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I felt that it was about that time where the next issue of this newsletter should be sent out to all, or at least most, of you eager readers. Sorry it's a bit late however, as I've been out practising the "Stick And Bucket Dance". As usual, a large amount of interest has been shown, especially about the Polls (not the Nordic ones).

Terry's just been on holiday to Canada and got back on Sunday night GMT. He says that he thoroughly enjoys it.

The usual things are in this SECOND issue, my how time flies ..... , a book review on "Johnny and the Bomb", the afore-mentioned Polls, some new and old characters, and a list of all of those readers who have pages on the WWW (and I'm sure you all know what that is by now)

Here are the results from Issue 1's polls.

  1. Best book?
    • Colour of Magic - 11
    • Carpet People - 1
    • Mort - 2
    • Small Gods - 5
    • Dark Side of the Sun - 1
  2. Most prefered place?
    • Shades - 4
    • Omnia - 2
    • Ankh-Morpork - 14
    • XXXX - 1
    • Lancre - 3
  3. Best character?
    • Librarian - 6
    • Nanny Ogg - 7
    • Twoflower - 2
    • Greebo - 2
  4. Best species/race?
    • Trolls -
    • Wizards - 7
    • Witches - 6
    • The Undead - 1
  5. Sexiest character?
    • Carrot - 2
    • Magrat - 7
  6. Sex of the Great A'Tuin?
    • Female - 4
    • Male - 3
    • Who cares? - 1
    • Homosexual - 1

In the last issue, the idea of people sending their ideas for nwe characters, and / or different scenarios for future books. A few ideas were sent in:

If anyone wants to send in their own ideas, or wants to add to any of the above things, feel free to email me.

We also have a review of "Johnny and the Bomb", by the now, or becoming, infamous Jason Anthony, who has done a lot for the newsletter. So here it is then ...

--- Johnny and the Bomb ---

Johnny and the Bomb is the third book in the Johnny Maxwell series following "Only you can save mankind" and "Johnny and the Dead". The series make quite a departure from the fantasy world of the discworld novels. Set in two timezones, 1996 & 1941, Johnny and the Bomb is a story about a time traveling can lady, with a manical one eyed cat called Guilty and a squeeky time traveling shopping trolly. It tells the adventure of Johnny, BigMac, Yo-Less, Wobbler & Kirs... Kasandra when they discover the old can lady after she had been mugged. Johnny decides to look after the trolly for her while she is in hospital and the adventures start there...

Jason Anthony.

Many thanx go to Jason Anthony who kindly displays each issue of the newsletter, and an Email link to me. The page can be viewed at

Here are the addresses of the web-pages of those Pratchett fans who read this newsletter. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that these address were correct at the time of publishing, don't take my word for it if they are not.

I apologise if I have got anyone's WWW address wrong, do email me .... we'll do lunch ! ;) If you have any WWW pages, email e and I'll be glad to incorporate them into the next issue.


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