next Discworld novel, CARPE JUGULUM will be published in the first week of November, as will the paperback of JINGO.

THE BROMELIAD TRILOGY (TRUCKERS, DIGGERS and WINGS) will be published as a single volume from Doubleday on 5 November.

Paul Kidby's next map will be of Death's cottage and gardens, presently entitled DEATH'S DOMAIN. Publication date should be next May.

PTerry, Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen are presently working on a book presently called THE SCIENCE OF THE DISCWORLD, to be published by Ebury Press in Autumn 1999. Paul Kidby has already been working on the cover illustration. It is not an attempt to rationalize Discworld science in the way that The Science of Star Trek does, rather Stewart and Cohen will be looking at 'our' science from a Discworld point of view, and giving some interesting truths about our universe. PTerry says that readers will finally learn what Ponder Stibbons is allowed to build on the squash-court, but whatever it is the Faculty will continue to play squash there...

Gollancz are publishing another Discworld Omnibus, DEATH TRILOGY, containing MORT, REAPER MAN and SOUL MUSIC, for publication in October, and DISCWORLD'S ANKH-MORPORK CITY WATCH DIARY 1999 in September.

They are also releasing collectors' editions of WITCHES ABROAD, SMALL GODS, LORDS AND LADIES and MEN AT ARMS with the standard jacket styles.

In the US HarperPrism are publishing their hardcover edition of HOGFATHER in November.

The publication date of LEGENDS featuring the short story "The Sea and Little Fishes" edited by Robert Silverberg is 5 October.

Samples of Blue Cat's mugs should be on display at the Convention. The pictures on the first three contain Josh Kirby pictures - almost certainly of his pictures for REAPER MAN, GUARDS! GUARDS! and WITCHES ABROAD. The next three will have Paul Kidby pictures.

There is a new church that you may find interesting. The Church of Pratchett considers all of the Prophet's (PTerry) books their holy sacrament. Visit

PTerry will appear next year at the Trinity-Convention in Dortmund, Germany from May 21-24 1999.

Henrietta Silvennoinen ( ) recommends to Finnish and Swedish fans that want to order PTerry books. Apparently it is quick, cheap and the books are available in several formats.

The Questors Theatre will be performing MORT on Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd and Saturday 24th October at 7.45pm. Call the booking office on 0181-567-5184 for more information or visit The Questors Theatre, Mattock Lane, Ealing, London, W5, England.

Colnbrook Amateur Stage Theatre (CAST) will be performing Wyrd Sisters at Colnbrook Village Hall, Vicarage Way, Colnbrook, Berkshire on December 9th/10th/11th/12th 1998. This venue is easily accessible to all Terry Pratchett fans in West London, Berkshire, Middx & Surrey, being only 5 minutes drive from Heathrow Airport, M25 Junc.14 & M4 Junc.5

Fans of "Death" will be pleased to know that he will be added to Steven Briggs' adaptation, subject to us receiving SB's OK. (This includes the "COWER NOW BRIEF MORTALS" speech that JA missed so much when he saw the Woodley Theatre production).

Tickets are available from priced at 6UKP for adults and 4UKP for concessions or contact Claire at the Box Office on 01784 461579. The play starts at 8.00pm prompt. P.S. If any TP fans local to the venue want to help out in any way, contact

Merrow Dramatic Society are putting on their production of Mort at the Electric Theatre in Guildford, Surrey, on Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th November 1998. Tickets are 6UKP from the Electric Theatre Box Office on 01483 444789, and are going fast. Shows start 8.00pm daily, bar and restaurant open all day.

Merrow Dramatic Society have been established for 76 years and are founder members of the new Electric Theatre (opened last year) which is especially for amateurs. This comfortable theatre seats 180 and has all the latest state of the art equipment available, which is super for this type of show.

The show is directed by Jenny Brown, a member of some time, and has a cast of around 20 including many junior members.

