Better Than

Discworld Monthly - Issue 62: June 2002

Table of Contents:

1. Editorial
2. News
3. Readers' Letters
4. Birthday Trivia Part 7
5. Review & Competition: The Science of Discworld II: The Globe
6. Review: Carpe Jugulum Live
7. Clarecraft Competition Results
8. Convention News
9. The End

1. Editorial

Welcome to issue 62. This month I have mostly been reading Science of Discworld II: The Globe, mostly. You can find out what I thought of it in section 5. We also had the opportunity of seeing Carpe Jugulum wonderfully brought to life at the Esso Music and Drama Group near Southampton.

Jason Anthony (Editor)
William Barnett (Deputy Editor)
Richard Massey (Waldorf out of the Muppets)

2. News

Colin Smythe has just sent us the details of a description of the next Discworld novel NightWatch from the Transworld catalogue:

Commander Sam Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch had it all. But now he's back in his own rough, tough past without even the clothes he was standing up in when the lightning struck.

Living in the past is hard. Dying in the past is incredibly easy. But he must survive, because he has a job to do. He must track down a murderer, teach his younger self how to be a good copper and change the outcome of a bloody rebellion. There's a problem: if he wins, he's got no wife, no children, no future.

A Discworld Tale of One City, with a full chorus of street urchins, ladies of negotiable affection, rebels, secret policemen and other children of the revolution. Truth! Justice! Freedom! And a Hard-boiled egg!

Night Watch is due out in November and can be pre-ordered from Amazon at 0385602642/87

The Amazing Maurice and Educated Rodents has been included on the Carnegie Metal shortlist. For more information see:

We have received this information regarding the performances of Lords and Ladies originally planned for June this year at The Rollright Stones (King's Men Stone Circle) in Oxfordshire.

The production is still going ahead but due to conservation concerns and worries about the effect of high numbers of visitors leading to further wear on the ground (already suffering the effects of visitor erosion) the performance dates have been changed to August. Sorry about the change but I'm sure that most of you will appreciate that dry weather cannot be guaranteed in June, nor can it in August but by then the circle ground is normally dry and baked solid!

The performances will now take place on two weekends in the middle of August dates being:

Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th

(with a matinee performance on the Saturday should there be enough interest).

There will be no performances during the week with the next round starting on -

Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sun 18th August

Exact times and details will follow in the next few days. It is expected that the main performances will take place in the evening to cause minimum disruption to the normal seasonal visitors.

Full details will be on the web site in the next week including a direct booking facility for credit cards (but not for those wanting an advance or conc ticket).

Should you wish to book in advance please write to the address below or email me directly - preferably to or should that not work for some reason (seems to be a p/t working address!). General Enquiries and Information phone/fax 01295 277244 PO Box 333. Banbury. Oxon. OX16 4RX

Small Ads....

Please note, DWM has no way of checking the veracity or validity of any of the items in our small ads section. As always, exercise caution when giving out your details over the Internet. We *strongly* recommend parental supervision for younger readers who
follow up any of these contacts.

Ross Lastname ( ) writes: I am currently in the planning stages of a Discworld mod for the new computer RPG called Morrowind. The game comes with an editor which allows people to create entirely new worlds for the game. So, I am looking for people that want to help with the mod. The program is not very difficult, and if you have some basic knowledge of programming or computer aided design, thats really all you need. Also, if anyone is good with 3D Studio Max that would help out greatly, as we would need some new character models to be added into the game. If you have any interest at all in working on this venture, please email me.

Missfire Oucha ( ) writes: A female friend and I are going to the Discworld convention this summer, and are staying in the hotel for the duration. We are looking for another female con-goer to share a room with us and therefore reduce the nightly cost of the room by 10GBP. If there is such a person could they please get in contact with me. Neither of us are weirdos or smokers!

Al ( ) writes: My name's Al and I'm looking for anyone to email about Discworld, specially bout the City Watch.

Ashera ( is a new site dedicated to fans of The Witches. Submit your own thoughts, ideas, poems and artwork, or chat with others.

Silverfiligree ( ) writes: I would like to sell my membership of the forthcoming convention in August 2002. It is only 35GBP, a saving on the current face value of membership. Please email the organisers on if you are interested, quoting membership number 0052.

They should be able to let you know how to get in touch with me about buying the ticket.

