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Discworld Monthly Issue 245 September 2017

Table of Contents:

1. Editorial
2. News
    2.1 Discworld Monthly Merchandise
    2.2 Good Omens Cast
    2.3 Convention News
    2.4 Audition News
    2.5 Other News
3. Book Release News
    3.1 English Releases
    3.2 Other language releases
4. September Events
5. Future Events
    5.1 October
    5.2 November
    5.3 December
    5.4 January 2018
    5.5 February 2018
    5.6 Timey Wimey Events
6. Recurring Monthly Fan Meetings
7. Readers' Letters
8. Terry Trivia
9. Review: Guards! Guards! in Cardiff
10. Review: Wyrd Sisters in Derby
11. Review: Wyrd Sisters at The Edinburgh Fringe
12. Review: L-space Voyager - The new Discworld Ale
13. Micro Art Studio Death Busts - Unpainted and Metalized
14. Discworld Ale Prize Draw
15. Micro Art Studio Competition
16. Wedding Competition Result
17. The End

1. Editorial

Welcome to the behemoth that is issue 245. Well Nullus Anxietas VI has been and gone, and from what we saw online, a good time was had by all who attended. NADWCon is almost upon us too. We'd love to say we'll see you there but unfortunately we won't there *booo hisss. We know all of you who attend will enjoy every second and we would love a report from anyone who has been or goes to either convention.

Here in the UK we have the opening of the Terry Pratchett: HisWorld exhibition to look forward to. We hope to see lots of you there in Salisbury in a couple of weeks.

The fabulous guys over at the Josh Kirby estate and the maniac artist that is Ray Freisen have collaborated to bring to life a long forgotten tale about Marmaduke Mousington written by the late great Josh Kirby. They have already reached their goal and are now going for the stretch goal to give everyone who has pledged a digital copy of Stephen Briggs reading the story of Marmaduke Mousington. There isn't much time left on the kickstarters so here is the link if you wish to get your hands on a copy of the finished book.

Marmaduke Kickstarter

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Also if you have written an article that you think we might want to include in the newsletter please feel free to email us at the address below. We will of course give credit for anything we use.

Please let us have any submissions for issue 246 of Discworld Monthly BEFORE Thursday 21st September 2017.

Jason Rincewind Anthony-Rowlands (Editor and Wizzard)
Rachel Anthony-Rowlands (Writer, Sub Editor and wench)
William Barnett (Something Undecided)
Richard Massey (Lakeland Correspondent)

2. News

Well there's lots of news this month. but first up some Discworld Monthly merchandise news!

2.1 Discworld Monthly Merchandise

Discworld Monthly will soon have a new theme for it's website and a new design for you all to purchase and love. Captain Vimes and Errol will make their way onto our mugs, badges, magnets and keyrings from the 1st September.

All of our mugs still come with free tea, coffee or hot chocolate sachet and from the 1st September until the 4th October 2017 for each mug purchased, you will also get a free Vimes badge.

So check out the shop at Discworld Monthly Shop and keep your eye out for the new Vimes designs soon.

Please note: Dishwashers and our mugs are not friends and therefore it's not a good idea to force that issue, you may end with an unhappy mug. You will also have a very unhappy mug if you try to wash it in the tumble drier which is what I originally typed here.

On another note, our badges, keyrings and fridge magnets are not friends with the washing machine either, I guess you can work out why.

2.2 Good Omens Cast

After a little teaser from Neil Gaiman, it was confirmed by the BBC in a press release that Michael Sheen and David Tennant will indeed be playing Aziraphale and Crowley respectively in the upcoming series of Good Omens.

Good Omens will be six one hour episodes and due to the screenplay being written by Neil Gaiman it should stay true to the book. Neil has gone on record a couple of times saying that there will additional bits that Terry and him had discussed in the past that would fill out the Lower Tadfield universe.

