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Discworld Monthly - Issue 139: November 2008

Table of Contents:

1. Editorial
2. News
3. Readers' Letters
4. DiscTrivia
5. Review: The Folklore of Discworld
6. Competitions
7. Review: The Turtle Moves
8. North American Discworld Convention News Update
9. The End

1. Editorial

Welcome to issue 139. On October 7th (my birthday) I became a father again for the third time. Mother and baby Isobel Susan are now home and many sleepless nights have followed.

Isobel is slowly gaining weight and Lisa is recovering from her c-section.

Don't forget, if you visit a play or a talk and would like to let the world know about it, please feel free to email your review to and we will consider it for publication.

Jason Anthony (Editor)
William Barnett (Deputy Editor)
Richard Massey (Alone in the Dark)

2. News

The Colour of Magic will get its US television premiere on ION television on November 23 at 7pm ET. The four-hour show will be broadcast in its entirety in the one evening.

ION Television ( is a general entertainment network which reaches over 94 million U.S. television households via its nationwide broadcast television, cable and satellite distribution systems.

The UK DVD and BluRay versions of The Colour of Magic get released on Monday 3rd November 2008. To celebrate the release, Terry and Vadim Jean will be signing DVDs at the Forbidden Planet Megastore in Shaftesbury Avenue, London on Monday 3rd November 2008, between 5.30 and 6.30pm

If you cannot make it to the signing you can still purchase signed (by Terry) copies from Sandra Kidby's website

Last month Terry addressed the UK Conservative Party at their Party Conference about the problem of Alzheimer's Disease.

PJSMPrints have the transcript of Terry's thought-provoking speech, along with some photos, on their website:

PSJMPrints have now updated their news page for October and included a lot of photos. There is a piece from Terry talking about how he is beginning to get back to working on Unseen Academicals.

Terry will appear on BBC Radio 4 on "With Great Pleasure" on Christmas day.

The show will be pre-recorded in Bath on November 14th and free tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Date: Friday 14th November 2008

The Venue: The Forum, St James's Parade, Bath BA1 1UG

Doors open 6.30pm (Bar available in foyer)

Performance starts at 7pm

Free tickets for the recording are available via the BBC Ticket Line:

Phone: 0370 901 1227


News from Colin Smythe (Terry's Agent):

The Press Association report on Terry's Tory Party Conference speech can be found here: and

For the Daily Mail article by Terry, see:

For an article on Daily Telegraph on-line:

and his letter in The Times

Waterstones have a black [with stars and telescope] jacketed edition of Nation, limited to 5,000 numbered copies, ISBN 978-0-385-61636-2, selling at 16.99GBP. According to their website it will be on sale on 1 November.

For those interested in the art of Tim White (who painted the cover pictures for the NEL paperback editions of 'The Dark Side of the Sun' and 'Strata'), his website is once again on-line, not only reproducing his magnificent cover artwork, but also selling large prints produced to order, cards, t-shirts, jewellery and other 3-D items. The 'Dark Side' picture is available as a signed print and a card. Definitely a site worth exploring.

Terry was recently quoted in Ig Nobel prize winning article for Literature:

The winner was David Sims for his passionately written study "You Bastard: A Narrative Exploration of the Experience of Indignation within Organizations." - (Cass Business School, London, UK) published in Organization Studies, Vol. 26, No. 11, 1625-1640,

"St George is utterly dependent on the dragon for his narrative power, and indeed for being remembered. Debates about whether he had any historical basis are more or less irrelevant here; the point of interest remains that the story of St George slaying the dragon to rescue the damsel lives on, possibly without even having required a physical event or person to trigger it in the first place. St George needs his dragon as a matter of narrative necessity (Pratchett 1992)."

The reference comes from from Witches Abroad.

Heather Warren writes: I'd like to tell you if I can about the 1st meeting of York's Discworld group, which was held at the historic Golden Fleece pub (its allegedly haunted by none other than Dick Turpin - if you believe Derek Acorah that is):o) We are a small but very select group, and our conversations ranged across a diverse range of subjects, and giving and receiving lots of information about things like the best websites, chat rooms etc.