Maarten Debusschere ( ) writes: Has anyone got the Light Fantasic in Dutch? If so please get in contact.

Peter Owen ( ) writes: I currently own half a copy of Discworld 2 for the PC, as my girlfriend has lost CD1! So I'm looking for a really nice person either at the University of Glamorgan, or in the Treforest/Pontypridd area (South Wales) that has Discworld 2 for the PC, and is willing to let me make a backup copy from their CD. I can produce my original CD2 to prove that I have purchased the game and that I'm not trying to get an illegal copy; and if someone is kind enough to lend me their CD they can keep my CD2 as security until I've finished. has around 30 deleted Clarecraft Discworld figurines for sale and will consider any sensible offers. Send an email for a complete list.

Blackdrop ( ) writes: I'm looking to meet other Terry Pratchett fans via my MSN community if anyone wants to join just go to

3. Readers' Letters

If you have any letters/comments, please email

We assume any correspondence is eligible for use in the newsletter unless otherwise stated, including the sender's email address. We may also edit your letters to steer you away from the dark side.

It is vitally important that you don't pass off other people's work as your own. If you use information from other resources please let us know so we can give proper credit.

This month we have a Soul Cake Duck to give away to the best letter. The piece is in the shape of a plaque with a duck's head mounted upon it crafted by The Cunning Artificer himself. For more information about The Cunning Artificer visit

* From: "Antonia Stewart" ( )
Does anyone have any idea of where Terry got the idea for Bel-Shamharoth from? I was wondering if it was original or a variation on an old legend or something, having encountered something similar elsewhere. Any views on this, please email me!

DWM replies: We think it's a reference to some of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu creations.

* From: Zanforlin ( )
G'day... here's some info you may find of interest.

The Castlemaine XXXX Brewery in the Australian state of Queensland was 1st established in 1878 by two Kerrymen, Nicholas and Edward Fitzgerald of Castlemaine, County Kerry Ireland, in the Brisbane suburb of Milton. Their father was named Francis and was a noted brewer in Co. Kerry. When the family 1st arrived in Australia they settled in the Victorian gold field township of Castlemaine, (named of course for Kerry). XXXX is widely sold across the United Kingdom and the name has become associated with "Australians."

Terry Pratchett, having travelled widely throughout Australia, naturally developed a love for the country and its beer as witnessed by the publication of The Last Continent. The English have for decades called the Aussies...'Aussies,' 4 Ecksians' and lately...'Jafa's.' The last meaning...'Just another F****** Aussie,' due to the high number of Australian backpackers and tourists travelling and working throughout the UK. In turn, we Aussie's call the British, 'Pom's', meaning... 'Prisoner of (her) Majesty.'

Bitter is bitter... lager is lager... but one would still have to be a pratt to drink American Beer. No worries.

* From: "Pam Nairn & Rob Day" ( )
As you succinctly pointed out in reply to Marcel Birthelmer in DWM 61, Castlemaine XXXX has been around for many years. Here in Australia we think its because Queenslanders can't spell BEER.

* From: "Helle Baselmans" ( )
We would like to share with you a Dutch Terry Pratchett experience. On April 20th and 21st the Elf Fantasy Fair was held in the Netherlands. Terry Pratchett and Bernard Pearson would be there, so we (two Dutch PTerry fans) simply HAD to be there.

We tried to get a small reduction [on a Thud set] by mentioning your outstanding e-magazine to Mr Pearson. He reacted by telling us we should not believe you, when you tell us this works. He seems to think you are a tart, and dared us to have it printed in DWM. He supposed you wouldn't do that.

Next year we'll definitely go to the EFF again and we can recommend it to anyone who lives Pratchett or fantasy in general.

* From: "nathan kennedy" ( )
On the dedication page of several of the Discworld novels PTerry is described as, and I quote, "The funniest parodist working in the field today, period". Now listen to the Oxford English Dictionary's description of satire (1) "the use of ridicule, irony or sarcasm in speech or writing" and (2)"a novel, play or film etc, that ridicules people's hypocrisy or foolishness in this way, often by parody".

