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Discworld Monthly - Issue 166: February 2011

Table of Contents:

1. Editorial
2. News
3. Readers' Letters
4. DiscTrivia
5. Competition results and new competition.
6. The End

1. Editorial

Welcome to issue 166. My apologies for the shortness of this month's issue - unfortunately there has been a distinct lack of things to write about. We thought about doing another Who's Who but decided we really just didn't have the time to do it as February has already started.

Just last night I heard on very good authority that there will be some interesting news on the horizon. I'm just not sure when the embargo will lift - so watch this space.

While watching the new series of Being Human last week I realised that one of the scriptwriters must be a Discworld fan. About five minutes into the episode the Letting Agent says something about there being nothing on the television and then says "thank god for Terry Pratchett".

Wyrd Sisters was recently performed at the Albany Civic Theater, Albany, Oregon. Unfortunately the information got to us too late for last month's issue. Please give us as much notice as possible about upcoming performances so we can help spread the word.

Don't forget, if you visit a play or a talk and would like to let the world know about it, please feel free to email your review to and we will consider it for publication.

If you have written an article that you think we might want to include in the newsletter please feel free to email me at the address below. We will of course give credit for anything we use.

Jason Anthony (Editor)
William Barnett (Deputy Editor)
Richard Massey (Teacher's Pet)

2. News

News from website:


According to the writer of the best selling crime novel ever to have been published in the city of Ankh-Morpork, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a policeman taking a holiday would barely have had time to open his suitcase before he finds his first corpse.

And Commander Sam Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch is on holiday in the pleasant and innocent countryside, but not for him a mere body in the wardrobe, but many, many bodies and an ancient crime more terrible than murder.

He is out of his jurisdiction, out of his depth, out of bacon sandwiches, occasionally snookered and occasionally out of his mind, but not out of guile. Where there is a crime there must be a finding, there must be a chase and there must be a punishment.

They say that in the end all sins are forgiven.

But not quite all...

Published 13th October 2011

Signed copies will be available for pre-order from August 2011 from

French Discworld Fans might want to take a look at a site that aggregates and translates news articles about Discworld from around the web.

The Mob Film Company have officially announced that they will start filming their fourth Discworld adaptation later this year. This time around football get the mini-series treatment in their adaptation of Unseen Academicals.

We look forward to seeing how they cast Vimes, Carrot, Mrs Nutt and Glenda. Especially with the recent sad news of the death of Pete Postlethwaite, who Melvyn Grant based his drawings of Vimes on in Where's My Cow?

The newspaper The Edinburgh Evening News recently ran a story about the huge backlog of Christmas mail due to the terrible weather conditions Scotland has recently experienced. It seems a case of life imitating art: maybe they should invite Moist Von Lipwig over to help them with the backlog.

Our thanks to Thom Fish for letting us know about this.

Terry was recently awarded the 2011 Margaret A. Edwards Award by The American Library Association, which honours an author, as well as a specific body of his or her work, for significant and lasting contribution to young adult literature.

In The Truth Lord Vetinari talks about people really wanting to read olds - things like Dog Bites Man. In a case of truth really being stranger than fiction how about Fox Shoots Man!

The story tells of how a wounded fox fighting for its life accidentally pulled the trigger of a hunter's gun, wounding the hunter in the leg.

The Guardian has recently published an article about its top 100 books of 2010.

Terry gets mentioned as being at positions 63 and 84. There is a link at the bottom of the page but it appears to link to a completely different set of data!

Some more information about the Ankh Morpork game we mentioned in our review of Hogswatch last month has been made available on the web. The game is designed by Martin Wallace of TreeFrog Games and also has distribution deals in the USA and Germany.

Esdevium Games have a picture of the box on page 13 of their new catalogue at

Discworld Dates...

This section will contain events that you need to keep in your diary. Entries will remain until they go out of date. New entries will include the word [New] next to them. If this section gets too large we will start pruning entries.