Neil has also teased us with a picture of a Bentley on Instagram saying "Auditioning Bentleys. Must not mind being set on fire. #GoodOmens"

Filming looks to start late Sept / early October with the broadcast dates being 2019. It will be shown first on Amazon Prime, with a repeat of the series on the BBC at a later date.

To read the full press release visit: BBC Good Omens News

2.3 Convention News

The Fourth North American Discworld Convention is almost upon us - THE GENUAN ™ EXPERIENCE - 1st-4th September 2017 at The Sheraton New Orleans.


Join us in Genua for a banananana dacquiri* because our theme is all about the witches of Discworld and the many things they've encountered on their travels

Get your tickets here: Purchase NADWCON Tickets

For all other information, please visit the website

or follow one of our social media outlets Facebook (NADWConvention), Twitter (@nadwcon), Pinterest (nadwcon), Tumblr (, Instagram (nadwcon) and many more....

*Ogg approved.

* * * * *

The Irish Convention has put out a reminder to all attending members that they need to pre-order their convention merchandise by the 6th September. That's not far away now !!

[Writes note to remind oneself to get XYZ friend to order the awesome T-shirts with Librarian artwork on the back by the Artful Nudger]

* * * * *

Nullus Anxietas VII, the Australian Discworld Convention will be held in Melbourne from 12th to 14th April 2019.

Authorised by Ankh Morpork Post Office.

Currently you can guarantee your place by purchasing a supporting membership now at 40AUD from

Australian Convention 2019 Booking

What? You haven't done so yet? Get on with it !!!!!

* * * * *

2.4 Audition News

We seem to have a plethora of auditions going on all over the place for various Discworld productions. If you ever dreamed of being Granny Weatherwax or Samual Vimes, now is the time to cuddle a swamp dragon, read the Laws and Ordinances of the twin cities of Ankh and Morpork and go to an audition!

* * * * *

[NEW, York UK] Maskerade

Open auditions are being held on Sunday 10th September. All welcome, simply get in touch. Rehearsals begin on 17th September and will be held on Sundays 3pm-5pm in York.

Email: to grab an audition spot.

Maskerade will be performed in York from Mon 26th Feb - Wed 28th Feb 2018 in The Black Swan pub.

* * * * *

[Reading UK] Maskerade

Would you like to be in Maskerade? Do you live in or near Reading (UK)?

Then you have a chance of getting a part in the Progress Theatre's production of Maskerade..

Auditions will be held on Sun 17 September at 2pm or Weds 20 September at 7.30pm at Progress Theatre.

The production itself will be happening from the 18th to the 27th January 2018 including Saturday matinees.

Auditions are open to all,but if cast you will need to join Progress Theatre (cost is 45GBP)

For more information visit: Maskerade Auditions

If you have any questions or would like to be considered but can't make the audition dates please contact director Chris Moran on 07729 501350 or at or assistant director Jordan Emmett on 07932 976693 or at prior to the auditions.

* * * * *

If you know of any auditions taking place that we haven't listed here, drop us a line to either our editor at or direct to the person who writes this stuff

* * * * *

2.5 Other News

Discworld Ales are back with a brand new Ale.This press release came from Ales By Mail just a couple of weeks ago.

Hi Discworld Beer fans! L-Space Voyager has appeared - and here is what we know so far.

Just over a year ago our beer supply portal from Discworld, established by the Wizards of UU, closed unexpectedly. Since then, Discworld Beer has been in scarce supply.

We've been hearing disturbing news from Discworld about the many breweries producing Discworld beers.

Recently, Frau Ortrud Ulrich - head librarian at Germany's Nationale Bier-Bibliothek, the library of beer knowledge on Roundworld - arrived at her office to find a small pile of empty peanut husks and banana skins, along with a significant amount of Discworld Beer sitting amongst piles of carefully sorted returned books. A hastily scribbled note, found along with these items, read simply "Ooook".