The point is that the Discworld novels take other works, from different fields of human endeavour such as films (Moving Pictures), newspapers (The Truth), music (Soul Music) and many different character stereotypes, from policemen (The City Watch), lawyers (dead zombies such as Mr.Scrote) mystics (witches and wizards) and then gives them a surrealistic spin that shows them up for what they really are. In order to satirise something correctly you must first have an understanding of the thing you wish to parody and this can only come from using the source material of that thing, be it books, films, music or any other aspect of popular culture. All PTerry does is take our rose tinted glasses off and show us ourselves as other people see us. Often he can do it so well that it comes across as funny but who amongst us can say that there is nobody in the Discworld series that reminds us of us? Not many, I'll bet!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, anyone out there got a different point to put across?

* From: venessam ( )
In response to numerous letters I read every month about whether our beloved PTerry could possibly be COPYING other peoples work or is it just based on archetypes. I have one word and I'll spell it in case they miss it P - A - R - O - D - Y. Following a fine comedic tradition stretching back 4000 years to Arisotophenes and his mates, and carried forward by such cultural giants as Hollywood (think Scream and Scary movie), Parody is the art of taking the piss. The humour is reliant on recognising the original so changing them too much defeats the purpose. Half the fun is spotting all the references in PTerry's work. The rest of the effect is seeing how cleverly he takes the original and twists it to his own purpose. And if some of these guys were more widely read (at least to looking up Parody in the dictionary) most of these letters would thankfully evaporate. This should leave more space for more rational discussion of PTerry's brilliance.

Keep up the good work Terry and when for god's sake are we getting T.T.O.T released here in XXXX?

DWM replies: It was a tough decision but venessam gets Letter of the Month.

* From: Robert Craine ( )
Referring to Karen Jordan's email about Ponder's origins.

I realise a few people may have told you this already as it's a few days since the latest DWM was published, but the drawings of Ponder were definitely not based on Harry Potter. In Terry's own words:

'A young lady opened TLH at the picture of Ponder Stibbons and said triumphantly:

"That's a blatant reference to Harry Potter, right?"

I politely referred her to The Pratchett Portfolio, pub.1996. She gave them some thought, and then said:

"Okay, then it's a coincidence."

The logic is impeccable.'


Speaking on 17th November 2001. Harry Potter first appeared in 1997.

* From: "Jon Brierley" ( )
If we're collecting references to TP in unlikely places (and we are, right?...oh. Well I was, anyway...) how about this;

"Britiain in the First Millenium", by Edward James, Prof. of History, University of Reading. (That's Reading as in a town in Berkshire+, not a university to teach people how to read*). Serious historical book. And there on page 19 you will find Julius Caesar's attitudes to the "savage" Britons compared to Mrs. Whitlow's. Complete with quote from the Last Continent. Complete with footnote, which credits the quote to T. Pratchett (The Last Continent, p.138), right there between a credit to an Anglo-Saxon poem and one for J. Caesar's very own Gallic Wars. (And is it a subtle academic joke that the quote referenced in the footnote is itself a footnote?^)

Discworld infiltrating general culture? Academic validation? Or just some sad old trendy prof trying to sound hip? Who knows? Who cares? It certainly livened up the book for me.

* You know, the one George Bush never went to.

+ Note to Merkins - Berkshire is a county in England, just to the left of London, famous for slang).

^ Probably not.

* From: "Owen Burgoyne" ( )
I've been an avid Discworld reader for about 10 years now. During these 10 years I've managed to read virtually EVERYTHING Discworld-related - yes, I'm a sad nerdy fanboy and, yes, I wear glasses and have a pallid complexion too - and I own nearly all of the books in paperback, and have all of the post-Last Continent books in hardback. I own the Mappes, the Diaries, the Companions. I even own a little Clarecraft sculpture of the Librarian. In other words, I've invested A LOT of money in the works of Terry Pratchett.

However, I've now seen on that, along with the release of The Science Of Discworld II, the original Science Of Discworld has been re-released with AN EXTRA TWO CHAPTERS. Hang on, I thought, I already own the original edition, and now they've released another edition with some stuff in it that I've never read before. And then I saw that they're doing another edition of The Last Hero with AN EXTRA 16 PAGES OF ALL-NEW COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS! Hang on, I thought again, I own the original of that too.

Now I don't want to sound too cynical, but does anyone else think that big octarine Ankh-Morpork Dollar signs are flashing in Mr Pratchett's eyes? I love the Discworld stuff as much as the next man, but it all seems to be turning into a license to print money. Sad, but possibly true...

WB replies: Maybe not Pratchett's eyes, necessarily - a good few people must rely on him for their livelihoods by now.

