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Discworld Monthly - Extra Issue 268 June 2019

Issue 268

1. Troll Bridge NEEDS YOU! St Kilda Film Festival, Australia

Australian Discworld Fans, YOU are the secret, yes that sounds mad, but YOU are the key to winning an Award!

Not any old award but the Audience Choice Award at St Kilda Film Festival!

You have an amazing opportunity to be part of the journey of Troll Bridge. You've already backed the film, you've sung its praises, you've been to the premiere (maybe) ...

Can you imagine being part of the crowd who voted and were there when Troll Bridge wins the Audience Choice Award?

We can and WOW, we want to be there .... in costume, showing St Kilda that Discworld Fans are the best!

Daniel Knight, Director, Creative Genius and complete looney will be in attendance with the brilliance that is Don Bridges (aka Cohen the Barbarian) , so grab them for a selfie and a Discworld hug! #showusyourTrollBridgeSelfies

What more can we say? Get your tickets, put on a costume and be there or be a rectangular thing and miss out on the most amazing opportunity you will get to be part of something HUGE!

(We would love to see more Discworld fans there in costume than we had in Wales!!!)


Location: St Kilda Town Hall, Corner Carlise St & Brighton Rd St Kilda , Victoria, 3182

Date : SATURDAY 22ND JUNE 2019

Time: 8:30PM

Tickets :18AUD, Concessions 16AUD

Purchase tickets to the whole Dark Matters session here - St Kilda Tickets

Now purchase your tickets and go to St Kilda and actively be part of the team and help Troll Bridge WIN!!!!!

BEE THERE!!!!!!!

2. The End

This month's second special issue was brought to you by caffeine, chocolate and a lot of wood!

The deadline for submissions to issue 269 (it was 267 but we did an extra one and then 268 but we did this extra one too) of Discworld Monthly is Thursday 20th June 2019.


Table of Contents:

1. Troll Bridge NEEDS YOU! St Kilda Film Festival, Australia
2. The End
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