Perins Youth Theatre's new adaption of "Soul Music" (approved by Stephen Briggs) will take place on Wed 14th - Sat 17th Oct 1998 at 7.30pm at the Main Hall, Perins Shcool, Pound Hill, Alresfoord, Hants.

Tickets cost 5.00UKP / 3.50UKP (concessions). Special offer 2 for the price of one on the first night only. For ticket availability Tel: 01962-734361 or Fax: 01962-735930

Live rock music / trolls / dwarves and DEATH in SENSURROUND (remember that?) "The Mended Drum" has never seen life this low!! Be there of be a rectangular thing.

Small Ads....

Dave Simmond ( ) will be moving to England in January to attend University in London and is looking to get in touch with London based Discworld fans. He says:

"I'm NOT looking for a wife or sex or even a date for that matter. I would just like to get in touch with some like minded hoopy froods (Hitchhikers reference, sorry) who will show me around, give me the grand tour of green and pleasant lands. Or at the very least, take me on a pub crawl."

"John C Forman" ( ) is looking for the figure of Carrot. He is looking for anyone who has one they want to sell or knows someone who will sell.

"William Broom" ( ) want to buy a Hardback copy of Eric. If you have a copy you are willing to sell please contact him.

3. Readers' Letters

If you have any letters / comments, please email

We assume any correspondence is eligible for use in the newsletter unless otherwise stated, including the sender's email address. We may also edit your letters for obscure or sinister reasons.

Each month the writer of the month's best letter will receive two Discworld badges with PTerry quotes on them from Snapdragon Gifts. You can contact Snapdragon Gifts at or Please mention DWM in any correspondence.

* From: Phil Masters ( )
Just a couple of notes on the review of *GURPS Discworld*, which people may find important. Or maybe not.

(1) It's "GURPS Discworld", not "Discworld GURPS". Not that I'd mention it, but if someone's trying to order a copy from a shop or whatever, it helps to get the title right.

(2) The Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games was NOT the co-author of the Fighting Fantasy game-books. There is a British Steve Jackson (who made silly amounts of money from those books and the Games Workshop phenomenon, and disappeared into semi-retirement) and an American Steve Jackson (who runs that company). Confusing, I know.

WB replies: Several readers set us right on this including,, & The British Steve Jackson is now a director of a computer games company, Lionhead. Apologies to both and anybody else called Steve Jackson.

* From: Andrew Keir ( )
In last month's issue Jason Anthony wrote:

)Clarecraft have captured Rincewind in a particularly natural pose - mid stride with his clock bellowing behind him. (

Now *that*'s surreal ..... ..... sort of suits. though .....

* From: (Robin Halligan)
I hate to point out an error in the information in this excellent E-mag but I cannot let this one go passed. In the questions in the DiscTrivia part of the e-mag you ask

4 - How many gates lead into (or away) from Ankh-Morpork?

and you give the answer as 9 but you didn't take into consideration the fact that there are two "river gates" (if you can call the Ankh a river) that makes the number of "GATES" 11.

JA replies: We didn't get the DiscTrivia until very late last month and didn't get chance to check the answers. We normally rely on Danu to include the correct answers.

* From: "Clifford A. Jones" ( )
I just wanted to let you know about a new PTerry story which has come out in the US. It is called "The Sea and Little Fishes", and appears in an anthology of "short novels" titled "Legends", edited by Robert Silverberg. The publisher is Tor ( I haven't read it yet, but it is reputed to involve Granny Weatherwax and a magical contest.

* From: Elizabeth ( )
My embarrassing moment took place during a queue for signing in Guildford university bookshop, during the Hogfather tour. A group of people were also filming for the video that was eventually shown on Channel 4 and so, encouraged the assembled fans to have discussions about PTerry's writings. Unfortunately, the "discussions" developed into a bit of an argument between an American student and myself - I believe he said PTerry was better than Shakespeare and I bridled but agreed he was certainly better than Dickens.

