Better Than

Discworld Monthly - Issue 41: September 2000

Table of Contents:

1. Editorial
2. News
3. Readers' Letters
4. Recommendations
5. DiscTrivia
6. The Truth Tour - November 2000
7. Discworld Convention 2002 Information
8. Review: Colour of Magic & Light Fantastic American Comics
9. Review: The Clarecraft Event 2000
10. The End

1. Editorial

Welcome to issue 41. Last month you may have noticed an advert at the top of DWM. eGroups host our mailing list for free because we agree to have an advert on every email sent out. Originally the advert appeared at the bottom of the email but from Issue 40 onwards eGroups have moved it to the top so more people notice it. We have emailed eGroups about this but we beleive it's their new policy. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Jason Anthony (Editor)
William Barnett (Deputy Editor)
Richard Massey (Deputy Dawg)

2. News

We have recently become an affiliate of Black Star, the UK's largest on-line video store. If you are still looking for any of the Discworld videos you can either visit the Black Star home page at or the individual links below:

Wyrd Sisters (double VHS - PAL)

Soul Music (double VHS - PAL)

Soul Music - Parte 1 (VHS - PAL)

Soul Music - Parte 2 (VHS - PAL)

They also list the non-Discworld videos

Johnny and the Dead (VHS - PAL)

Truckers (VHS - PAL)

The next novel The Truth will get a simultaneous world wide release in November. For once American fans will not have to wait several months to get hold of the latest books. In the meantime you can pre-order "The Truth" from via the following link: 0385601026/87

The paperback version of The Fifth Elephant is also due for release in November.

Alex H Cowley ( ) will be adding fuel to William Barnett's fire in the next GOFAD newsletter with his in-depth review of Terry Pratchett: Guilty of Literature.

We have received some more information about the German tour dates: the Bonn reading on September 25th starts at 8:30pm with tickets being made available two weeks in advance.

Discworld Noir will be released on 8th September as a budget game (by Infrograms UK) for the PC and will cost 7.99GBP. For those who can't wait Simplygames ( sells the PC version of Discworld Noir for 19.99 GBP. To get it go to the PC Catalogue Section.

Aidan Mac Creary wrote to say that there is a free copy of Guards Guards on the cover of PC Format magazine DVD issue and a special offer if you buy the six mp3 books. Aiden doesn't say what format the Guards Guards book is in.

Small Ads....

Ross MacDonald would like Discworld fans to visit their new website

The Patricianess Jeanette V ( ) has a copy of the second Discworld game, Missing Presumed and is really stuck and even a so-called "complete walkthrough" is not helping, on account of it being "completely wrong". She wants people who can help her to email her and also anyone who has Noir to tell her whether it's any good since she's thinking of buying it too.

Ronald Hogenboom ( ) is male, 29 years old and from the Netherlands. He is looking for an E-pal, preferably from the Netherlands or the Dutch speaking part of Belgium (it's called Flanders folks). He also thinks the 17 year old females David Campbell mentioned in the last newsletter sound ok too.

Beckie ( ) is 20 years old and looking for an e-pal. She is studying law at the University of Wolverhampton. She would like to chat to people of her own age or older about her interests which include reading in general (not just Discworld), cinema, music, and fitness. She would also love to hear from anyone who either studies or practices law.

Michael K Hanson ( ) has some pics from Q&A session from Clarecraft's Discworld event. To see the pics visit:

Kelley Gosling ( ) a 28 year old female from Essex is looking to make Discworld companions to chat to and visit the Discworld plays with.

Danu Poyner ( ) has recently updated his Discworld WebRing. He would like suggestions as to what should be on the new site and how to operate it so that it will be just as valuable as the sites in the Ring. Danu asks that you read the new policy he has for the ring before posting. Danu writes: "The Discworld Ring aims to showcase the most interesting and creative Discworld sites on the Net. There are plenty of other Discworld Rings, so only sites that offer something others don't will be considered. The Discworld Ring is for fans who want something fresh and imaginative, not just book blurbs and character profiles.'

Cath ( ) would like to purchase a copy of Discworld 2 for the PC. is an 18 year old male looking for epals around his age.