Frau Ulrich of course reached out to us. So far we have been able to piece together only part of the puzzle. It would seem that Unseen University's Librarian has traversed L-Space bringing with him some essential supplies, and was able to liberate some cans of L-Space Voyager. We can only assume that he meant for us to get them into the hands of you, the Roundworld fans. It appears to be a delightful hefeweizen style beer with notes of banana (what else?) and a subtle but pleasant tang of peanut. His stay was, it seems, only brief, but importantly the Librarian left behind the beer!

Rather oddly, the beer appears to bear the brewery name "Drum Brewing Co". To our knowledge, Drum Brewing came to prominence when the famed Ankh-Morpork brew tavern(1), the Mended Drum, was swallowed up by unknown parties as part of their acquisition of many of Discworld's brewing institutions.

Our concerns about the fate of brewing on Discworld remain and we have sent out various exploratory expeditions in an attempt to find out more.

For now, we are grateful to the Librarian for the chance to try and share Voyager with you.

You can buy L-space Voyager from Ales By Mail as either:

six pack: L-Space Voyager (6 pack)

twelve pack: L-Space Voyager (12 pack)

(1)Think Roundworld brewpub, but with more violence and no scotch eggs.

We were lucky enough to get a sample of this new Discworld Ale. Our review can be found later in this issue also don't forget to enter the amazing competition to win some for yourself..

* * * * *

In the current issue of British Archaeology magazine, there is a four page interview with Richard Henry (curator of the HisWorld exhibition and Finds Liaison officer for Salisbury museum) about how the Pratchett: HisWorld exhibition came about. Without giving too many spoilers, we can safely say it's all because of a sword, but not the sword you think it is.

To read the article, buy the Sept/Oct 2017 Issue (no 156) of British Archaeology If you'd like to pick up a single issue, British Archaeology is stocked in all major WH Smith high street and travel stores in the UK, and Eason's in Ireland. The cover price in the UK is 5.50GBP. It is carried by Barnes & Noble in the US and a variety of independent sellers worldwide.

It will be available as a back issue shortly on their website:

British Archaeology – Order Page

Or if you wish to order it for home delivery you can ring the Council for British Archaeology on 01904 671417

* * * * *

[Re-release of BBC Radio Plays] MORT

BBC Radio 4 Extra have continued their programme of re-releasing previously recorded Pratchett radio plays.

This week sees MORT released again for your listening pleasure. It is four episodes in length and is available on BBC Radio iPlayer.

The start date was the 22nd August at 6pm BST and it will be available for until the 22nd September on iPlayer.

BBC Radio iPlayer is available to listen to worldwide so that means fans all over the world have the opportunity to hear this wonderful radio play.

Pratchett on the BBC

* * * * *

[Snowgum Films - Troll Bridge Update]

Snowgum attended the recent Nullus Anxietas VI in Adelaide and revealed the latest update to the epic that is Troll Bridge - The Family !! Finally we all got to see the whole of the Troll family that lives on Troll Bridge Tourmaline, Beryl, Scree and Mica.

To see them for yourselves head over to:

3. Book Release News

3.1 English Releases

The ongoing saga of the new Paperbacks with introductions by various authors continues.

We first reported that these were coming out back in April 2016, then the release date got pushed back to April 2017.

Now we are sat at another set of dates, so run with us on this and pray to the god of publishing that they actually come out this time.

Wyrd Sisters with an introduction by Joanne Harris - Paperback 368 pages, ISBN-10: 0552173304, ISBN-13: 9780552173308,

Publication date: 30th Sep 2017(Corgi) RRP 7.99GBP

To pre-order through our Book Depository affiliate link, (On the 24/08/17 it is available at 7.15GBP including worldwide shipping)

Guards! Guards! with an introduction by Ben Aaronovitch - Paperback with 432 pages, ISBN-10: 0552173037, ISBN-13: 9780552173032,

Publication date 31st Oct 2017(Corgi) RRP 7.99GBP

To pre-order through our Book Depository affiliate link, (On the 24/08/17 it is available at 7.15GBP including worldwide shipping)

Mort with an introduction by Neil Gaiman - Paperback with 320 pages, ISBN-10: 0552173045, ISBN-13: 9780552173049,

Publication date 31st Oct 2017(Corgi) RRP 7.99GBP

To pre-order through our Book Depository affiliate link, (On the 24/08/17 it is available at 7.15GBP including worldwide shipping)

* * * * *

Last Month in our hurry to get the issue out we completely forgot about the next compilation of Uncle Jim stories.