Months later, I watched and video-ed the programme but was horrified that my face appeared on the screen, with the remark that "Terry is certainly better than Dickens". Not only did I sound completely "chattering classes bitch" but the style of the film production ensured my face was frozen on the screen for some ghastly length of time. I know that other people copied this programme and have retained the video - I just hope they don't recognize me in another queue or at the Convention.

DWM replies: Having scanned the video again we have to agree with Elizabeth's analysis. However after meeting Elizabeth at the Convention we can assure other readers or appalled video viewers that she's not as much of a "chattering class bitch" as she might appear.

* From: "Adam Linville" ( )
I've always been proud to be American in every way except for one respect: We don't have most of the Discworld books, memorabilia, etc, that the U.K. does. I've read DWM for almost six months, but I (and I imagine many other American readers) feel like I'm missing out on an inside joke when I read letters about early Discworld novels. Only once did I get a chance to read The Colour of Magic from the library, but sadly it seems that all of them before Small Gods are out of print in the U.S. I considered ordering them from overseas, but it's so expensive that, while I don't doubt it would be worthwhile in the end, there had to be another way. So I e-mailed The Author himself to ask what could be done, and he told me that there are plans to bring the older novels back, so American PTerry fans have reason to celebrate. I would also love to see in DWM mention of American release dates for new Discworld novels and paperbacks, as would others in the United States.

JA replies: We can only report on the information we are told about. If the American publishers let us know the release dates we will pass them on.

* From: "Stephen Burgess" ( )
I thought you should know that there is an online 3D world called A'Tuin which can be accessed using the Active worlds Software. Active Worlds is like a chat room except that you can actually walk through several 3D worlds to talk to people. Last time I visited A'Tuin, it featured several turtles, so I can only assume that the maker of this world is a Discworld fan.

The activeworlds software can be downloaded for FREE at the Active worlds Home page which can be found by looking up Active Worlds through the Yahoo! web search engine at

* "Mark Bullock" ( )
I want people to tell me how to solve the two following problems in Wyrd Sisters "The Play"

1. Any suggestions for the dungeon scene? I mean staging inside and out at the same time.

2. Good suggestions for how to stage the on-stage/backstage dilemma without looking crap. I'm a director with my own ideas but any input would be appreciated. Free tickets to the show for the best answer..... (I was only joking, about the free tickets. I'm poor as it is.)

3. Also does anybody have any good Pratchett clipart that isn't by that guy who illustrates the novels? Poster designing is my forte.

* From: "Lenka Treglova" ( )
I am a member of a large family of PTerry's fans in Czech Republic and DWM is the largest source of Discworld information I've ever seen. Thank you! Reading the letter from Bulgarian fan I have to tell you that situation in Czech Republic is the same. Discworld books are easily accessible in translated versions, but is hard to get them in English, though they are not as expensive as in Bulgaria. My personal Terry Pratchett treasure is two books signed by him and one of them I got as a wedding present. Exactly one year ago I got married to a librarian. My friend, who gave me the book, told this to Terry Pratchett at the signing and PTerry wrote: To Lenka oook oook! That is the most beautiful wedding present I got!

* From: "Mr Simon Thompson" ( )
This is in some way similar to the famous "get rich quick" plans, sort of!

We all know that a Million to One chance crops up nine times out of ten. Well, the odds of winning the UK National Lottery are 13 Million to One. So, buy 13 tickets, and you will have 13 x 1 Million to One chances, which means that nine times out of ten you should win "The Big One".

* From: "considinek" ( )
I was in the 7th heaven of delight when I heard that PTerry was coming to South Africa (Feb 1998); fortunately for my mental health I only found out two days before, or I might seriously have damaged my brain through agonising over what I was going to say to my idol!

Anyhow, the glorious day arrived and so did I (nearly two hours early, and still only fifth in the queue.) The place was packed with journalists and photographers, one of whom decided I was photogenic (She was very strange, to say the least), and asked if I could kneel down as Terry signed my books so that she could get us both in one shot. Fine, said I, no problem, but when I did, Terry looked at me perfectly calmly, and said, "There's no need to fall down and worship, you know." While I was still opening and shutting my mouth like a stranded codfish, at least ten flashbulbs were going off in my face! Luckily I never saw any of those pictures.

