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Discworld Monthly - Extra Issue 263 - March 2019

Issue 263

1. Editorial

Welcome to issue 263 (the third in just over a week) ... Firstly an apology to all those that are unable to be involved in the European Premier of Troll Bridge. I am sorry we are filling your inbox with yet another issue but this one is important for those who are going or possibly more importantly want to go!

Baring something major happening we won't now intrude on your inbox again until the next full issue at the end of the Month.

Jason aka Rincewind

2. Troll Bridge EUROPEAN Premiere - Important Update

We think the rush of tickets has taken the team at Carmarthen Bay Film Festival a little by surprise. Originally there were around 90 tickets made available. Then a second screening was announced.

Now today it has been decided to move the screening to a bigger venue (in the same complex) that will allow nearly 500 guests.

So, today an additional 300 tickets have been made available for the European Premier of Troll Bridge on Monday 27th May 2019 at 1pm.

For those who have already reserved tickets, great news, your tickets are still valid for the new larger screen. If your tickets was for the second showing please ensure you turn up for the 1pm showing (ignore the time in your ticket and be there for the one big screening at 1pm) .

How long the extra tickets will still be available for is debatable, so don't delay in booking yours.

The screening will take place at: The Carmarthen Bay Film Festival at Y Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli, Wales, on Monday 27th May 2019 at 1pm!

After the screening, there will be a Q&A session hosted by our very own Rachel with Daniel Knight director and driving force of Troll Bridge. It is planned that this Q&A will be broadcast via Facebook live.

We would love to see as many fans in costume (or not in costume) as possible at the premiere.

There is a Facebook event page called European Premiere 'Troll Bridge' by SnowGum Films where you will find all the details and any plans we have for a gathering of fans at the premiere.

Tickets are free for those wishing to attend and are available now from Eventbrite

Troll Bridge has been entered into the Short Film Category and here we will get to see the 25 minute version of the film.

The Carmarthen Bay Film Festival runs from the 27th May until the 30th May

Carmarthen Bay Film Festival gets in excess of 650 submissions from all over the world and its has been running for the last seven years, Troll Bridge being accepted into the festival is a huge accolade, hopefully it will resonate with the judges and win an award!

3. Good Omens Trailer

The team over at Good Omens have released a very lovely looking trailer for the upcoming six part mini-series. We can't wait to binge watch all six episodes on Friday 31st May 2019 on Amazon Prime Video. Don't forget Amazon offer a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime which will entitle you to watch the series.

Good Omens Trailer

4. The End

This month's issue is brought to you by suspenders, magic horses and the letters B and T.

The deadline for submissions to issue 264 of Discworld Monthly is Wednesday 20th March 2019.

GNU Terry Pratchett...

Table of Contents:

1. Editorial
2. Troll Bridge EUROPEAN Premiere - Important Update
3. Good Omens Trailer
4. The End
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