* From: "Sian Evans" ( )
I'm a 30-something PTerry fan, totally bilingual in Welsh and English and just got the shock of my life reading this month's issue of DWM - they're translating PTerry into Welsh!

Good on you Terry for recognising that we Welsh speaking fans would love to read more in our mother tongue. Now my baby daughter can have her Pratchett stories read in either English or Welsh.

By the way, are there plans to translate any more, and is this book likely to be widely available if I go into my local shop?

RM replies: wn i ddim

* From: "noel wray" ( )
Does anyone record on video the Pratchett plays when they are performed? It would be nice for those of us that cannot attend in person to be able to see them. I have the same thoughts about 'Doctor Who' plays that have been done. I often think how wasteful plays are for their limited audiences.

* From: "E Howe" ( )
In last month's Discworld Monthly, you mention the following:

"Finally, while we're having fun deconstructing "The Truth", the lawyer is clearly a parody of the Pete Postlethwaite's character from the Brian Singer movie "The Usual Suspects". No doubt there are other parallels with both movies, if you want to go hunting for them."

While I have not seen the movie mentioned, I do recognise the title: It's a line from the American classic "Casablanca".

" 'Major Strasser has been shot.'

In a tense, dramatically effective moment, there is a long pause. Renault first looks at Rick and then back at the gendarmes. [Will he side with Rick or protect the status quo?] Renault indicates that he will not arrest Rick, delivering a famous command to his men:

'Round up the usual suspects.' "


This one film has probably had more effect on American culture than any other. It has passed into mythic (miffic?) stature. It is evident in the number of films that borrow titles from it's script. It has even developed a mythology of its own: For example, Bogart never said this line "Play it again, Sam" in any movie.

The two henchmen can also be found in Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men". However, George and Lenny are not comic, but tragic in nature.

I think this pairing of opposites is reflected in the theme of "the twins", a theme that goes back to ancient mythology, including The Mabinogian.

Just some random thoughts on literature through the ages.

* From: "Greg Sanders" ( )
Just wanted to wish all of you (and us?) the happiest of anniversaries. Happy 5th!

Thank you for all of you hard work and dedication. I can only hope that you have as much fun compiling and writing these newsletters as we have reading them.

DWM replies: You can't imagine.

* From: "Kerry Fox" ( )
I'm sorry, but any book which features bungee-jumping rats resucuing their companion from a rat-pit by biting the offending terrier on the nadgers can in no way be described as a children's book!! I also cannot imagine trying to explain the words 'krllrrt' or 'prbllttrrrp' to my 4 year old!

Having said that, if PTerry could please finish Mr Bunsy Has an Adventure......!

* From: "Anya" ( )
Re: Truckers.

(( a breathtaking adventure story which all the family are sure to enjoy. The production will combine live action with film - a truly multi-media experience. ))

Yerse. Well. We went to see it at Stevenage, and gave up just before half-time. The combination of live action and film was a clever idea, but the unnecessarily loud pop racket we can well do without; we only stayed as long as we did because that was *just* sparse enough, but we winced a lot. What really spoilt it for us was the relentless 'bounciness' of the acting - altogether far too Tellytubbies, exactly like children's TV presenters. It was a production aimed at children - but most of the hair in the surprisingly thin audience was grey, and we didn't see a child there.

A disappointing waste of a beautiful evening.

* From: "Ray Daley" ( )
Recently Truckers has been enjoying a successful run at The Belgrade Theatre in Coventry.

I attended the final performance and eagerly awaited how they were going to cope with adapting the book to stage.

Instead of scenery we were treated to 3 large TV screens giving us moving scenery as the nomes walked around their world.

I'm guessing "thing" was remote controlled as it always light up on cue, and made some pretty light patterns when speaking.

The actors had a good grasp of the characters they were playing, especially the young lady playing Grima.

All in all a good night at the theatre. Got a few stares as I was wearing my soul music tour t-shirt, but buggerit, buggerm!

* From: Stuart ( )
Reading David Chaimberlain's letter, I couldn't help, at least partly, agreeing with his comments on The Last Hero.

Having received it at as a present, I couldn't help but be intrigued by what was my first illustrated TP novel. But as I started to read it, I became more and more excited, but at the same time frustrated.