Father Christmas's Fake Beard will be coming out on the 5th October with the Slipcase edition coming out on the 4th November 2017. Both are published by Doubleday Childrens.

The Audiobook on CD and the Kindle editions will also be available from the 5th October.

The Paperback edition currently has the 13th July 2018 pencilled next to it but that may well change.

Standard Hardcover Edition will have ten early short stories. R.R.P.12.99GBP

ISBN-10: 0857535501

ISBN-13: 9780857535504

To pre-order through our Amazon Affiliate Links

ISBN: 0857535501

To pre-order through our Book Depository Affiliate Link (On the 24/08/17, it is 11.62GBP including worldwide shipping)

The unabridged Audiobook read by Julian Rhind-Tutt- R.R.P. 10.99GBP

ISBN-10: 1846577721

ISBN-13: 9781846577727

To pre-order through our Amazon Affiliate link

ISBN: 1846577721

To pre-order through our Book Depository Affiliate Link (On the 24/08/17, it is 9.83GBP including worldwide shipping)

Kindle Version of the standard edition. (pre-order priceon is 8.99GBP instead of 12.99GBP)


Slipcased collector's edition features fourteen festive short stories with energetic and humorous full colour illustrations by Mark Beech.- R.R.P. 25GBP

ISBN-10: 085753551X

ISBN-13: 9780857535511

To pre-order through our Amazon Affiliate Links

ISBN: 085753551X

To pre-order through our Book Depository Affiliate Link (On the 24/08/17, it is 22.37GBP including worldwide shipping)

* * * * *

The Illustrated Eric is due out in a new paperback format on the 12th October 2017 with its luscious illustrations by Josh Kirby. [What makes this different from previous releases nobody knows.- - Rachel]

R.R.P. 8.99GBP

ISBN-10: 147322327X

ISBN-13: 9781473223271

It's available to preorder on Amazon through our affiliate link

and on our Book depository link here (On the 24/08/17 it is available at 8.04GBP including worldwide shipping)

* * * * *

The Discworld Collector's Library is being continued much to the relief of bookcases all over the world.

These are the new editions of the very much loved books by Terry Pratchett with the beautiful artwork by Joe Mclaren on the covers.

The next four are Thief of Time, Night Watch, Monstrous Regiment and Going Postal.

They will be available from the 19th October 2017

Thief of Time - RRP 12.99GBP

ISBN-10: 0857525034

ISBN-13: 9780857525031

To pre-order through our Amazon Affiliate Links

UK ISBN: 0857525034

US ISBN: 0857525034

To pre-order through our Book Depository Affiliate Link (On the 24/08/17, it is 11.62GBP including worldwide shipping)

Night Watch - RRP 12.99GBP

ISBN-10: 0857525042

ISBN-13: 9780857525048

To pre-order through our Amazon Affiliate Links

UK ISBN: 0857525042

US ISBN: 0857525042

To pre-order through our Book Depository Affiliate Link (On the 24/08/17, it is 11.62GBP including worldwide shipping)

Monstrous Regiment - RRP 12.99GBP

ISBN-10: 0857525050

ISBN-13: 9780857525055

To pre-order through our Amazon Affiliate Links

UK ISBN: 0857525050

US ISBN: 0857525050

To pre-order through our Book Depository Affiliate Link (On the 24/08/17, it is 11.62GBP including worldwide shipping)

Going Postal - RRP 12.99GBP

ISBN-10: 0857525085

ISBN-13: 9780857525086

To pre-order through our Amazon Affiliate Links

UK ISBN: 0857525085

US ISBN: 0857525085

To pre-order through our Book Depository Affiliate Link (On the 24/08/17, it is 11.62GBP including worldwide shipping)

* * * * *

Terry Pratchetts Discworld Imaginarium by Paul Kidby has formally been announced.