[UK and AU, Updated] The Broken Drummers and The Drummers Downunder are groups of fans that meet up monthly in the UK and Australia.

Their next meetings are:

Monday 7th February 2011 - The new Perth branch of the Drummers Downunder, cousin to the Broken Drummers, will be having their first meeting from 7pm at The Vic Hotel, 226 Hay St, Subiaco, Australia.

Monday 7th February 2011 - The Drummers Downunder (Sydney) meet at Maloneys on the corner of Pitt and Goulburn Streets (across the road from World Square), Sydney, Australia at 7pm.

Monday 7th February 2011 - The Broken Drummers meet at The Monkey Puzzle, Paddington, London, W2 1JQ, England at 7pm.

Visitors to any of the events will be made welcome.

[AU] The third Australian Discworld Convention will be held on 8th, 9th and 10th April 2011 at the Penrith Panthers conference centre in Penrith, NSW. Places ARE limited so register now!

Terry has confirmed he is coming and more special guests are to be announced soon.

Keep checking in at The website has been updated with hotel information, Guilds and lots more.

Volunteers needed. Contact (no mimes - by order of the Patrician). If you would like to help us publicise the convention contact

[DE, New] The Liber troupe will bring McBest [Wyrd Sisters - Ed] on stage in Weilheim/Bavaria on 15/16/17 April.

[NL] The first Dutch Discworld Convention takes place at Hotel NH Atlanta in Rotterdam on 28th - 29th May 2011.

Contact details:

For further information contact:

[US] NADWCon2011 planning is underway. The dates of the new con will be July 7-12, 2011, and the location will be the Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor's Club, in Madison, Wisconsin.

[UK] Wadfest X - The Future and Beyond takes place from 19th - 21st August 2011. The event takes place at Trentfield Farm in Church Lanehan, Retford. Wadfest is a family-focused camping event where Discworld fans meet up for a weekend of fun and games from Luggage Wars to Live Pingu. The event includes a talent show and a charity auction where you can get some excellent collectors pieces.

More information at

[DE, Updated] The German Discworld Convention 2011 will take place from 30th September to 3rd October 2011. Assassins will roam the halls of Castle Bilstein but they promise not to harm visitors of the 3rd German Discworld Convention during that time (except when contracted).

Registration has started and about 80 tickets remain.

You can let people know that you will be there by visiting us on Facebook.

[IE] Irish Discworld Convention 2011 (IDWCon11)

The second biennial Irish Discworld Convention will take place, once again, in the Falls Hotel, Ennistymon. Taking place from the 4th-7th of November 2011. For those of you who missed it the first time, and if you don't mind us saying so, it was a bit of a bit! If you would like to be there this time membership is now open and information on all sorts is available at our website! Special Guest Professor Sir Terry Pratchett has confirmed his attendance! Now it's your turn!

Small Ads...

Please note, DWM has no way of checking the veracity or validity of any of the items in our small ads section. As always, exercise caution when giving out your details over the Internet. We *strongly* recommend parental supervision for younger readers who
follow up any of these contacts.

Di Payne writes: Recently I went to purchase a Discworld cross stitch kit, which I have always done from Lyndisfarne. To the best of my knowledge they are the only company that have the rights to produce the kits and charts.

However, the website now says that, due to ill health, the website is closed and they are no longer taking orders.

I was wondering if you (or any of your readers) may know if these can still be purchased and, if so, from where?

Ros Day writes: I have a copy of the original (1995) Discworld PC CD-ROM game, still in original box and complete with handbook (box and handbook in good condition, disc needs cleaning). I believe this is now something of a collectors' item! Minimum acceptable offer 5.00 GBP (to cover postage and packing) but this arrived as a donation in the charity shop where I work as a volunteer and any money raised will go to Cancer Research so I am hoping for more!

Lilac to Ventoux writes: This year, on The Glorious 25th of May, I will be cycling up Mont Ventoux in France to raise money for Alzheimer's research. All the information is available through my website,, which has links to the Lilac to Ventoux blog, Facebook, Twitter and JustGiving pages.

