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Discworld Monthly - Issue 50: June 2001

Table of Contents:

1. Editorial
2. News
3. Readers' Letters
4. Truckers Movie
5. Mottos Revisited
6. Discworld Jigsaws - Exclusive Offer
7. The End

1. Editorial

Welcome to issue 50. We had a welcome surprise recently when we were contacted by Chris Ewan, the editor of our predecessor Discworld Review. Chris has just come back online after a four year break and was pleased to see us still going.

It appears that Stephen Spielberg's Dreamworks company has brought the rights to the Bromeliad Trilogy, Truckers, Diggers and Wings the press release can be read in section 4.

WH Smith (who are currently selling 4 books for the price of 3 and have the Thief of Time for 8.50GBP) have set up a new page on their web site especially for Discworld Monthly readers. To get a full list of all the TP books they sell, visit:

With regards to Graham Gregg's quote query in Discworld Monthly 49, the consensus seems to be that it's a quote by Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Finally, sad news for fans of comic fiction this month. Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, died suddenly aged 49. Adams' irreverent take on science fiction in many ways prefigured Terry's approach to fantasy.

Jason Anthony (Editor)
William Barnett (Deputy Editor)
Richard Massey (Bad Scientist)

2. News

DVDs: The Cosgrove Hall production of Wyrd Sisters was released on DVD last November by Vision Video (EAN 0440-0780272-4), and I gather that Soul Music will be released on DVD next August. Present intention is that it will contain the Pratchett interview that was so irritatingly placed at the beginning of each tape so one has to fast-forward on the first tape to get to the start of Soul Music and on the second tape to get to the rest of it.

In March 2001 Steve Jackson Games published "GURPS DISCWORLD ALSO" a GURPS games adaptation by Phil Masters. Additional Material by John M. Ford and Terry Pratchett. Edited by Graeme Davis. Cover and Interior Illustrations by Sean Murray (ISBN1-55634-447-3, their ref, SJG02095 6061) selling at 20.95 USD. More information about the book can be found at:

It's being distributed in the UK by three companies:

Esdevium Games, 01420-89900, FAX 0142 87900 Hobbygames Ltd., 01903-730998, FAX 01903-731141 WAM Ltd., 01922-620000, FAX 01922-724848

A new book called The Essential Terry Pratchett by Andrew M. Butler was published on 30 April by Pocket Essentials, the book costs 3.99GBP (with all royalties going to the Orangutan Foundation) and can be ordered direct from: [It must be a good book as it mentions Discworld Monthly - Ed]

Terry Gilliam has told a correspondent for AINT | IT | COOL | NEWS: "Tony [Grisoni] and I may have actually finished a sufficiently good enough draft of Good Omens to start moving forward with the business of making it." So far no casting news has been announced.

Debbie Wareing and friends are doing a sponsored walk in aid of the Orangutan Foundation UK. If you would like to join them it is at Holland Park (London) on Sunday 24th June from 11am - 5pm. There will also be a tombola with prizes donated by various high street names and many activities for kids including face painting and a picnic. For more information email or call 020 8392 4973 to request a registration pack. You can also see details at

Janet Goodall is giving a lecture on Education in the Discworld at the Derby Tertiary College, Wilmorton, Derby at 7:30pm on 5th June. The main subject of the lecture is adult education: how this works out on the Discworld is a way of illustrating specific ideas to do with education, pedagogy and androgogy. The general public are welcome and the admission is free.

Tickets for the upcoming Collectors Guild Event 2001 go on sale this month. For more information about the event or to book your tickets visit or email

The Discworld RPG allows you to become a Discworld character. The RPG is a message board based role-playing game set on the Discworld. All you need to join in is imagination. Visit for more information.

Various members of AFP are attempting to make a fan-type-movie of Maskerade ( Pending actual permission from Terry they have decided to go ahead with the auditions for it. There are going to be three auditions (all in the UK) from about 2pm to 6pm at Durham on the 9th June, Nottingham on the 16th June and London (date to be confirmed). If you are interested in auditioning please email for details.