Embarrassment number two came when PTerry asked my name (Katharine). Since it's an unusual spelling, I spelled it out for him; after all, you want these things to be right! PTerry looked at me with a pained expression and said, "How about I put K, A, T, H, and some squiggles?" "Fine", I gasped, proving that, in the eyes of his disciples, Terry Pratchett can do nothing wrong: ("Look, Terry Pratchett put some squiggles in my Hogfather!") As he handed my book back, he said, "I've even put an 'E' on the end!" Again, all I could do was gasp (thankyou, this time)... However, I felt better almost immediately afterwards. The person behind me had about thirty books he wanted signed, and PTerry took one look and said, "You're a bloody bastard, aren't you?" Later, I saw this chap walking past shaking his head sadly and saying, "A bastard! My hero called me a bloody bastard!" What, then, do I have to complain about? I got squiggles. He got called a bastard.

* From: "Asher Ross" ( )
Recently, in the review of the new Albert sculpture, it was said that Albert was not enough of a character to make a sculpture of as was Foul-Ole-Ron. Well, I strongly disagree. If Death's servant is not enough of a character who is? Imp y Celen? Albert has consistently been a faithful servant in all the stories he appears. Same for Foul-Ole-Ron, who in all his appearances has pretty much been like an insane person from Earth, not from the Disc. Whereas Imp has only appeared once. Not that I have anything against Imp. Forget the review and lets have some applause for Albert and Ole-Ron!

* From: "Beth Peart" ( )
I just thought readers might be interested to know that I saw the Luggage the other day, when I was in Whitby, North Yorkshire... It was following a load of Morris Men, but with what intent, I am not sure! The holidaymakers hardly took any notice of it, which seemed both surprising and alarming, until I realised what was happening - it was in much the same way as Discworld characters do not see Death. In this instance, I think all they were "seeing" was a wooden box being pulled along on castors, with dozens of dear little pink plastic doll's legs nailed around the sides. I gave it a wide berth just in case....

* From: "Neill Tupman" ( )
Your Discworld GURPS review (DWM ish 17) made an interesting read, and I would tend to agree with the reviewer's sentiments regarding the portrayal of Pratchett in a roleplaying environment.

I too feel that any comedy doesn't seem to work that well in RPG's. While Paranoia worked quite well, and not forgetting the cartoon RPG "Toon" (also by Steve Jackson Games I believe), I can't help thinking that DW GURPS is just an excuse for fans to recite Pratchett quotes until the DM gets tired and tells everyone to go home.

How many times have you met a Pratchett fan (at a con, a pub, wherever) and got on fairly well until they start reeling off quotes at you? Maybe it's just me but "Hey, I have read the books too you know, I do remember...".

However all that said, I won't write off the product until I've read it and can make my own mind up about it. I'm glad to see that Steve Jackson Games, in what has to be a smart marketing move, have included a copy of GURPS Lite in the package. This enables a novice to pick up the supplement and run with it right away. Far too many RPG systems rely on the fact that you already have the 27 hardbound rulebooks to run this supplement.

Incidentally the UK's largest RPG convention, Gen Con UK (formerly known as European Gen Con) hosts a "Discworld Freeform", which I understand is "live roleplaying" and a damn good laugh. Basically players take on a role from one of the books, dress up (yes, if you feel the need) and take part in a organised scenario that looks a right laugh from the outside. I suppose this is no different from getting up on a stage and performing, except you don't run to a script and there aren't so many people watching.

JA replies: Neill gets this month's almost infamous "Letter of the Month".

4. DiscTrivia

Welcome once more to your monthly bout of trivia. If you're not already on the mailing list for news on the new trivia game, head over to and get on it! And don't forget to have a surf around the Discworld Ring - with 14 members! is the place to go! Anyway, back to the real stuff - these ones are really tough, but we've given you some hints to help you along...