Smitha Marcel ( ) comes from India and hasn't been able to find anyone who knows who Terry Pratchett is. He would like to write to Discworld fans to discuss favourite characters, books etc.

Toon Brouwers ( ) has finished the PC version of Discworld Noir and would like to trade it for any Clarecraft piece. Toon lives in the Netherlands and says: Mail is welcome.

Justin Thompson ( ) is looking for American versions of all the Discworld novels - both hardback and softback. They must be in good, perfect or near-perfect condition. Please email any offers to Justin but bear in mind that he may not be able to reply immediately.

Steve Fleet ( ) is desperately searching for a Clarecraft Model of "Cohen The Barbarian" (the original not part of the Silver Horde, which we will review next issue - Ed) to complement his ever growing collection.

3. Readers' Letters

If you have any letters/comments, please email

We assume any correspondence is eligible for use in the newsletter unless otherwise stated, including the sender's email address. We may also edit your letters to upset Discworld celebrities.

Each month the writer of the month's best letter will receive two Discworld badges with PTerry quotes on them from Snapdragon Gifts. You can contact Snapdragon Gifts at or Please mention DWM in any correspondence.

* From: "Terry Pratchett"
Last month DWM wrote: Thanks to K Massam & Richard Speight who also spotted this appalling incongruity [the Bursar having the same name as the Librarian]. The question now arises: Did TP:GoL make a mistake, or, more shocking still, has Terry had the contradiction pointed out and changed the Bursar's name

'Shocking?' 'Appalling'? Sheesh, get real. Look, some people get to see drafts of DW books, and especially the uncorrected proofs, before they've gone through the whole editing process. It is very unwise to assume that every detail at that stage will be unchanged in the finished book, precisely because at that is stage it is *not* the finished book.

*I* spotted the 'wrong' name (actually, I woke up thinking 'Damn, it
was the Librarian, even the Bursar's not that mad') while all this was going on and made sure the mistake got *changed* on the proofs. Quite a few other things were changed, too -- that's one of the reasons why authors get proofs.

In theory, of course, an author can correct everything before the MS goes to the publisher. In reality that fact that you've worked on an MS for so long means that you just don't see some minor errors. You're too close to the stuff. The MS is out of your hands for a month or so, and then you see it fresh at the copyediting/proof stage and that's when you can pick up the things. That's why the system exists. To profess to be 'shocked' or 'appalled' that this sort of thing happens suggests that you believe that a book is produced page-perfect in one draft, by someone with the total recall of God.

Yours, simply human, --
Terry Pratchett

* From: "Jack Dorneden" ( )
It first occurred to me at Carpe Jugulum, and I now definitely regard Mr. Pratchett's work as not a series of Discworld novels, but as one reeeaaaalllllly big epic novel with chapters titled "Feet of Clay", etc. My great hope it that it does not end before I do, and as I am 65 it is very possible that I may finally have one of my wishes come true.

* From: "Katy Jennison" ( )
In DWM Issue 40 "Cagken" ( ) wrote "I may have my name removed from your mailing list for asking this question, but here goes anyway....... are there any other 54 year old Grandmothers out there in e-space who are TP fans?"

Well, four years ago I was a 54-year-old grandmother and TP fan - does that count? I'm still a grandmother and TP fan, so (up to now, anyway) it doesn't seem to wear off with advancing age. In fact yesterday my ex-husband's wife (could somebody please invent a word for this relationship, given that the two of us are the best of friends? - and why not, we have a lot in common, after all) gave me a dolls-house which I am now converting into a fairly free approximation of a witch's cottage, along Discworld lines. Just thought you'd like to know that ...

* From: "Carol Hines-Stroede" ( )
To: "Cagken"

54 year old grandmother TP fans? Oh, absolutely! In fact there are at least a half dozen in this building.

* From: "Melville" ( )
"...Pratchett includes his usual selection of philosophies on life. Principally how stupid people are in that they'll believe anything in print...." Is this (from the review of "The Truth"), perhaps, a subtle jab at a readership who spend seemingly endless time arguing over the science, paradoxes and inconsistencies of a blatantly fictional world which just happens to be primarily presented in printed form?

DWM replies: Nah! We didn't think of that.