Cosmopolitan Players are presenting Maskerade at the Leeds Civic Theatre from the 13th to the 16th of June at 7.30pm. If response from fans waiting at the book signing in Leeds last week is anything to go by, it should be a roaring success. Further details from the box office 0113 214 5340.

Small Ads....

Craig ( ) is new to Discworld books and thinks they are great. He would love to chat with other Discworld fans.

Kevin A Rutledge ( ) is in dire need of locating and obtaining copies of "Witches Abroad" and "Guards! Guards!" to complete his Discworld collection! He is looking for US owners only and will pay "Reasonable Prices Only"

Locksmyth ( ) is looking for copies of the 1998 and 1999 Discworld Diaries. He doesn't mind what condition they are in but feels empty knowing that his collection in incomplete.

Enda Kane ( ) has been collection 1st edition Hardback Discworld books for a couple of years and has 14 of the 26 published books. Enda would like to get "The Colour of Magic" upto "Witches Abroad" in 1st editions in mint / very good condition.

Alex Brenna ( ) is 26 and looking to meet other Discworld fans from Barcelona. He speaks English, Italian and Spanish.

Niki Kamarianou ( ) wants to find pictures and illustrations about buildings and architecture in the Discworld in general. She is studying architecture in Greece and doing a thesis on the Discworld fantasy architecture.

Craig Holmes ( ) is looking for Discworld fans who live in the Leicestershire area. The 2002 Discworld Convention will be five minutes away from where he lives, but no-one he knows likes Discworld enough to want to go, and he'd hate to be walking around for the weekend on his own.

Lourens Buitendag ( ) is trying to find the 2001 Fool's Guild Diary but tells her that it is out of print. Lourens asks: Do you know of any other place that I could look, either in Great Britain or in the States? Any help would really be appreciated.

Catherine Hare ( ) is looking for any Discworld fans in Surrey aged between 14 and 17 to exchange emails with.

Andew Kopittke ( ) is looking for a pack of cards which uses the 'other' suits - staves, swords, cups and coins - so he can play Cripple Mr Onion properly.

3. Readers' Letters

If you have any letters/comments, please email

We assume any correspondence is eligible for use in the newsletter unless otherwise stated, including the sender's email address. We may also edit your letters to make it sound as though you enjoyed The Thief of Time.

Each month the writer of the month's best letter will receive two Discworld badges with PTerry quotes on them from Snapdragon Gifts. You can contact Snapdragon Gifts at or Please mention DWM in any correspondence.

* From:
I brought thief of time on Friday and read it straight away, this is the first chance I have had to get to a computer to point out that I consider this to be the greatest Discworld novel since Hogfather.

* From: "Robert Craine" ( )
Last month said: ) One of the things that tickles me so much is how he had me racking ) my brains out to why he called GLOD in Soul Music such an odd ) name. He kept the joke until about three quarters through the ) book.

I thought Glod Glodson was the son, or other relation of, the famous Glod (or one of his may clones) of 'everything he touched turned to glod' fame. First mentioned in Witches Abroad. Following that incident I think Glod was not such an odd name for a dwarf.

* From: "neil.hutton1" ( )
In Carpe Jugulum, Nanny Ogg and Agnes try to flush out the vampires at the naming by using canapes filled with garlic. It just occurred to me that if it had worked, it would have been Buffet the vampire slayer! Do you think PTerry had this in mind when he wrote it, or is it just coincidence?

DWM replies: Neil receives this month's Letter of the Month.

* From: "Clark Britton" ( )
Hello, I love your newsletter and read it monthly. In issue 49 you have a letter from a Ingemar Olsson who uses the word Latatian and WB seems unsure of this word. On page 14 of the Discworld Companion-Updated Edition it says "And the Old Language (Latatian) of Ankh-Morpork has been rendered into Latin" Hopes that clears matters up.

* From: "Mike Peter" ( )
I thought you might want to know that Terry's Fifth Elephant is ranked no 13 in the American fantasy/science fiction bestsellers. To view the list go to

* From: "Nick Lee" ( )
While perusing the budget shelves of my local Game [Computer Shop] recently, I came across Discworld Noir, as a budget title - for 9.99GBP in one of those DVD-style cases, I assume sans manual. Quite a deal, especially for those who haven't been able to get it easily before. Definitely worth a look, folks.