There will be three versions of this book: a Standard hardback, a Special edition and a Deluxe Special limited edition.

It's being published by Gollancz/Orion.

The release date for the Standard and Special editions is the 23rd November 2017.

There is no official release date for the Deluxe Special lImited edition as yet.

Paul Kidby has collected the very best of his Discworld illustrations in this definitive volume, including 40 pieces never before seen, 30 pieces that have only appeared in foreign editions, limited editions and BCA editions, and 17 book cover illustrations since 2004 that have never been seen without cover text. If Terry Pratchett's pen gave his characters' life, Paul Kidby's brush allowed them to live it.

The standard edition will be a Hardcover book with 272 pages with a RRP of 35.00GBP

ISBN-10: 1473223377

ISBN-13: 978-1473223370

To pre-order from our affiliate link at the Book Depository (On the 24/08/17 it was only 31.32GBP including worldwide shipping)

Book Depository Affiliate Link

To pre-order from our affiliate link with Amazon UK

ISBN: 1473223377

The Special edition will also be a hardcover book with 272 pages and a R.R.P. of 75GBP

This Special Edition features an alternative cover design which is a coloured version of the standard edition cover. It has a specially designed slipcase, metallic page edgings and marker ribbon and every copy will be signed by Paul Kidby.

ISBN-10: 1473223490

ISBN-13: 9781473223493

To pre-order from our affiliate link at the Book Depository (On the 24/08.17 it was only 67.12GBP including worldwide shipping)

To pre-order from our affiliate link with Amazon UK

ISBN: 1473223490

The Deluxe Special limited edition will only be available from and and will be limited to 1,250 copies with a R.R.P. of 100GBP

It features an alternative cover, box design and has a signature page with a new piece of artwork exclusively produced for this version. The cover features a drawing of a Bee on a dark blue background.

Every copy will be signed and numbered by Paul Kidby

* * * * *

Occasionally this type of book falls into our radar. Not written by Terry, they are usually somebody trying to put on everyone their opinion of why Terry wrote the way he did, or it's someone trying to work out what Terry was trying to tell us through his writing. We have nothing against them, but they really are an educational look at Terry's works.

Terry Pratchett's Narrative Worlds : From Giant Turtles to Small Gods - Critical approaches to Children's Literature Edited by Marion Rana is due out on the 27th Jan 2018 at a R.R.P. 66.99GBP in Hardback

"This book highlights the multi-dimensionality of the work of British fantasy writer and Discworld creator Terry Pratchett. Taking into account content, political commentary, and literary technique, it explores the impact of Pratchett's work on fantasy writing and genre conventions.

With chapters on gender, multiculturalism, secularism, education, and relativism, Section One focuses on different characters' situatedness within Pratchett's novels and what this may tell us about the direction of his social, religious and political criticism.

Section Two discusses the aesthetic form that this criticism takes, and analyses the post- and meta-modern aspects of Pratchett's writing, his use of humour, and genre adaptations and deconstructions.

This is the ideal collection for any literary and cultural studies scholar, researcher or student interested in fantasy and popular culture in general, and in Terry Pratchett in particular."

ISBN-10: 3319672975

ISBN-13: 9783319672977

To pre-order through our Book Depository affiliate link, (On the 24/08/17 it is available at 59.95GBP including worldwide shipping)

To Pre-order through our Amazon Affiliate Link

ISBN: 3319672975

* * * * *

3.2 Other language releases

Vollsthandiger und unentbehrlicher Atlas der Scheibenwelt is due out on the 13th Nov 2017 at a R.R.P 22.99GBP (German translation of Discworld atlas)

ISBN-10: 3442314771

ISBN-13: 9783442314775

To pre-order through our Book Depository affiliate link, (On the 24/08/17 it is available at 20.57GBP including worldwide shipping)