Excited, because the illustrations are excellent, frustrated because as I started to read the story I realised just how good this was. Only Terry Pratchett could conceive a plot that was clearly a 'space mission' using a proto Space Shuttle and mix in elements of the movies Apollo 13 and Armageddon - and still keep it firmly rooted on the Discworld.

The more I read, the more I wanted more story and less pictures. While I've nothing against illustrated books, I think this plot merited a full length novel and that was the root of my disappointment. I can create all the illustrations I want in my mind's eye, and usually do. I can't create the wit and humour and all of the other elements that make the books a good read.

It might ultimately be said that, because Terry Pratchett is such a good writer, he shouldn't be compromising his talent by having to restrict the length of his stories to fit the Illustrated Book format.

4. Birthday Trivia Part 7

This is the seventh instalment of five questions from my birthday trivia quiz. All questions were written by William Barnett so if the answers are wrong, once again blame him. [Maybe he will get some of the answers right this month - Ed]

Name the premises Lady Ramkin provides for the Watch.

What question did Ponder Stibbons have to answer to pass his wizardry exam?

Who said 'Whoops, here comes Mr Jelly'?

Who are Berilia, Tubul, Great T'Phon and Jerakeen?

Who says 'Buggrit! Millenium hand and shrimp'?

The answers can of course be found in the final section of the newsletter.

5. Review & competition: The Science of Discworld II: The Globe

by Jason Anthony

In the original Science of Discworld (SOD) the wizards created a round world as a side effect of trying to split the thuam. The book then followed the history of the round world system from the big bang to the final exodus of life from Earth via a huge orbital stairway just before the planet was hit by a giant asteroid. One of the main failings of the first book was that humans were missed because we were on the planet for such a short time in evolutionary terms.

Science of Discworld II (SOD2) addresses this gap by concentrating on human life on round world. The Discworld part of the story involves the influence of the Faculty and Elves on humans. And as such the science is more focused on people than the general science of the first.

I haven't read SOD for a long time but I seam to remember a more even balance between the Discworld story and the science. In SOD2 the Discworld story probably accounts for about a quarter of the book (or at least it feels like that).

The format of SOD2 is a short Discworld chapter and then a much longer science chapter. For example chapter 15 - Trouser Leg of Time, is four pages about the Faculty trying to undo a mistake they made in a previous chapter that affects the future and then chapter 16 - Free Won't, is 12 pages on why the future is the biggest enemy to any species.

I normally get through a new Discworld novel in an enjoyable couple of days but SOD2 has taken a few weeks. I found the science very hard going. It demanded so much concentration to make sense that I often forgot what was going on in the Discworld story. I think I will need to go back and read the Discworld chapters again to make sense of the story.

It is difficult to guess who this book is aimed at. Obviously Discworld fans will buy it to keep the collection complete. But I wonder how many will read all the science sections and how many will understand it all. To my mind this seems to be taking what is, in reality, a fun fantasy series where things work because people want them to and trying to make it into a basis for scientific exploration. I certainly will not be making a conscious effort to read the science chapters again.

I will make one concession to the science sections. I found the discussion of time travel and paradoxes very interesting and also found it to be one of the best explanations of paradoxes I have ever read (although I haven't read that many). I may have just enjoyed this particular section because it relates closely to science fiction stories which I also enjoy.

If you would like the opportunity to make up your own mind, we have five copies of SOD2 to give away. In order to win one of the copies, send in the missing word in the following sentence to before 22nd June 2002.

SOD explains the process of teaching as "_____ to children"

The randomly selected winners will be announced in next month's issue. If you can't wait that long you can purchase Science of Discworld II directly from Amazon using the following link:


6. Review: Carpe Jugulum Live

by Jason Anthony

On Saturday 4th April we visited the Esso Music and Drama Group in Fawley, Hants to see their production of Carpe Jugulum. The first thing that we noticed was the building itself which was large and quite impressive.

The play started with "The Expert" explaining what the Discworld is and who the major characters are. This acted as a useful introduction for people who haven't read all the books. After the initial interruptions whilst we were introduced to new characters the play settled down.

The performances were all very strong and the characters were well portrayed. In particular the Count was very good. This was also one of the best portrayals of Granny Weatherwax I have ever seen. If anything Nanny didn't feel quite right (but not enough to put you off). There were a couple of scenes where lines seemed to be said in the wrong order and the jokes failed but overall the performances were sound.