* From: "Kerrie Thompson" ( )
Has anyone tried some of the recipes from Nanny Ogg's Cookbook? May I recommend that you do...

A friend of ours called Jeff invited my husband and I for dinner and Nanny's special nibbles with Special party dip - (Rather good!)then for the main, served Slumpie ( which was rather moreish!)and for dessert Chocolate Delight and special wow wow sauce. VERY VERY NICE.

Genuan spice mix - the extra of which I used on cheese on toast - to 'spice' it up a bit - and on chicken wings for the BBQ. VERY GOOD

In return we made Primal soup - you should have seen the look on their face when they found the tentacles... The main course was really given to me by an inhabitant of the last continent. XXXX chicken stew. (Chicken, can of french onion soup, can of peaches, can of XXXX)with Rincewind's potato cakes. Dessert was Unseen University's white chocolate cheesecake with sticky toffee rats on a stick.

Afterwards we played pickle Mr onion. I haven't spent a funnier Sunday in months. May I recommend it!

If you haven't tried any of the recipes - you should. All are very Yummie. Is there going to be a second edition of the cook book with more recipes? Anyone got any recipes to trade with me? How about a regular recipe column?

* From: "Nola Langford" ( )
'Prithee' is a contraction of 'I pray thee'. The word 'pray' is not only religious, it can mean 'please' (oh, pray, tell me more), so 'prithee' is 'if it pleases thee', or 'excuse me'.

In Shakespeare, it can be translated as 'look out, there's a bad pun coming'.

* From: "donna" ( )
In reply to the questions about the word 'nuncle', whilst studying Shakespeare at college, we were told that it is an abbreviation of the old English 'mine uncle' - a term of affection and respect from a younger man to an older man. I don't know how accurate this is but I hope it helps.

* From: "Matthew Blake" ( )
I am writing a reply to a comment made by Yasmin Mazur about Discworld Movies in the last newsletter of Discworld Monthly:

It's a good idea to wait and see how Good Omens looks in movie form before trying to get another book into production."

Mort has been opted to be made into a film for 10 years... and I think with the right people the book could be made into a great film... Terry writes his book so well and cleverly there isn't much needed to change into a film so it can't really be destroyed. Luck has nothing to do with it. The problem is Money. If the right amount of money is made then the effects could be brilliant, also where to film it... but this is the best book to be made into a film first. If it doesn't become successful... then he has lots of others. If this was a bad movie, a supporter should go and watch it anyway.

* From:
I always scan DWM, then go back to reread some, or read parts out loud to my husband. I agree that NO WAY would I want any of the Discworld books made into a movie. Good Omens, on the other hand, is one I'd love to see. Is this in the works? If so in what country? I don't want the States to miss out on this one. No movie could do the DW series justice. I also read the request for tours in the States. I read the list and saw that there are indeed some stops here, but even for this I won't travel to NY City. I am from Upstate NY. Many times only major cities draw the people we'd love to see. We also hear of the "better" book covers done in the UK. Unfortunately we don't get to see them. How could we order one or find such a list?

* From: "Zachary Jenkins" ( )
In response to Eugenia Andino ( ), I believe (although I'll have to check on this later) the bursar went mad in Moving Pictures, when the Things from the Dungeon Dimensions broke through. The specific event was when Ridcully, the Bursar, and someone else (possibly the Dean) flew through the air on Ridcully's broomstick, attacking one of the Things with a crossbow. However, I'm not sure if this is actually the case - I have a hard time distinguishing fantasy from reality, and this might have all been only another delusion of mine. Whatever the reason, Ridcully has certainly kept the Bursar on the rough shores of insanity with his, erm, _distinct_ personality (eg, shooting his crossbow across the hall into a target just above the Bursar's head).

* From: "Mary Harrison" ( )
In my travels, I found a quote that reminded me of Death. "Don't knock on Death's door. Ring the door bell and run away. (He hates that.)"