* * * * *

Die Farben der Magie . Eric : Zwei Romane in einem Band - Paperback is due out on the 12th Jan 2018 R.R.P. 11.04GBP (German Omnibus of The Colour of Magic and Eric)

ISBN-10: 3492280269

ISBN-13: 9783492280266

To pre-order through our Book Depository affiliate link, (On the 24/08/17 it is available at 9.87GBP including worldwide shipping)

* * * * *

Der Lange Kosmos : Lange Erde 5 - Roman- Paperback is due out on the 13th November 2017 at a R.R.P. 16.54GBP (German Translation of The Long Cosmos)

ISBN-10: 3442205379

ISBN-13: 9783442205370

To pre-order through our Book Depository affiliate link, (On the 24/08/17 it is available at 14.80GBP including worldwide shipping)

* * * * *

Ernsthaft lustig : Die besten Terry-Pratchett-Zitate der Welt - Hardback is due out on the 1st December 2017 at a R.R.P. 7.36GBP ( German translation of Seriously Funny: the endlessly quotable Terry Pratchett)

ISBN-10: 3492704514

ISBN-13: 9783492704519

To pre-order through our Book Depository affiliate link, (On the 24/08/17 it is available at 6.58GBP including worldwide shipping)

* * * * *

De herderskroon : De allerlaatste Schijfwereld-roman - Paperback is due out on the 15th Jan 2018 at a R.R.P. of 18.56GBP ( Dutch/Flemish translation of

ISBN-10: 9022579972

ISBN-13: 9789022579978

To pre-order through our Book Depository affiliate link, (On the 24/08/17 it is available at 16.60GBP including worldwide shipping)

* * * * *

Helle Barden : Ein Scheibenwelt-Roman - Paperback is due out on the 19th Feb 2018 at a R.R.P. 9.20GBP (German translation of Men At Arms)

ISBN10 3442486874

ISBN13 9783442486878

To pre-order through our Book Depository affiliate link, (On the 24/08/17 it is available at 8.23GBP including worldwide shipping)

4. September Events

Whilst we would love to get to every event and play to write reviews and articles about them, we just don't have enough time, petrol and a wide enough spread of friends to borrow the couch for the night. But you, our wonderful readers do have the time, petrol and often don't need the couches as the event or play is on your doorstep!

We don't have English degrees here and you don't need one either to write something for Discworld Monthly! So get typing and every submission that we use will get a I heart Discworld Monthly window sticker.

Ps. If you know of a play or event that we don't know about (shock horror), email us. We like the surprise!

All submissions should be emailed to

Don't forget to visit Pratchett Stage Productions for our most up-to-date list of stage productions.

* * * * *

[Updated : UK] Capture the Castle Exhibition - Last Few Days

Paul Kidby's Tower of Art and his Lancre Castle artwork are currently on display at Southampton City Art Gallery as part of the Capture the Castle exhibition.

Location: Southampton City Art Gallery, Commercial Road, Southampton SO14 7LP

Dates: 26th May 2017 until the 2nd September 2017

Opening Times: Mon to Fri: 10am-3pm, Sat: 10am - 5pm, Sun: Closed, Bank Holiday Mon: 10am-3pm

Tickets: Free Admission

[Cheeky note - If you went to this exhibition, we would love to hear about it. Write some words down on the back of the Lancre castle artwork and email it to us at either or]

* * * * *

[NEW : Leeds UK] Waterstones Book Club

Locations: Waterstones, 93-97 Albion Street, LS15JS Leeds

Date: 5th September August 2017

Time: 18:00-18:45

This is a free event

This month it's about the book Sourcery.

For more information contact us by phone 0113 2444 588 or email or speak to Keiran in store.

Facebook event page:

* * * * *

[UK] Terry Pratchett: HisWorld - a new major Terry Pratchett Exhibition will take place at The Salisbury Museum from 16th Sept 2017 to 13 Jan 2018.