The stage itself was fairly plain with just a couple of arched pillars to suggest a castle and a few props for other locations. I have seen other productions that appeared to use the space better, with higher platforms etc.

On the other hand the production values were extremely high. We liked the costumes and Igor's makeup was quite something to look at. There was an impressive sound system and quite a few powder-flashes that took the audience by surprise. Death was well portrayed, with blue lights in his eyes and a VOICE LIKE THIS. Death was also put to good use to clear the scene after the Escrow battle, walking across stage guiding the dead off into the wings as he passed.

I particularly liked some of the scenes where more than one thing was going on at a time. For example when the Count is explaining to Verence that he is about to take over Lancre and at the same time Vlad is trying to understand Agnes / Perdita.

The audience warmed well to the production and most people appeared to be having a good time. The well delivered jokes hit home and everyone was really sad when Scraps got killed. I loved the final scene where Igor brings in a large complicated looking piece of machinery with lightning flowing through it and brings Scraps back to life, a nice happy ending.

The cast got a well deserved round of applause and when we didn't get up after three curtain calls Granny told us in no uncertain terms to leave. Which was nice.

A very impressive performance. I would certainly make the trip again to see other Pratchett productions from this group. For more information about the Esso Drama and Music group visit

7. Clarecraft Competition Results

Last month we offered one of Clarecraft's new Susan & Death of Rats pieces which is only available at Clarecraft events.

We asked the following innocuous question:

Q. In what Suffolk village are Clarecraft located?

The answer we were looking for was Woolpit. Many of you answered Clare but that is where they started. If you look at their web site they moved to Woolpit and bigger premises a few years ago.

The randomly selected winner was Cathryn Short. Your model should soon be on its way. To find out more about Clarecraft visit their web site at

8. Convention News

*Convention "Paint-Your-Own"*
In association with Bernard Pearson (The Cunning Artificer) we are proud to announce that the Convention will be presenting a "paint-your-own" in August. We have been working with Bernard to create three unique Fools' Guild Eggs. For those of you who are not familiar with the custom, the members of the Fools' Guild protect their unique make-up designs by placing them in the Hall of Faces. No two fools are permitted to have the same design. We will be presenting three designs for members to buy and paint in their own time at the Convention. Paint and brushes will be available, along with some experts who will be able to assist in the techniques required to complete your own Fools' Guild Egg.

*New Convention Guest - Trevor Truran*
Trevor stumbled into Discworld almost by accident when he approached Bernard Pearson about a Discworld board game he had created. Within months the game had become Thud, Terry had endorsed the project and Thud hit the streets. We will be proud to welcome Trevor to the Discworld Convention in August. He will be running the first International Thud Tournament, and introducing people to the wonders of Discworld gaming. Thud is amazingly easy to learn, and, like all good games, takes an amazingly long time to master. You can find out more by visiting or by reading Trevor's biography at

New to the Convention's Website, please be sure to check out our Gopher Hole. Here you will find details of the different opportunities there are to get involved with the running of the Convention during the weekend. Being a Gopher is an excellent way to meet new friends, and to pass a little time before the next programme item. Printed Gopher forms will be available in the next Chronicle.

*New Pratchett for Convention Programme Book*
Be sure to join as a supporting member, even if you cannot make it to the event itself. That way you secure your very own copy of the Convention's programme book that will this year contain a unique piece of Discworld writing by Terry - a piece previously unseen and newly published. Supporting membership costs just 10GBP and gets you the Discworld Chronicle and the Programme Book. Plus, if you do decide you can make it to the Convention, you can then upgrade to attending membership.

*All the Disc's a Stage*
We will again be featuring some fairly major theatrical endeavours during the Convention. In with Chronicle Issue 3 you will receive details of how you can get involved in the Convention's theatre programme. As well as staging The Sea and Little Fishes for the first time, we will be giving you the chance to perform your favourite extracts from the Discworld novels.

*A Dinner Date*
The Count De Magpyr has confirmed that the Vampire Ball will be held at the Discworld Convention and he will be extending his invitation to all Convention members in Chronicle Issue 3. Tickets for this event are limited, so please be sure to send your completed booking form and payment as soon as you receive the form. We are sending all members a form by post, including those overseas. The dispatch of the forms will be staggered so that they arrive on your doormats at the same time. We will accept booking based on the date of postmark for the return envelope. Because numbers are limited, we are also putting on a full programme of entertainment for those not attending the dinner - more details to follow.