* From: "Nick Haskell" ( )
What the heck is Slood? It was in the beginning of The Last Continent. I have no idea what it is. Please reply.

WB replies: Reread it & I think you'll realise the whole point is, we DON'T KNOW what slood is - more's the pity.

* From: "Ed Malcomson" ( )
I'm sure I read something around a year ago about a forthcoming illustrated Discworld novel, much in the original format of Eric, dealing with the first manned space flight around the Disc and involving Rincewind, Carrot and Leonard of Quirm. Have I missed this? Is it still in Terry's pipeline? Had I been eating strange mushrooms?

I've got a bit of a poser for you... I'm a BIG Terry fan from the US, and as such, I feel a bit lost and confused when people mention artwork from the covers of some of the books. As I'm sure everyone is aware of, the covers of the US versions are not NEARLY as interesting or artistic. Does anyone know where I could find an online archive of the real (read better) covers? There are quite a few people over here who would REALLY like to see them... Thanks in advance for any information...

DWM replies: Try

* From: "Lisa Tildsley" ( )
Hola, guess I want general opinions on this so the letters page would be ideal. Me and a group of my mates had a "Disc" do, where we ate Discworld food, and dressed as the characters. I went as PTraci because my boyfriend's net name is Teppic, so it seemed natural for us to go as a pair. BUT he calls her Terak-i while I say Tracey, our mates all have split opinions including Tre-sea, Prac-i, Ptraa-cay and "What are you bickering about now?". Who's right on this one?

* From: "Deborah Cottam" ( )
Discworld is a mirror of Roundworld - we all know that, even if it's one of those mirrors you get at the fair. When it comes to Unseen University, the accuracy of the reflection of Roundworld institutions is such that I don't know whether to laugh or cry... except in one case. Why is there no Lab Technician in the High Energy Magic Building? You've got lecturers, students, cleaners, cooks, a housekeeper, gardeners, even post-grads (I assume Ponder was one until he made Lecturer). In a place like that there has to be someone who knows how to find/move without breaking/fix any piece of equipment, who actually runs the place regardless of who's nominally in charge. He's also the only person who knows what Hex means by 'Redo+from+Start' though of course no-one will ever ask him. Potential for a great character there.

Thanks for the great work with DWM - always enjoy reading it.

DWM replies: We always felt Big Mad Drongo fits this role.

* From: "T.W. O'Bryan" ( )
I just recently got to meet Terry when he came to California. He was very gracious, and I managed to get him to sign numerous things. Not only did he personalize the books, but he left a small message relevant to the title on each. So here is a somewhat incomplete list (due to the fact that my collection is incomplete) of the different messages Terry left on the different books. (Of course each of these is preceded with "To" and then a name. My books happen to have my name there, which is a very fortunate set of circumstances indeed, don't you think?)

The Thief of Time: "Deja Fu!" The Truth: "And that's the Truth!" The Fifth Elephant: "Love and schmaltz" Carpe Jugulum: "Go for the throat!" The Last Continent: "No Worries"

Small Gods: This one had a picture of a turtle, upon the shell of which rested his signature. You probably wouldn't know that it was a turtle unless you were told, but still, the more I look at it, the more I like it. The Hogfather: "Ho Ho Ho" Soul Music: "Not Fade Away" (maybe somebody can help me on this one. I can't figure out whether he meant to write "do" before the rest of the quote, or if this is just a visual pun of sorts. It'd be helpful to know so that I'll know whether or not I should take this book with me the next time he's in town to ask him to write "do" or not. Jingo: "By Jingo!" Interesting Times: "Have an Interesting Time" Maskerade: "Unmasked!" Assassins' Guild Yearbook: "No arsenic!" Fools' Guild Yearbook: "Dico, dico, dico" The Discworld Map (on the map itself): "You are here" Good Omens: "Burn This Book" (From what I've heard, Neil Gaiman signs "We made the devil do it")

If anybody else can complete the list, or has any varying messages from the listed titles, say so. I'm curious.