Fellow Discworld fans, I would be hugely grateful if you could spread the word about Lilac to Ventoux. If you feel moved to cheer me on by friending me on LJ or following me on Twitter & Facebook, I would love that too. And of course, most importantly, I would really appreciate seeing some donations come in!

Ian Jarrett writes: I'm currently volunteering in the Aylesbury branch of Oxfam.

We have had a rather large donation (60 odd!!) of paperback Discworld books, all in almost new condition.

Almost a complete run of them, like I say, in fantastic condition.

So... if you are in or around Aylesbury, please pop in or if you wish, you can email me with requests...

3. Readers' Letters

If you have any letters or comments, please email them to

We assume any correspondence is eligible for use in the newsletter unless otherwise stated, including the sender's email address. We may also edit your letters after they have been signed in triplicate, sent in, sent back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public inquiry, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat and recycled as firelighters.

It is vitally important that you don't pass off other people's work as your own. If you use information from other resources please let us know so we can give proper credit.

* From: "Sanette Gildenhuys"
I've always enjoyed Terry Pratchett's naming of the century and years, and I've recently tried to find out what the Discworld year of 2011 is. Does anyone know or where I could have a look?

DWM replies: A few month's back Terry announced that 2011 would be the year of the complicated monkey.

* From: "Leigh Johnson"
I have been catching up with a bit of reading and radio whilst on my Christmas break from work and made a couple of interesting discoveries. Whilst listening to the BBC Radio 7 re-runs of some comedy shows, I chanced upon Revolting People by Andy Hamilton. It's a comedy set in the run up to the Tea Party in Boston. Andy Hamilton plays the part of Sergeant McGurk, who has 1 leg, 1 arm, 1 eye, 1 ear and 1 nostril... Monstrous Regiment sprang to mind, perhaps McGurk should have chosen to become a cook.

My second find came whilst reading Thunderball by Ian Fleming. In the story, Bond comes across Dominetta Vitali (Domino) and she recounts the story she has made up concerning the Sailor on the front and inside of the packet of Players Navy - this story is SO similar to Tiffany Achings 'Jolly Sailor' story that it cannot be a coincidence - GOTCHA Sir Terry, as a younger chap you read the Bond Books!

* From: "Val"
My Christmas was complete, with the viewing of Going Postal over two nights, Christmas Eve (my 74th Birthday) and Christmas Day night. Wonderful. Then to put the icing on the Christmas cake, I found that another TV station was showing The Colour of Magic. Again wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed them both. All I can really say is MORE please.

Val Googe, Western Australia.

DWM replies: You'll be pleased to read in our news section that The Mob will start filming on Unseen Academicals this year.

* From: "MARK D"
Has there ever been any thought given to producing a Discworld Monopoly or Discworld Cluedo? I would buy these two and I am sure others would in sufficient numbers to ensure commercial success.

DWM replies: I have heard of fan based attempts at creating a Discworld Monopoly game but I don't think they really ever took off. We briefly talked about the new Ankh-Morpork game in last month's issue that should be finished in time for Christmas this year.

* From: "Ashe Hart"
Once in a while, I like to read something other than a Discworld novel - it makes me appreciate them that much more when I get back to them! However, I ran across this quote from the humor/horror book John Dies at the End by David Wong:

"John flicked his Zippo and cast a pool of weak yellowy light around us. I glanced around, saw that only a couple of the shelves contained books, worn paperbacks with white fold lines. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, somebody named Terry Pratchett."

Methinks Mr. Wong is a fan because only a fan would take a shot at Papa Terry like that. :)

* From: "John Gosden"
What powers the Great A'Tuin? This is a question which has puzzled Discworld chelonologists for decades, but at last an answer has been suggested. The mysterious force that powers the continuing expansion of the universe: dark energy. When astronomers noticed that the universe was increasing its rate of expansion, rather than slowing down as Newtonian physics predict, they had to suggest a source of the power, and dark energy was the solution. It seems to me that this must be what powers the turtle on its journey. Alternate theories for the end of the universe suggest either that it is cyclical, and will collapse back to its primordial fiery speck, or that it will go on expanding until everything ends in a cold and isolated scatter of sub-atomic particles. These theories were, of course, predicted by Robert Frost in his poem "Fire and Ice".