*Artistic Leanings*
Not content with hosting this Convention's Formal Ball, the Count has kindly offered a selection of fine art from his extensive collection for display at the Convention. A keen patron of the arts, he is also making space available for our members to display their talents. Be they paintings, drawings or sculpture, bring them with you and display them in the gallery. Prizes will be presented for the best pieces.

*Charity Auction*
Past Conventions have attracted some pretty spectacular items for the charity auction. From manuscripts of unpublished books, complete with notes by Terry, to one-off items of original art by Discworld artists. Be sure to check out the auction catalogue which will be contained in your programme pack to see what items will be on offer. Of course, there is always a place for the special items that Terry just has to include.

*The Hayward Collection*
The Discworld Convention is proud to present the first piece to be released by talented artist and musician Rachel Hayward. Rachel is well known for her Death of Rats marionette that was made for the 1998 Discworld Convention.

Rachel has crafted her Dragon Clock exclusively for the Discworld Convention and they are available to purchase for 27.99 GBP (plus P&P) - see our Merchandise section for details.

This clock is a limited edition piece and is available for a year and a day only, so please don't miss out on this wonderful creation. We look forward to offering future pieces by Rachel - please be sure to check back regularly for more updates.

*Desert Island Discworld*
We will be holding our own very special version of Desert Island Discs at the Convention. This is just one of a host of exciting new items which we have been adding to our planned programme of events. We are about to perform a major upgrade on the Programme section of our Website, including a wealth of new information and several different ways to access details such as event times and venues. This should be 'live' by the end of May, so be sure to check back at our site for changes.

In the meantime, here are a few of the most recently-added events, to whet your appetite:

Troll's Guide Mime Workshop Small Gods Activities Cohen & Stewart's UU Lecture Slave Auction Isis Presents... Painting Demonstration by Clarecraft Mark Ayling Workshop Leonard of Quirm's Aerial Challenge Create Your Own Religion So You Think You Can Do It Better? The Dead Monkey Party Guest Of Honour Interview Discworld Pub Quiz

*Hotel 100*
With less than a hundred days to the Convention, we are now warning members that there are now less than 100 hotel rooms available at the Convention hotel. If you need to book, sort out sharers or have companions who have yet to submit their completed form, please ensure that you and they do so as quickly as possible. We are in the process of making overflow hotel arrangements; however, to secure the Convention room rate and be at the heart of the action, please make sure you are booked in.

We have received a number of queries from members as to what the area of hotel bedroom designated as "The Shades" is. Well, this part of the hotel has been set aside for those of you who want to party the night away. We have received numerous requests for bookings in this section of the hotel from people who want to hold room parties. For those of you who don't know, it is traditional for friends, both new and old, to gather late at night and enjoy a few drinks and refined conversation at room parties. The committee and myself will, of course, be forced to inspect each and every party to ensure that the correct Convention etiquette is being observed. If you want to hold a room party, be sure to advertise it on the Voodoo Board.

*Final Word*
Be sure to check out The Science of Discworld II by Terry, Ian Stewert and Jack Cohen. We are offering a bound proof of the new book as a prize in Chronicle Issue 3.

Chronicle Issue 3 will be with our members shortly. Publication delays have pushed back the date of release, but it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, if you need anything, be sure to contact us at the usual Convention address.

Paul A Rood - The Bursar --
* "2002: A Discworld Odyssey" * August 16th-19th, 2002 *
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9. The End

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The latest Discworld book released in paperback was Thief of Time 0552148407/87 and the last hardback was The Last Hero (with illustrations by Paul Kidby). 057506885X/87

Terry's latest non Discworld book was The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents 0385601239/87 and his latest collaboration is The Science of Discworld II: The Globe 0091882737/87

The next Discworld novel due for release in November 2002 will be called Night Watch and will star Sam Vimes. 0385602642/87

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* Birthday Trivia Results *

Name the premises Lady Ramkin provides for the Watch.
Pseudopolis Yard

What question did Ponder Stibbons have to answer to pass his wizardry exam?
What is your name?

Who said 'Whoops, here comes Mr Jelly'?
The Bursar

Who are Berilia, Tubul, Great T'Phon and Jerakeen?
The four elephants on the back of Great A'Tuin

Who says 'Buggrit! Millenium hand and shrimp'?
Foul Ole Ron

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