* From: "Joanne Foster" ( )
I have been having a debate with my father over some of the animals in 'TLC'. I have just come back from traveling round Australia, and have been surprised at how many things that I had thought were just exaggerations of Ozzie life actually happen (eg the boat races in dry river beds *do* happen in the Todd river, Alice Springs). The galahs and parakeets are really as annoying as the ones that Rincewind finds round the Billabong (and teaches to say "B'rr off"!). However, the one animal that I didn't recognize immediately was the drop bear. However, I think that there is a possibility that it does exist, whereas my father believes that it is totally made up. Can anyone help!

* From: "Nathan Clissold" ( )
Re: Discworld game soundtracks

Just to clarify. Discworld Noir CD's have MUS files on them. When these are copied to your hard disk and renamed as MP3 files they can be listened to on a standard MP3 player, available all over the net. Sameal and Sapphire have both English and German versions of their introduction songs (German coming first) and are well worth a listen. A lot of the files are the rain sound effect (well it is Ankh Morpork) which continues throughout the entire game.

* From: "Rebekka Carlson" ( )
I'm a Dane and that's already one step towards being an expert on Hans Christian Anderssen. If people should want to investigate further obscure links, H.C. Anderssen also: kept a rope next to his bed in case of fires, was a hypochondriac, resented children and made little marks in his diaries after ... let's say.. spending quality time with himself.

* From: "Carsten H. Pedersen" ( )
Just a note on the "letter of the month" in issue 40.

P. Jones compares Granny's "I ATE'NT DEAD" sign to the sign that Hans Christian Anderssens had on his bedside table, saying "I am not really dead". Mr. Jones states that Anderssen had this sign on his table, because of an acute fear of death.

Just to set the record straight -- and because DWM readers seem to be such a nit-picking bunch anyhow :) -- Anderssen's fear was not of death, but of asphyxia, i.e. apparent death or "suspended animation". In his days, it was a well known fact (and thus a real danger) that some people got buried alive, because they were mistakenly thought dead.

Thus the comparison between Anderssen and Granny is actually much closer to the mark, than Mr. Jones' letter to DWM suggests.

* From: "William D. Moore" ( )
Last month Gorden Tough asked if Terry has ever been used in a sermon.

I'll be interested to see if you get any responses to this. I have quoted Terry Pratchett in several sermons over the years. Most often just some of the short witticisms. But on a couple occasions I gave a summary of the entire plot of Small Gods. I have also referred to one of his interviews, where he talks about not expecting God to show up for tea. I have also found the conversation between Granny and Mightily Oats in Carpe Jugulum to be a rich source, but have not had opportunity to use it yet.

I especially appreciated Pratchett's handling of Brutha and Mightily Oats as people of faith who honestly struggle with what they believe, and why. And somehow manage to be good people because (or in spite of?) their faith. I understand from various Pratchett interviews that he is an atheist (of some sort), and it would have been very easy for him, perhaps, to make all his "religious" characters buffoons or tyrants. But he has not. Sure, I feel the sting of some of his satire and criticisms when he writes about Vorbis and various other "church"-related figures. But considering the historical record of people and religion, his attacks are not invalid.

DWM replies: William gets this months letter of the month.

* From: "Dotty Pon" ( )
For my 30th birthday, I received Wyrd Sisters on DVD. The movie is very faithful to the book and is wonderful to watch. I love seeing my favourite characters in "real" action. The voices are perfect which enhances TP's tongue-in-cheek humour. I did find the DVD "extras" a little skimpy. TP's bio wasn't anything new - just a few pictures and printed text. I had been hoping for a live interview. There are a few other items on the main menu but nothing worth mentioning other than the "Intro to Discworld". The CG for that little sequence is very nice.

Since unwrapping the movie, I have managed to watch it 4 times and I plan to watch it many more. I can't wait until the next one is available (this fall? I think it's Soul Music)!

DWM replies: Of course, the best thing about the DVD is that it had a link to Discworld Monthly on the weblinks page. From a recent email I received from Acornmedia I don't believe Soul Music will be out on DVD until next year.