Then it came to the quiz and I soon realised just what an encyclopaedic knowledge some TP fans have: they were saying the answers before I'd even got the whole question out, one of them even knew the book I'd got the questions out of! Hopefully someone else will volunteer to do a more challenging quiz for me next time.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 12th November, again in the upstairs room at the Golden Fleece, Pavement, York. From 6.30 till around 8ish. I've spoken to a few people who are involved in the production of Mort (performances on the 31st October and 1st November), and they are very interested in coming to the next meeting, so the more the merrier - all welcome!

Peter Copley who played Greyhald Spold in Sky One's recent adaptation of The Colour of Magic sadly passed away aged 93 on October 7th.

Micro Art Studio ( have created a range of five tiny Discworld figurines: Sam Vimes, Rincewind, Nanny Ogg, Granny Weatherwax and Death.

Each of the pieces is approximately 30mm in height and come unpainted.

Terry was mentioned in the October 22nd edition of the free Metro newspaper in the excellent Nemi cartoon strip.

The final panel of the strip states:

"Who's Reality are you Referring to? Terry Pratchett? Neil Gaiman? Mine? Yours?"

A couple of months ago we mentioned a group of fans were building a model of Ankh Morpork in the computer generated world Second Life. The group The Ankh Morpork Experience are pleased to announce the grand opening of The Ankh Morpork Experience Sim. So far you can see The Drum, The Patrician's Palace, several of the Guilds and lots more.

To celebrate Soul Cake Tuesday the group are launching a Hunt on Tuesday 28th October. All of the clues are Ankh Morpork / Discworld related.

Total Sci-fi has a brief interview with Simon Thomas the Bafta winning special effects guru about the challenges of making The Colour of Magic.

Discworld Dates...

This section will contain events that you need to keep in your diary. Entries will remain until they go out of date. New entries will include the word [New] next to them. If this section gets too large we will start pruning entries.

[UK] York Rising Stars are performing MORT on 31st October & 1st November 2008, at the York Railway Institute, Queen Street, York. Next door to York Railway Station.

The audience are encouraged to get into the Halloween spirit and come along in fancy dress - everyone in costume will be entered in to a special door raffle to win a pair of tickets to the opening night of either the Pantomime 'Matron Wibble Wobble' in February 2009, or a pair of tickets to the opening night of our next Pratchett production, 'Maskerade' in May 2009.

There will also be a fund-raising raffle at each performance, as well as refreshments available in the main hall, and in the bar downstairs.

Tickets are 5 GBP each, and can be obtained by emailing or calling 01904 623222. For more information please visit:

[UK, Updated] Wyrd Sisters will be performed by ACE Theatre Company from West Sussex in November.

Performances on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th November are at Chequer Mead, East Grinstead, Box Office 01342 302000.

All performances start at 7.30pm. Tickets 10 GBP, concessions 9 GBP.

[UK, Updated] The Broken Drummers is a London Discworld Group that meets once a month on a Monday evening. Membership is free - just come along. New members and visitors to London are both welcome and encouraged.

November's meeting will be on Monday 10th November at the Monkey Puzzle, Paddington, London, W2 1JQ.

Keep an eye on or e-mail

[UK] The Wincanton Hogswatch Event will be celebrated on the 29th and 30th November. Visit for more details once they have been confirmed.

[UK, New] Wyrd Sisters will be performed in Duston, Northampton on Wed 3rd Dec to Sat 6th Dec.

At the moment they are still looking for some 'extras' as it were.

Tickets (Adults 6 GBP - Concessions 5 GBP) can be purchased from Box Office (01604 587860), from any member of Duston Players, or from Duston Community Centre.

Details from

[UK, New] Stephen Brigg's theatre group "Studio Theatre Club" will be performing Wyrd Sisters: The Director's Cut from 20th to 24th January 2009 at 7:30 (with a 2:30 matinee on 24/1).

This is a new dramatisation by Stephen Briggs to mark Discworld's 25th Anniversary and Terry's 60th. The STC goes back to where it started on Discworld eighteen years ago -- but with a bigger cast, new scenes and characters and better costumes & effects!!!

Tickets (8GBP) are available from and full booking details are on their website -

[AU] Nullus Anxietas 2: The Second Australian Discworld Convention February 27 to March 1 2009 Storey Hall, RMIT, 342 Swanston St, Melbourne

If you want to stay on top of the latest news, sign up on the mailing list:

[UK, New] Sefton Theatre Company are performing Wyrd Sisters next year at the Southport Art Centre Studio from Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th of March, all evening performances start at 7:45pm.

Tickets 5.50 GBP and 7.00 GBP.