* From:
I was pleased to see the list of U.S. bookstore appearances for PTerry in DWM #49, and am hoping to see him in Chicago. However, your listing left me a little uncertain of when to appear, or what to expect:

Monday, May 14, 2001 07:00 PM - 06:00 PM At: BORDERS #58 / Speaking, Q & A, signing 150 N. State St., Chicago, IL Tel: 312-606-0750

I'd be interested in seeing the promotional materials for this: "Meet the author, get 30% off his latest book, and as an extra special bonus, get ONE HOUR OF YOUR LIFE BACK!!!".

Thief of Time, indeed...

DWM replies: What other author could offer you such a wonderful deal!

* From: "John Duffy" ( )
Re: The Name Vetinari.

Consider: Lord Vetinari is the cunning, ruthless ruler of a city. Where do we find cunning, ruthless rulers of cities in history?

Answer: in Renaissance Italy.

The princes of Florence were the Medicis, a byword for cunning, ruthless ruling. The play on words is between MEDICINE/MEDICI and VETINARIAN/VETINARI: physicians to people and animals respectively.

It seems pretty obvious to me. Have others spotted this at all?

* From: "Paul" ( )
Just to let you know that there was a 2-page interview with Terry in The Mail On Sunday's Night & Day Magazine (May 6th, 2001). Terry talks to Marianne MacDonald about his lack of recognition by the literary world despite being one of the "best-loved" living writers. He also says that he's never won a major fantasy award "because I'm funny".

He also comments on JK Rowling, his early days at writing when he was a schoolboy and about being Waterstone's most shop-lifted author...

If any subscriber of DWM would like to read the interview, I would be quite happy to send a photocopy.

* From: "Erimon Kell" ( )
Is there any chance of Terry Pratchett coming to West Wales to do a book signing? It would be most appreciated if he did.

* From: "Cliff Gellings" (Email address removed by request)
Why doesn't anyone ever come to Alaska for book signings? I mean, sure there aren't that many people up here.

DWM replies: Terry is one of the most active book signing authors around. In order to reach as many fans as possible his tours tend to visit busy towns and cities, otherwise he would spend all his time on the road and would never get a chance to write another book.

* From: "Brian Asbury" ( )
I've just read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by the only author who seems to be outselling PTerry in this country. There are a couple of curious references in the book, just thrown in quite nonchalantly. To quote: 'Exactly who or what the Weird Sisters were Harry didn't know, never having had access to a wizard's wireless...' (p.341), and then, later... 'the gamekeeper before Hagrid, a man called Ogg' (p.536). Hmmm... innocent coincidences? Or is JK Rowling secretly a Pratchett fan and throwing in the odd reference as a tribute to the great man? Has anyone noticed any more of these?

JA replies: Whilst weird sisters is more Shakespeare than Pratchett I'm not so sure about Ogg.

4. Truckers Movie

DreamWorks has acquired the film and television rights to Terry Pratchett's best-selling fantasy novels Truckers, Diggers and Wings, known collectively as the Bromeliad trilogy, it was announced today by DreamWorks principal Jeffrey Katzenberg. Truckers will be the first to be turned into a computer animated feature, under the direction of Andrew Adamson, who co-directed DreamWorks' upcoming computer animated comedy, "Shrek." Adamson is again collaborating with the co-writer of "Shrek," Joe Stillman, with whom he is adapting the screenplay for "Truckers." The books follow the adventures of a group of nomes* living in a department store. When their home is demolished, the nomes venture into the outside world for the first time and discover their true, alien origins. In making the announcement, Katzenberg said, "There are few authors whose work lends itself to animation as well as Terry Pratchett's. His Bromeliad trilogy is a wonderful blend of fantasy, adventure and humor and I am honored to be able to bring all three books to the screen, beginning with Truckers. Andrew Adamson is the perfect choice to direct this project. He brought an extraordinary level of ingenuity and enthusiasm to the production of 'Shrek,' and I am thrilled to have an opportunity to work with both him and Joe Stillman again." Adamson added, "Terry Pratchett is an incredibly clever and imaginative writer, and I was drawn into the world of The Bromeliad. It's a story that lends itself extremely well to being a film, and I immediately wanted to be a part of its telling." Best-selling author Terry Pratchett has sold over 23 million books worldwide. His works have been translated into 27 languages and he was awarded an OBE for services to literature in 1998. HarperCollins in the US and Doubleday in the UK will publish the 26th novel in his phenomenally successful Discworld series, Thief of Time, on May 3rd. Commenting on why he chose DreamWorks to bring his novels to the big screen, Pratchett noted, "I liked 'Chicken Run' and 'Galaxy Quest,' and you've got to be impressed when a guy phones up from Hollywood one night and turns up for lunch in Wiltshire, England the very next day." DreamWorks SKG was formed in October 1994 by its three principal partners Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen to produce live-action motion pictures; animated feature films; network, syndicated and cable television programming; home video entertainment; records; books; toys; and consumer products.