* From: "Nichole Owens" ( )
I have two quick questions concerning the Discworld books. First of all, have you noticed the frequency of characters named Ron? They are usually very minor characters, like a townsperson in Lancre, but someone named Ron appears in nearly every book. Is there a reason for this? Also, whatever happened to Detritus's girl Ruby? If anyone has the answers could you please let me know?

* From: "Helen Gibbons" ( )
Can someone give me some info about first editions of 'The Unadulterated Cat', how to recognize them and how much one may be worth? I may have acquired one!

* From: "Krista" ( )
This has been driving me nuts for far too long. When I first read "Jingo," I was struck by the disguise names of Nobby and Colon in Klatch--"Beti" and "Al" respectively. Paul Simon's song you know, the one that goes: "If you'll be my bodyguard, I will be your long lost pal. And I can call you Betty, and Betty if you call me, you can call me Al..." immediately came to mind, complete with visions of the Chevy Chase/Paul Simon video for the song. Well, I just reread "Jingo" and the names are jumping out at me again, especially when I noticed (p. 333 of the American HarperPrism paperback) Colon saying to the Klatchians, "Anyone had any Baksheesh lately? You can call me Al." Help! Have I lost my mind or is PT slipping in a Paul Simon joke here?

* From: "Brent Biasin" ( )
Just thought I would verify the point that Australia also has the Big Issue which is sold by the country's homeless and disabled. So Australian readers would also understand that point in the Truth

* From: "Martin Andersson" ( )
I might be wrong, of course, but I would like to call your attention to the following excerpt from *Hogfather*, p. 147 (British paperback); it's part of a conversation between Ponder Stibbons and the Bursar:

"He recalled the Bursar as a man whose idea of an exciting time had once been a soft-boiled egg. 'So . . . er . . . well, let's give it another try, shall we? Are you ready, Mr. Dinwiddie?' 'Yes, thank you, a green one with cinnamon if it's not too much trouble.'"

Who's Mr. Dinwiddie? Is it the Bursar? Or is it one of Stibbons's research students? I always interpreted it as referring to the Bursar, but in light of the recent revelations in the Discworld Monthly, it seems that I was wrong.

DWM replies: Shane ( ) also wrote to us about this paragraph.

4. Recommendations

In order to reduce the size of the letters section with large letters recommending other authors we thought we'd keep things simple by listing the name of the person doing the recommendation and the recommendation itself.

Discworld FanAuthor
Malcom ClarkRoger Zelazny

There is also a list of comic-fantasy authors at

5. DiscTrivia

Simon Greener ( ) has agreed to write DiscTrivia for us each month from now on and has set some questions relating to the tipples and taverns of Discworld.

  1. What is Ankh-Morpork's "undead" bar called, what did it used to be called, and what is the name of its leftover regular?
  2. What is the name of the inn where Esk wanted milk, and the landlord got more than he bargained for?
  3. What are the main ingredients of Orakh? And why is it drunk in the first place?
  4. What are the TWO names of the inn in Sto Helit where Mort noticed the edge of reality bubble for the first time?
  5. What is Lancre's tavern called?
  6. The Broken Drum has changed hands several times. Name the first landlord we encountered, who attempted an inn-sewer-ants fraud.

The answers can be found in the end section.

6. The Truth Tour - November 2000

To coincide with the release of "The Truth" in November Terry will be doing a signing tour of the UK.


Wednesday 8th November
12.30pmBookends, 67 High Street, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 1AU
4.30pmBorders, Unit 1&2, The Square, 4-21 Bourne Avenue, Bournemouth, BH2 6DT

Thursday 9th November
12.30pmJames Thin, 20-23 The Sovereign Centre, Weston Super Mare, Somerset, BH23 1HL
4.30pmOttakars, 159 Commercial Street, Newport, Gwent, NP20 1JQ

Friday 10th
12.30pmWH Smith, 192 High Street, Cheltenham, GL5 0 1EP
4.30pmWH Smith , 4/5 High Street, Stratford-on-Avon, CV37 6AV

Saturday 11th
11.00amAndromeda, 2-5 Suffolk Street, Birmingham, B1 1LT
2.30pmOttakars, 3 Park Street, Walsall, W51 1LX


Wednesday 15th
12.30pmJames Thin, 7-8 High Street, Dundee
4.30pmBorders, 98 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 3BA