Box Office Contact number 01704 540011

[US] The First North American Discworld Convention will take place from September 4-7, 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona.

For more information visit

Small Ads...

Please note, DWM has no way of checking the veracity or validity of any of the items in our small ads section. As always, exercise caution when giving out your details over the Internet. We *strongly* recommend parental supervision for younger readers who
follow up any of these contacts.

Adrian De Havilland writes: Wanted VHS video from Discworld Convention 2002, called Some Moving Pictures, a Short Oddyssy in One Parte, produced in association with Salisbury college, sold through Bursar Vixen enterprises. Straight to Hell productions, if you have a copy for sale please email me.

3. Readers' Letters

If you have any letters or comments, please email them to

We assume any correspondence is eligible for use in the newsletter unless otherwise stated, including the sender's email address. We may also edit your letters via heated email exchanges.

It is vitally important that you don't pass off other people's work as your own. If you use information from other resources please let us know so we can give proper credit.

The best letter of the month will receive a Kiss the Cook print supplied as by Bonsai Trading. Sadly Bonsai Trading is no longer trading but John Pagan has kindly supplied me with a reasonable supply of prints to give away.

* From: "Elaine Boot"
I just would like to say that my boyfriend Steve and myself had a fabulous time at this year's Wadfest (2008). I would love to tell people more about it through the Wadfest forum but can not get registered or logon. So I thought I would tell you lovely people.

I would like to say that Wadfest is a well organised and fun weekend, I particularly liked the Masked Ball a lot of people dressed up in amazing costumes, you have to have a look at there website to see what I mean (, (that's if the pics have be posted). It was my first time camping and first time a Wadfest, the people made you feel welcomed and relaxed. I really enjoyed smack the Pingu and the Luggage Wars too.

Having a burger van on site is an excellent idea; it even served fish and chips. There was also an ice cream van selling scoped ice-cream which was delicious.

The campsite is situated in a beautiful area of Retford, right next to the river and there is a lovely pub not far called The Ferry Boot Inn which serves rather large, lovely meals. I can certainly recommend Wadfest to anyone even if they are not a hard core Discworld fan.

Kind Regards Elaine and Steve (excuse spelling I'm Dyslexic)

* From: "Kim and Barrie"
Dere Mr Massey,

I wass verrie upsette too rede vat yoo ar a Softe Toye Abduckter. Shayme on yoo!

I ame a small BEAR whoo travvels all ovver thee Wurld an I howpe I Nevver meet Yoo.

I attache a pikture off mee in my Bubbel Carr. I shale uss itt to eskape frum Yoo iff I effer ssee yoo Cumin.

Yors sinserreley

Pom Bear, esq.

DWM replies: We would like to reassure soft toys everywhere that Mr Massey's soft toy abduction was an honest mistake and the soft toy concerned has received counciling and has been returned to his rightful home.

* From: "Lori Schwabenbauer"
Could Detritus be moonlighting at University College London? Researchers at UCL's Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience are now theorizing that numbers aren't needed to count. Tests with children from two indigenous Australian groups show that although their languages don't have words for numbers past three or four, the children can still do simple mathematics. Our favorite troll would be right at home with Warlpiri-speaking people, whose number words are limited to one, two, and many, while Anindilyakwa number words include one, two, three (which sometimes also means four), and more than three. I can't help but think Detritus has taken a hand in this research project somehow. See for an article by the Associated Press.

DWM replies: Lori gets this month's Letter of the Month for this excellent bit of deduction.

* From: "Charles Simmons"
Well thank goodness. Finally. I have just finished devouring my copy of "Nation" (no self discipline, I admit it). It is just that I have had to wait so long, but now that my appetite is, for the moment, sated, I must do the "reflection" thing.

You see, when Barnes and Noble kicked off their promotion of "Nation" here in the States they issued a challenge a full two months in advance of the release date: Be the first to review Terry's new book. I told them, basically, that anything Terry wrote was bound to be great, and I didn't need to read it to know that. Damn me if they didn't print my "review" on their web site. Not surprisingly, since no one had yet read the book, it was the first. I can't understand why I was not disqualified.

Nevertheless, what's said is said and must be either repudiated or ratified. Well, I got it right.

