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Hi fellow Discworldians ,

I know you're all going to moan that it's early, but things went quicker than I originally anticipated. The newsletter will still remain fortnightly, however, as long as I get some form of interest from the readers.

So , this is it then ... the very first in hopefully a long line of issues. Already there has been an excessive amount of interest about it and my email is swamped every day! At the moment, this newsletter will be reaching people in Africa, America, England, Ireland, Australia, Germany and Sweden, you each know who you are (hopefully!).

Let's start with a bit about myself. I am a University student in Liverpool, England, studying Computer Science. When people say that computer 'junkies' have'nt a proper grasp of reality, they're proberly right ! Ever since I was a small tot of a lad, I was interested in the worlds of Fantasy. These ranged from books by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone (Fighting Fantasy), the Dragon Lance Chronicles, J.R.R.Tolkien, Terry Brooks, and finally and the most important in my life - Terry Pratchett.

NOTE : If any parts of this text begin and end with an asterisk (*), this signifies that I would like people to email me, at the address at the end of the newsletter, with their own views on the matter in hand.

Let's try it ...

*So why is Terry and his books so popular?* I would like other readers views on this* Myself, it is a release for me from the troubling throes of life as we know it. Deep, huh. Maybe it is because Terry has protrayed the Disc as it would really exist, which I find highly believable. Or maybe it's just that it's a great laugth!

For this first issue, I thougt we'd start off with introducing readers to Terry's latest book, "Masquerade". Luckily for you, you are able to read a smack-dazzling review, written by Kristian Brown:

Masquerade - The 18th Discworld Novel.

This is a story about Opera, fat old ladies - fatter men, anorexic young ballet dancers, and WITCHES. Therefore it is also about murder, meddling, and hob nailed boots sticking themselves where they're not wanted.

We begin following Agnes Nitt, a podgy young girl (with nice hair), first introduced to us in "Lord and Ladies", as she fights her destiny to become the third witch of Lancre coven (or to put it bluntly - the tea maker). To this end she travels to Ankh-Morpork - city of, of ....slums, to become a Opera Singer. Unfortunately, her size makes her unfashionable in a lead role - but because of her "wonderful personality", and the fact she can smash lead beakers with her voice, our newly self-named "Peridita X" gets to sing in the chorus - throwing her voice for an air-headed bimbo.

The trouble is, someone is bumping off the cast, and all eyes have turned to "box eight", the residence of the theatres 'lucky' ghost - the phantom! It seems he may not be quite so lucky after all.

Thus the scene is set, with the two most outrageous old women ever to grace a books innards, throwing their outsized personalities around the largest city in the discworld. Old friends make their welcome appearances - death makes several timely visits (well, probably too soon for those he visits!), and Ook gets to tinker with another "bloody stupid Johnson" invention - the operas huge organ. Look out for Walter Flinge - mild mannered Janitor by day - Frank Spencer by night!

Will the murderer be un-masked? Will Perdita resist the pull of Granny, and just what is in Nanny Oggs famous cookbook?

By Kristian "ook" Brown.

Thanx Kristian.

* If any of you want to send in any book reviews, comments, views, rumours etc. feel to send them to me at the address at the end. If you have any slanderous remarks, keep them to ourself, thankyou very much!*

I thought that it would be sensible to deal with the past of the Discworld books first. * At the request of a number of people, I am going to carry out a poll to find out the foolowing :

finally ....

The results will be in the next issue, so if you wish to partake email me as soon as possible please. *

Now onto the present and future of the Discworld. Will the series ever end ? * I would like your views on the matter, including any new characters of your own that you feel would suit being part of the Disc, but only let them be brief descripions!*

* I would also like to know of anyone's views on the computer scene, in regards to the Discworld * If anyone has not seen the new PC game, amazingly titled "Discworld"!, the game centres around the character of Rincewind, who himself has played the lead role in many books. Whilst the game only really takes place in Ankh-Morpork, other Disc-wide characters take part in the game. Examples include Nanny Ogg, the Gods, Corporal Carrot to name but a few.

* The question put to you is, "Do you believe that there will be a sequel to this game"? * The only other game to ever hit the computer market is "Colour Of Magic", originally brought out on the Sinclair. This is a text adenture, yet again centred around Rincewind the Wizzard. It can only be played on the PC, however, if you have a Sinclair Emulator, although some WWW links will have the Emulator as well as the game.

A request has been put in by one person for a "Lonely Hearts Club" for readers just wanting to contact others world/nation wide. Here are a few examples of what to expect:

"Big Guy - hard as rock, looking for intimate nights of head-banging"
- Ask for Detrius1.

"Large hairy male, enjoys reading, why not Hang-out with me"
- Ask for the Librarian1.

"Tall, slender businessgent, looking for company. Own horse, travels a lot"
- Ask for Death1.

* Any adverts/demands will be duly censored and entered in a later issue. To send me an advert, email me the advert, your real name, and email address. To reply to an advert, send me you reply message, real name, and email address, which will then be forwarded to the advertee. *

All messages, apart from the malicious/slanderous ones will be greatly appreciated. Any messages with regard to any of the above *questions* should be sent to

Remember, universe that we live in may not be the right one, and we are just the thougts of the Discworld mind.

Happy reading folks,
Chris Ewan BSC (Bronze Swimming Certificate)

This page was created: 22nd March 1996
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