* From: "Robert Groppe"
The New York Times recently published an article about "The Gentlemen's Directory", a 19th century guide to houses of "negotiable affection" in NY City. A fascinating article, copies of the guide are quite rare, they were printed on very cheap paper and binding, most men apparently threw them out before returning home.

The Times investigated to see how many of the buildings were still standing, only a few remained.

'Dr. Gilfoyle, who used police records, guidebooks and news clippings to plot the location of 5,000 known brothels for his book, said the oldest brothel he found still rooted to its spot was at 105 Mercer Street. A squat brick building with a fan-shaped window over the door, it got only the briefest mention in the 1859 book and was not cited in the 1870 work.

'Jeremy Spear, the home's previous owner, agreed it was the real deal. He said he did extensive research at the New York Historical Society after buying it and was surprised, but pleased, to learn that what started as a seamstresses' home in 1819 was later converted to a brothel. "There's a certain grit in New York City history, and people love to hear that everything wasn't all rose-smelling,'' he said. "It is part of the city's fabric."'

MERCERMarilynn K. Yee/The New York Times 105 Mercer Street was built for a seamstress in 1819, according to a former owner, and later converted into a brothel.

4. DiscTrivia

This month I have listed ten Discworld books and ten character names. Your challenge is to match the characters to their appropriate book and hope I've got it all right...

The books:

  1. Jingo
  2. Last Continent
  3. Carpe Jugulum
  4. Fifth Elephant
  5. The Truth
  6. Thief of Time
  7. The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
  8. The Last Hero
  9. Night Watch
  10. Monstrous Regiment

The names:

  1. Tonker
  2. Jeremy Clockson
  3. Wolfgang von Uberwald
  4. Leonard of Quirm
  5. Solid Jackson
  6. Fair Go
  7. Rosie Palm
  8. Mightily Oats
  9. Dangerous Beans
  10. Gunilla Goodmountain

The answers as usual can be found at the end of this issue.

5. Competition results and new competition.

Result: US first edition hardback of Nation

Last month I dug out an unread US first edition from my collection to offer as a prize. We had a good response to the competition and over 150 people even got the correct answer to the following question:

What was the month and year of the first issue of Discworld Monthly?

The answer we were looking for was May 1997 (but I also accepted April 1997 because that was when the issue was sent out).

The randomly selected winner is Rudiano Roversi. Your prize should soon be on its way to you (as soon as I can find a free lunch hour to get to the post office).

New Competition:

This month while I was tidying up my study I found a signed US first edition copy of I Shall Wear Midnight in a jiffy bag which the publisher sent to me to give away. Having now discovered it I am fulfilling my duty and offering it as a prize. Sorry, HarperCollins.

In order to be in with a chance of winning the Signed US first edition copy of I Shall Wear Midnight you need to answer the following question.

In which issue of Discworld Monthly did we first review I Shall Wear Midnight?

Send your answer along with your postal address to by 20th February 2011. Your address will only be used if you are a winner and only for sending out your prize - once prizes are sent out all address information will be destroyed. Entries received after 20th February 2011 or sent to any other address will be ignored. No more than one entry per person will be accepted. Answers to the questions must not be posted to any websites before the competition ends. The judges' decision is final.

6. The End

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* DiscTrivia Results *

Solid Jackson
Last Continent
Fair Go
Carpe Jugulum
Mightily Oats
Fifth Elephant
Wolfgang von Uberwald
The Truth
Gunilla Goodmountain
Thief of Time
Jeremy Clockson
The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
Dangerous Beans
The Last Hero
Leonard of Quirm
Night Watch
Rosie Palm
Monstrous Regiment

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