"Nation" is at once Terry Pratchett's least funny and most poignant work. There are "characters" a-plenty, that were this a Discworld novel would have dutifully served the needs of comic relief. Instead, we were allowed to feel their pain. Suddenly it's not so funny. And then there are the villains. I believe I read somewhere that upon hearing his character, "Mr. Cox", described as two-dimensional, Terry objected that he'd been written as one-dimensional. I believe I know what he meant.

There is such a thing in this world as evil. The side-kicks who were poisoned or got their nose bloodied only "participated" and deserved the consideration of their nemesis standing trial. The really evil guy got the shark. What could be plainer; even the cannibals were just ordinary cannibals.

In the end, it is shown that the benefit that is born of courage and sacrifice is the most long-lasting, and so aren't we convinced? I am.

* From: "E & R Shanahan"
Jan asked for suggestions from readers on how to 'kick-start' hubby on PTerry.

Well, I am in my 70's and I was also in my mid 60's when I Disc-covered TP and am only sorry I left it so late.

I don't think TCoM would be too bad a read but I would suggest the one to really get him 'on side' would be Guards, Guards, my all time favourite as it sets the scene for the Watch so well and introduces Carrot. Follow that up with Men at Arms and, if he is anything like me, he will be hooked. I would put Mort as my third choice.

For me, PTerry is the thinking man's writer - he certainly makes me look very closely at what he has written. Unfortunately having just read Moving Pictures again, I am sure I am missing a lot of analogies, not being a movie buff but even I can understand the 'Banged Grains' and 'Blown Away' references.

I am sure if you settle him down with one of those titles, give him a rat on a stick or one of CMOT's 'named meat' treats and perhaps a pewter mug of scumble and you will have a convert on your hands.

Enjoy. Ron D.O.N.T. (B.U.)

* From: "Sharla Hardy"
Don't you just love it when something reminds you of a Discworld book. An article in the LA Times makes me think of Thud! Was there a fad for 360 degree paintings of battles? Does anyone else have a website for one?

* From: "Scott Kenemore"
I'm an American Pratchett fan, an author of zombie-books, and the writer of a zombie-blog. Anyhow, today [1st October - Ed] I wrote a blog entry about Reg Shoe that I thought other Pratchett fans might find interesting. Here is a link:

* From: "James Hildebrand"
Firstly, let me just say congratulations on such a great newsletter and on keeping it going for so long, I am always pleased when I open up my emails and see a copy of the latest issue there, many thanks!

However, I thought that I should let you know about the glaring mistakes in this month's issue [Issue 138 - Ed], that both you and the majority of the population are guilty of, through no fault of your own, rather a lack of accurate information in the press and the media as a whole. You say:

"Diabetes has no cure and can only be controlled. Diabetes UK are working to improve the lives of the many thousands of people who have the condition and help identify those who don't even know they have it before their health is damaged."

This is largely correct. Diabetes itself though, is a general term given to a group of diseases, the majority and by far the most common of which, Diabetes Type 2, is the one that you are referring to here. I am amongst the minority (about 4 percent of the diabetes sufferers overall) who are unlucky enough to have type 1, a completely different disease. Unlike the majority of type 2 sufferers who are believed to have bought about the disease themselves through eating very unhealthy diets or not getting enough exercise (not all type 2 cases are bought on by this, but the majority in our modern world are), Type 1 is genetic and is very definately NOT bought on by lifestyle or diet. There is also no chance of you not realising that you have type 1, as if you do have it and do not medicate it continuously (I have on average four injections a day) then you are dead within a matter of days. Finally, Diabetes UK are not working for those aims that you listed, I was a member of the organisation for several years but have recently resigned my membership, as like the media nowadays it is geared towards type 2 sufferers only with no help or support and very little funding for research into type 1.

I apologise for the whinging sound and diatribe that this email contains, but like many type 1 sufferers I am fed up of being grouped with type 2 sufferers and treated like I have the same disease or that I could have done something about it. The first that I knew about my illness was when I awoke from a coma weighing less than 50 kg (I am a 25 year old bloke, so this is NOT a lot), clearly not overeating!

Once again, sorry for the rant, and PLEASE keep up the good work with Discworld Monthly.

DWM replies: Thanks for clearing that up James.

4. DiscTrivia

This month I'm asking questions about Thud!.

What is the name of the clerk sent to audit the Watch?
Why does the troll Brick have his distinctive colouring?
When Sam decides to read Where's my Daddy after a trying day - who is the first character he impersonates?
a) The Patrician
b) Foul Ole Ron
c) Ridcully
d) Detritus
What is Nobby Nobbs's girlfriend called?
Where does Sam Vimes and posse head to in the magically enchanted carriages?