Thursday 16th
12.30pmSweetens Bookstore, 86 Deansgate, Bolton, BL1 1BD
4.30pmBooks Etc, Unit 1 The Printworks, Withy Grove, Manchester, M4 2AD

Friday 17th
12.30pmOttakars, 6-7 Cooper's Square, Burton on Trent, DE14 1SF
4.30pmOttakars, Unit LSU5, Midsummer Place, Milton Keynes

Saturday 18th
12.30pmForbidden Planet, 71 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1DG


Wednesday 22nd
12.30pmHeffers, 20 Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 3TY
7.00pmUniversity of East Anglia,
talk as part of "The Arthur Miller Literary Festival"
(supported by Waterstones University Bookshop)

Thursday 23rd
12.30pmBarratts Bookstore, 47 Market Square, St Neots, PE19 2BA
4.30pmHammicks, 69 The Arndale Centre, Luton, LU1 2TB

Friday 24th
12.30pmWaterstones, 203-205 Piccadilly, London W1V 9LE
4.30pmWaterstones, 19 Earl Street, Maidstone ME19 1PL

Saturday 25th
12.00pmRed Lion, 125 High Street, Colchester CO1 1SZ

7. Discworld Convention 2002 Information

From the team that brought you The Discworld Convention 1996 and The Discworld Convention 1998...

The year 2002 will see the 3rd Discworld Convention - "2002: A Discworld Odyssey" - and it's going to be even better than our first two Conventions!


The following guests have accepted our invitation to attend (subject to professional commitments):

Terry Pratchett, Stephen Briggs, Paul Kidby, Bernard & Isobel Pearson, Graham Higgins, Dave Langford, Josh Kirby, Colin Smythe & Stephen Player

.. and other guests will be confirmed soon.


A weekend of Discworldian fun for all fans of Terry Pratchett and his work. The planned events are far too many to mention here, but will include a Maskerade costume parade, guest interviews, workshops, quizzes, amateur theatre and a formal dinner. The Discworld Conventions held in 1996 and 1998 were huge successes, and Paul A Rood and his team are going to make this another weekend to remember.


16th - 19th August 2002.


The Hanover International Hotel, Hinckley, Leicestershire. This modern four star hotel has excellent event facilities and luxurious accommodation. Literally seconds from Junction 1 of the M69 and minutes from the M6 and M1 for easy access - Birmingham International Airport is only a 20 minute drive, and Hinckley Station is just 1 mile away.


Because it is Fun. It's as much fun to organise a Discworld Convention as it is to attend one. We know that the Conventions have made a big impression on our attendees - up to and including meeting their future spouse!

Some comments from happy Convention-goers:

How much?

Membership fees will be set shortly, but as with the first two Discworld Conventions, you will definitely be getting your money's worth.

Hotel room rates have yet to be set, but discussions with the Hanover suggest that they will be very reasonable.

What now?

Visit our Web site at: There you will find instructions on how to join a mailing list for those interested in the Convention. Members of this list will find out Convention news as soon as it happens - for instance, new guests as they are confirmed, membership and hotel rates as they are set. Convention news and updates will also be posted on our Web site, so bookmark it and don't miss out.

If you would like to ask us any questions, have an idea for a programme item, or would like to volunteer to help, please email us at .

In order to secure a membership form as soon as they are produced, please send a Stamped Addressed Envelope to: The Discworld Convention 2002, 23 Medora Road, Romford, Essex RM7 7EP, UK.

See you in 2002!

The Committee

8. Review: Colour of Magic & Light Fantastic American Comics

In issue 39 Scott Rockwell ( ) wrote about having adapted the first two Discworld books into graphic novels. Scott recently sent us copies to review.

The comics were originally published in 1991 and each of the novels was split into 4 episodes (the format of Colour of Magic must have helped this decision).

For any graphic novel the quality of the artwork is paramount as it has to tell a lot of the story. With the exception of a few mistakes (Blind Hugh wearing glasses for example, when Twoflower's specs memorably caused such confusion in Ankh Morpork) the pictures work very well.