If you had D.M.S. after your name what would you be?
You don't have to be a wiz(ard) to work this one out.

What is Constable Visit's full name?
Once you find out you'll know why they just call him Visit.

Who or what is Bilious?
Oh God! You don't even know that?

What is the Patrician's dog called?
Rhymes with truffles.

What was the name (and probably still IS the name) of the demon that chased Eric and Rincewind throughout the Disc?
Er, sorry - no clues.

Danu Poyner ( )

This month's answers can be found in section 11.

5. Article: Information from the Clarecraft Collectors Guild

MLugg1 ( ) thought you'd like to know a few of the many snippets of gossip picked up at the Clarecraft Collectors Guild Event in Poole (26th July)

Rosie, the painter of some of the models was there and she painted a few (about ten) of the Death's Head models that Collectors Guild members were given including ours (only the first 100 got one, and the rest were unpainted, mind) and we had a nice chat with her. Apparently she got bored one day when painting some Lady Ramkins so added some goldfish to a few of their buckets... about four she thinks, and they all got put into circulation!

Several new figures found their way into the shop; these were a new Rincewind, in a running pose, the Luggage as a box (all lined, and with teeth!) and Pixie Albert, as well as the new event piece Death as Beau Nidle (just his head poking out of the sand with his Klatchian Foreign Legion hat on...according to Rosie, the blue line on his hat was a real bugger to paint and it would have been easier in red!)

The next limited edition piece mould has been approved by PTerry and is awaiting colour approval. This is (na na na)....... Granny Weatherwax and Death playing poker from that (in)famous scene in "Maskerade" and may be out around September/October time (but don't hold your breath).

Suggestions for new pieces from members included:

Other ideas for Discworld related items mentioned by Elton were:

One excitement of the day was when a bloke piped up asking whether Susan should have a black stripe in her hair because his hadn't... so this proves that there are still collectable collectables in amongst even the newer figures made... this should make shopping for them even more of an adventure!

6. Review: Wallbro's Luggage Money Box

Wallbro, the Discworld beer manufacturers, have released details of their "Hogswatch" gift packs. Ardent fans (and/or drunkards) can choose to receive 2 bottles of Albert's Hogswatch Pudding, a Guild of Seamstresses goblet, Hogswatch card, truffles and Luggage money box as one of the packs. Alternatively you can exchange the goblet for a Hogfather coffee mug.

We received a sample of the new Luggage money box from Waxworks. It's quite a large piece in two parts, little legs (28 to be exact) supporting the money box itself. Interestingly, although the Luggage has a slot in the top for your coins, there is no means of removing the money again, which we find pretty sinister... Perhaps if you do manage to open it up it turns out to be full of your clean laundry.

Wallbro can be contacted via email: or phone 01509 216057 or at: Wallbro, 11 Hornbeam, The Fairways, Loughborough, Leic, LE11 2NY.

Please mention Discworld Monthly in any correspondence (unless you're going to say we're rubbish or something).

7. Review: Waxworks Hex Plate.

Waxworks have sent us one of their new limited edition Hex plates to review. We were vaguely expecting some sort of dinner plate with a picture on it, but you probably won't be eating many meals off this one.

The plate is about nine inches in diameter. It features an elaborately sculpted image of Hex, set into the base of the plate. This is the first visual interpretation of Hex we've seen, and it has to be said that Waxworks have done a superb job. The plate includes the FTB, GBL, Antil Inside logo, mouse (with cheese) and a quill pen among the extensive details.

It's pretty hard to get excited about an item of crockery, but we're really impressed with this piece. It will make a very unusual ornament for anyone with walls strong enough to support its substantial weight. Unfortunately we've agreed to give (yes, give!) it away as a competition prize (see the next section), otherwise we'd love to keep it for ourselves.