The results, as always, appear at the end of this issue.

5. Review : The Folklore of Discworld

Written by Terry Pratchett and Jacqueline Simpson
Reviewed by Jason Anthony.

The Folklore of Discworld does to Folklore what The Science of Discworld series did for science. It takes examples of events or people on the Disc and explains the round world folklore that relates to them. Unfortunately while the Science of Discworld books had alternative chapters that related to a Discworld story the Folklore is much more of a reference book. For a book about Folklore and stories it lacks narrativium.

As a reference book it is very interesting. Each subject is well researched and provides a lot of background information. Topics covered include Gods, Heroes, Witches (of Chalk and Lancre), Beasties, The Land of Lancre and many more. For those who enjoy folklore this book is a landmine of information.

Maybe I've approached this book wrong - I've tried to read it as a novel rather than a reference book. I've noticed that I have been reading other things rather than completing it. A sure sign that I am not really enjoying it much.

The problem for me is that I think this is too much a book written by Jacqueline Simpson rather than a book written by Terry [no disrespect to Jacqueline]. There is an introduction by Terry but very little else from what I can tell - I may be wrong. Sat next to the excellent Nation this book is completely overshadowed by Nation's brilliance.

If you are looking for a book which goes into great detail about where Terry got the ideas for many of his works, if only subconsciously, then this is the book for you. For me it's just another reference book about Terry novels. I'd much rather go back and re-read the series again.

Folklore of Discworld is available at:

6. Competitions

This month to tie in with the UK DVD and Blu-Ray release of The Colour of Magic we have a very special prize to give away - Bethan's dress from the religious ceremony where she was guest of honour.

To be in with a chance to win this amazing prize simply send the answers to the following four questions to by 20th November 2008.

Who plays Bethan in The Colour of Magic?
What novel will be the third Discworld live action adaptation?
Who directed both Hogfather and The Colour of Magic?
What is the recommended retail price of the Blu-ray version (in GBP)?

The randomly selected winner will be announced next issue. This competition is open to anyone.

For more information about the various versions see

Last month we had a bag of Discworld goodies to give away from the Nation launch party. The plastic bag itself, Discworld branded with a 25 years of Discworld logo, contains hardback editions of Nation and The Folklore of Discworld, a pack of 25th anniversary Discworld playing cards and a Nation pen.

We decided to offer this as a raffle item and sold 70 tickets at 2 GBP each. After Paypal deductions the amount raised was 134.80 GBP which we will round up to 140 GBP and pay to Alzheimer's research once all the money has transferred to my account.

The randomly selected winner of the raffle is Mrs E J Hobson of Poole in Dorset. I will get your prize off to you as soon as I have worked out how to package it.

7. Review: The Turtle Moves! Discworld's Story Unauthorised

Written by Lawrence Watt-Evans
Reviewed by Jason Anthony

There seems to be a recent rash of Discworld reference books: The Unofficial Companion, The Story of The Wee Free Men and Discworld, The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld and now The Turtle Moves! Discworld's Story Unauthorized.

For me what makes this book different from the above list is that I found it fun to read. Watt-Evans appears to be an author with a genuine sense of humour - unlike The Story of The Wee Free Men which tried to force its humour upon the reader. Watt-Evans has decided to tackle one part of Terry's works (albeit the main one), Discworld.

The book is split into several sections - each book in the series gets its own chapter and then seven sub-series each get a chapter. Watt-Evans has taken the idea of sub-series further than most and has come up with Rincewind and the UU, The Witches of Lancre, Death in the Family, Gods and Philosophers, Sir Samuel Vimes and the City Watch, Ankh-Morpork: Beyond the Century of the Fruitbat and Tiffany Aching.

Each book chapter contains a reasonably detailed synopsis of each of the books, but also points out inconsistencies with previous novels or comments on the way that the characters have changed / developed as the series progresses.

I really enjoyed the light-heartedness of the book. It doesn't appear to take itself too seriously but is still a fun light weight reference book. The best of the bunch for me.