The biggest problem with any change of format is the amount of information lost in the conversion. Graphic novels in particular lose a lot of the text in favour of artwork. The story is still there but in a very compressed form.

I think these graphic novels are great but would only really appeal to fans who already know the story.

The individual comics were later combined into two Graphic novels with the following ISBN numbers:

I would like to thank Scholar ( ) for tracking down these ISBN numbers. Scholar also found the ISBN number for MORT: A Discworld Big Comic (illustrated by Graham Higgins) 0-575-05697-5 (hardback) and 0-575-05699-1 (paperback).

9. Review: The Clarecraft Event 2000

Due to the cancellation of the 2000 Discworld Convention, Clarecraft stepped in and at short notice arranged one of their weekends. For those that don't know, a Clarecraft weekend is an opportunity to get together with hundreds of other Discworld fans and mix with various Discworld celebrities (and DWM editors).

The event took place from Friday 28th - Sunday 30th July at a field just outside Woolpit in Suffolk (the home of Clarecraft and The Cunning Artificer). I arrived early afternoon of the Saturday but some people I talked to had arrived as early as Wednesday to help out.

In the trader's barn you could purchase virtually anything to do with Discworld from Clarecraft's and The Cunning Artificer's excellent new sculptures through to some incredible Discworld jewellery and virtually any Discworld book ever published.

Ex-editor of the Discworld magazine TWK Stephen Dean was selling various bits of Discworld memorabilia, including original newspapers that include one of Terry's short stories and proof copies of the Truth.

The other barn had a PA system which was used to hold lively Q&A sessions with any Discworld celebrities that happened to be passing.

The same barn was also used for the excellent Maskerade. Some of the costumes were simply brilliant. Great A'Tuin deserves special mention even if the costume didn't allow the wearer to climb the stairs. The winner who was awarded the Silver Discworld (until next time when they will get a silver version of their character) was Granny with bees, an interesting costume that included a swarm of fake bees.

Terry Pratchett's daughter Rhianna was also at the event and it was good to see her joining in the festivities. Terry even announced (much to her embarrassment) that "My daughter is single and her father is rich."

A live band finished off the organised entertainment for the Saturday night whilst many fans spent much of the night in the bar, where a very merry time was had by all. The bar closed at midnight but many parties went on well into the morning.

Sunday saw the re-run of the Maskerade (for those who arrived late) and a charity auction which raised around 5000 GBP for charity. Auction items included: a proof of The Truth sold for 300 GBP, Paul Kidby sketches including two table cloth doodles 500GBP and dinner with Rhianna Pratchett 100GBP. The biggest prize of the auction was having a character based on the winner in a forthcoming Pratchett novel which raised 1250GBP.

I found the event to be thoroughly entertaining. If you want an opportunity to meet with other Discworld fans and have the chance to meet Terry and have some books signed then you can't go wrong with this event.

Even with the emphasis on fun the event managed to raise (including the action) around 6000GBP for charity.

I suspect we will see some interesting pictures soon appearing on Clarecraft's web site at

If you plan to purchase any items from the Clarecraft's on-line store please visit using our affiliates link:

10. The End

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* Trivia Results *

Q1. What is Ankh-Morpork's "undead" bar called, what did it used to be called, and what is the name of its leftover regular?

- Biers, formerly known as the Crown and Axe. Its left over regular is Mrs Gammage, the only human that regularly fraternises the pub, but only because she hasn't realised it has changed. (Feet of Clay/Hogfather)

Q2. What is the name of the inn where Esk wanted milk, and the landlord got more than he bargained for?

- Fiddler's Riddle (Equal Rites)

Q3. What are the main ingredients of Orakh? And why is it drunk in the first place?

- Cactus Sap and Scorpion Venom. Used to counteract the effects of Klatchian Coffee (Sourcery)

Q4. What are the TWO names of the inn in Sto Helit where Mort noticed the edge of reality bubble for the first time?

- Quene's Hed*/Duke's Head (Mort) (* Terry's spelling)

Q5. What is Lancre's tavern called?

- Goat and Bush (Lords and Ladies)

Q6. The Broken Drum has changed hands several times. Name the first landlord we encountered, who attempted an inn-sewer-ants fraud.

- Broadman (Colour of Magic)

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