*Note: Though nomes is traditionally spelled "gnomes," Pratchett
intentionally spells the word without the "g."

5. Mottos Revisited has added some more mottos to Sam's previous collection.

The Alchemist's: "OMNIS QVI CORVSCAT EST OR" -- "All That Glitters Is Gold"

The City of Ankh-Morpork: "MERVS IN PECTVM ET IN AQVAM" -- "Pure In Heart And In Water" "QVANTI CANICVLA ILLA IN FENESTRA" -- "How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?"

The Assassin's: "NIL MORTIFII SINE LVCRE" -- "No Killing Without Pay"

The Beggar's: "MONETA SVPERVACANEA, MAGISTER"-- "Spare Change, Guv'"?

The Conjuror's: NVNC ILLE EST MAGICVS -- Now That's Magic

The Embalmer's: FARCIMINI -- Stuff It!

The Engraver's: NON QVOD MANEAT, SED QVOD ADIMIMVS -- Not What Remains, But What We Take Away

The Fools': DICO, DICO, DICO -- I Say, I Say, I Say

The Gambler's: EXCRETVS EX FORTVNA -- Shit Out Of Luck.

The Klatchian Foreign Legion: OBLIVISCOR -- I forget

The Merchant's: VILIS AD BIS PRETII -- Cheap At Twice The Price

Mort, Duke of Sto Helit: NON TIMETIS MESSOR -- Don't Fear The Reaper

The Musician's: ID MVRMVRATIS, ID LVDAMVS -- You Hum It, We'll Play It

Lord Havelock Vetinari: SI NON CONFECTVS NON REFICIAT -- If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

The Plumber's: NON ANTE SEPTEM DIES PROXIMA, SQVIRI -- Not Before Next Week, Squire

Lady Sybil Ramkin: NON SVMET NVLLVS PRO RESPONSO -- She Won't Take No For An Answer

Seamstresses': NIL VOLVPTI, SINE LVCRE -- No Pleasure Without Pay

The Stripper's: NVNQVAM VESTIMVS -- We Never Clothe

The Thieves': ACVTVS ID VERBERAT -- Whip it Quick

Unseen University: NVNC ID VIDES, NVNC NE VIDES -- Now You See it, Now You Don't

The Watch: FABRICATI DIEM, PVNC -- Make My Day, Punk

6. Discworld Jigsaws - Exclusive Offer

Out of the Hat Ltd is run by Pratchett fans and has just opened an online shop at selling traditional games, puzzles and Piatnik playing cards.

Their range includes 1000 piece jigsaws of Josh Kirby's illustrations of Equal Rites, Mort, Maskerade and Carpe Jugulum. They are pleased to offer readers of DWM a 10% discount off their web site prices on the total value of any order that includes one or more of these jigsaws, for orders sent before the end of June 2001.

To qualify for the discount: before the end of June, send your order BY POST with a cheque for the discounted amount (you'll find a .pdf format order form and address on the site), quoting discount code dwm0601n. Please remember to include your delivery address and an email address. This offer is only available for delivery to the UK - if you want to order from overseas or have any other queries, please email .

And don't forget that the discount applies to other ranges too, provided that the order includes a jigsaw.

7. The End

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