The Turtle Moves! is available from Amazon for only 6.99 GBP at:

8. North American Discworld Convention News Update

Memberships & Hotel Update

First of all, the current full membership rate of 70 USD expires on September 30th and will increase to 80 USD, which will be the price at least through March 31, 2009. If you haven't already bought a membership and are planning to go, it would behoove you to make that commitment! We're close to 350 memberships and we plan to do a full update of the online membership list early in October. We're seeing a good number of bookings for hotel rooms at the Tempe Mission Palms as well, which makes both our hotel salesperson and our hotel liaison very happy. Thanks to all of you who have bought your memberships and booked your hotel rooms so far.

Convention Reports on Denvention 3 & Discworld Convention 2008

With the end of the summer came a lot of around-the-globe activity to make people aware of the North American Discworld Convention. We did some promotion at Westercon 61 in Las Vegas and San Diego Comic Con in July, but August was even busier. In early August, Anna and I attended Denvention 3, this year's WorldCon in Denver, where Anna debuted her shiny new NADWCon Postmistress outfit. We also held a room party the Thursday night of the convention that was a big success, thanks to a lot of help from various people. I've posted a report on the convention in the LiveJournal community at .

Later in August, Anna, Emily and I all traveled to the UK to attend the 2008 Discworld Convention in Birmingham. The convention was a lot of fun and well-organized. Chair Bruce Richardson, his wife Joann, and the rest of the committee and staff were very helpful and welcoming. We had a chance to talk with Terry and his assistant, Rob Wilkins, about our plans and also had the opportunity to talk to some of the other guests taking part about possible involvement with our convention. On our LiveJournal community, Emily has posted a detailed series of reports on her experiences at the convention and I've posted a report as well. You can also see lots of pictures from the convention via this link: Note that Emily's photos are under the "charishawk" link on that page.

At the UK convention, we received a commitment from The Mob, the team behind Hogfather and The Colour of Magic, to have a presence at the NADWCon. We're pleased to report that you'll be treated to an exclusive screening of a preview clip from the next miniseries, Going Postal, filming early in 2009! In the dealer's room, we're now anticipating a presence by PJSM Prints (, Discworld jeweler Barrie Wakeford (, and one other UK notable, to be revealed shortly in this report.

In other guest news, we have had inquiries about whether Stephen Briggs will be attending our convention. We have indeed invited him and he would like to be there; however, he does not yet know if it will fit it into his schedule (he does have a day job, you know). We're hoping that he will be able to join us, but it may be awhile before we know for certain. There are some other possibilities as well, but since they are still only possibilities, we can't say anything just yet.

Costuming at NADWCon

We were extremely impressed by the sheer number and quality of the costumes people wore throughout the UK convention, as well as the costumes seen in the Maskerade. We're definitely encouraging our attendees to do likewise and we've arranged for our local costuming group, The Southwest Costumer's Guild, to set up a costuming room at the convention to help you touch up your costume or maybe even improvise a hall costume on the spot. Plans are afoot to provide some costuming demonstrations and workshops during the weekend as well as support for those of you participating in the Maskerade. Remember, you can discuss your costumes-in-progress and much more on our website message board at

Other NADWCon Notes

In other areas of the convention, we're getting more of the committee and the staff sorted out and will be posting their information shortly. We're also close to having the dealer's room information nailed down and hope to get something out to those who have enquired about it soon.

And now, we interrupt this report for a very special bulletin . . . .

****** A Statement from the Ankh-Morpork Consulate of Olde Wincanton in the County of Somerset in England. ******

In view of the ancient ties that bond our two great nations together, the Consulate have decided to open a branch in the United of States for the duration of the first North American Discworld Convention. There will of course be passports, stamps and special covers created in conjunction with those jolly nice folk from the said convention issued from the Consulate. To that effect it will be shipping Bernard, the Cunning Artificer, himself across mighty oceans, blazing deserts and various bars, pubs and hostelries.

In order that he behaves himself whilst away he will be accompanied by granny Isobel as the resident grown-up. There will be fun, a nice cup of tea, a rendition of both the British and Ankh-Morpork anthems and there might be cricket.

9. The End

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What is the name of the clerk sent to audit the watch?
A. E. Pessimal
Why does the troll Brick have his distinctive colouring?
Trolls are made of metamorphorical rock - Brick was born in the city and therefore took on his look from his surroundings.
When Sam decides to read Where's my Daddy after a trying day - who is the first character he impersonates?
b) Foul Ole Ron
What is Nobby Nobbs's girlfriend called?
Where does Sam Vimes and posse head to in the magically enchanted carriages?
Koom Valley

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