To find our more about Waxworks products either visit or email Please mention Discworld Monthly in any correspondence.

8. Waxworks Competition

If you would like to win this limited edition plate (number 54 of 500) send the answer to the following questions before Friday 23rd October 1998 to . The winner will be selected at random and will be announced in next month's issue.

We really do like this piece so you may find the questions more challenging than usual. But, hey, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Unless you go to the Salvation Army. And ask for some free soup.

9. Clarecraft Competition Results

Last month we offered you the chance to win one of three Clarecraft figures by answering the following questions:

Q. What job did Rincewind do at the Unseen University?
A. Assistant Librarian

Q. In which novel does Albert visit the Unseen University?
A. Mort

Q. What material is the Luggage made from?
A. Sapient Pearwood

The winners were selected at random and are:

Matt Sainsbury from England who wins Rincewind Running, The Gonzo Lager from America who wins The Luggage and Ant Hunt from Australia wins Pixie Albert.

Many thanks to Elton at Clarecraft for supplying and delivering these prizes. You can get more information about Clarecraft products by visiting their NEW website at or writing to Elton at

Please mention Discworld Monthly in any correspondence.

10. Feature: Discworld Convention 1998

I finally arrived at Liverpool's infamous Adephi hotel (after spending an hour or two going round in circles trying to navigate the city centre) to be met by a queue that covered most of the lobby area. Luckily I registered with the Convention itself first and got a load of goodies to read while waiting for my room keys.

If you haven't already heard of it, this was the second Discworld Convention. About 800 fans congregated in Liverpool for four days of entertainment including such diverse activities as Live Tetris, Ready Steady Cook (a la Discworld), "celebrity" interviews and a Maskerade parade and dinner.

The event was kicked off with a quite impressive opening ceremony featuring a short introduction from Death, followed by PTerry and finally Paul A Rood, the Discworld Convention's Managing Director.

To round off the first night, PTerry spent about an hour reading extracts from Carpe Jugulum and also from a first draft of the subsequent book (which has a working title of The Fifth Elephant).

A personal highlight was Josh Kirby's slide presentation on the final day. I've always looked forward to the Kirby covers but Josh's mode of conducting the presentation really made it stand out. He's obviously happier in control of a paintbrush than a slide projector.

Another Discworld artist in attendance whose talks we particularly enjoyed was Graham Higgins (the illustrator of the Mort Big Comic). Although he claimed to be very nervous, his style and humour won the audience over, not least by encouraging us all to close our eyes and imagine purple cows. There was an important reason for this but we won't go into it here.

Finally we would like to make especial mention of the panel discussion on fan activity to which we were, of course, invited. A select group of the movers and shakers in PTerry fandom overran their allocated time with a lively and insightful debate. There was some sort of interview going on at the time in the main hall but it couldn't have been very interesting.

The Convention ended with a prize giving and speeches by PTerry and members of the Convention committee. PTerry claimed to have thoroughly enjoyed his weekend especially because he'd had time to go to the toilet (unlike the previous Convention in 1996). We were impressed with the extent of his involvement in all the events such as taking the stage at the final of the Unseen University Challenge and fielding some pretty tough questions. PTerry also did a wonderful job of overseeing the ritual coating of the committee leader in tapioca and jam.

We found it a great opportunity to put faces to some email addresses and all the fans appeared to have had a good time. Rumours of Millenicon, Hand and Shrimp are already circulating.

11. The End

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* Answers to this months DiscTriva *

Q1 - If you had D.M.S. after your name what would you be?
A1 - Doctor of Morbid Spellbinding.

Q2 - What is Constable Visit's full name?
A2 - Visit-the-Infidel-with-Explanatory-Pamphlets.

Q3 - Who or what is Bilious?
A3 - Oh God of Hangovers.

Q4 - What is the Patrician's dog called?
A4 - Wuffles.

Q5 - What was the name (and probably still IS the name) of the demon that chased Eric and Rincewind throughout the Disc?
A5 - Astfgl.

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