Pictures of various items that will be on display at the exhibition have been appearing on Salisbury Museum's social media feeds. Some items have been made especially for the exhibition. The website is now full of information and images for your perusal.

The Josh Kirby estate recently announced that the original artwork for Reaper Man will also be on view at the exhibition. It is a rare opportunity to see a Josh Kirby original in the UK as the last time was back in 2007.

Day Ticket Prices are as follows -

Standard day ticket - Adult 7.50GBP Child 3.60GBP Family (2 adults +up to 4 children) 18.50GBP Under 5's Free

It is advisable to buy your tickets in advance from the ticket website.

Salisbury Museum Website - Pratchett: HisWorld

* * * * *

[Australia] Brisbane Arts Theatre present Lords and Ladies as adapted by Irana Brown

Location: 210 Petrie Terrace, PETRIE TERRACE QLD 4000

Dates: 16 September - 21 October 2017 (7.30pm Thursdays, 8.00pm Fridays and Saturdays, 6.30pm Sundays)

Tickets: Adults 34AUD, Concession 28AUD, Group 10+ 27AUD, Student Rush 15AUD (10 mins before curtain)


* * * * *

[UK] T.A.O.D.S present a performance of BBC4's radio play of Wyrd Sisters as adapted by Vince Foxall

Location:The Todmorden Hippodrome Theatre, Halifax Rd, Tormorden, West Yorkshire OL14 5BB UK

Dates: Fri 29th - Sat 30th September 2017

Times: Doors open at 7pm, Show starts at 7.30pm

Tickets: 6GBP


Box Office: 0333 666 3366

* * * * *

[UK] Monifieth Amateur Dramatics presents Wyrd Sisters as adapted by Stephen Briggs

Location: Monifieth Theatre, 72 High Street, Monifieth, Angus, Scotland, DD5 4AG

Dates: Thurs 24th August - Sat 26th August, Thurs 31st August - Sat 2nd September 2017

Time: Performance starts at 7.30pm

Tickets: Full 9 GBP, Concessions 7GBP


Box Office: 01382 480043

5. Future Events

5.1 October

[UK] Twyford and Ruscombe Theatre Group present Mort as adapted by Stephen Briggs

Location: Loddon Hall, Loddon Hall Road, Twyford, Reading, Berkshire, RG10 9JA

Dates: Thursday 5th October - Sat 7th October 2017

Times: 8pm

Tickets: 7-10GBP (concessions available if ordered in advance)


Box Office: 0118 328 2825

To buy tickets online: Terry Pratchett's MORT Tickets

* * * * *

[Ireland] The 2017 Irish Discworld Convention will take place from 6-9th October 2017 [the weekend of my 46th Birthday, hint, hint - Ed] at the Cork International Hotel.

It has SOLD OUT of tickets but if you wish to get on the waiting list do so here:

Irish Discworld Convention Waiting List

To keep up with all the news that is happening visit their website here:

* * * * *

[UK] Erith Playhouse presents Mort as adapted by Stephen Briggs

Location: Erith Playhouse, 38-40 High Street, Erith, Kent, DA8 1QY

Dates: Mon 9th Oct 2017 - Sat 14th Oct 2017

Times: 8pm

Tickets: 10GBP


Box Office: 01322 350345

* * * * *

[NEW, South Africa] Screening of The Colour of Magic at The Moors Castle

Feegles, Wizzards, Guild Members dunnkin divers and Ankh-Morporkians!

If you aten't dead, The Moors Castle is the place to be on Saturday 14th October in The Year of the Backwards-Facing Artichoke.

Join us at The Moors Castle for a screening of Terry Pratchett's 'The Colour of Magic'!

R50.00 per person will see that you are kept a space in the Great Hall for the moving pictures and a bag of banged grains to keep you snacking!

Cash (or card) bar plus snacks and sweets on sale, as well as sausage inna bun (with named meat)


Part 1: The Colour of Magic (90 mins)


Part 2: The Light Fantastic (90 mins)

Bring a duvet and cushions, blankets and/or a sleeping bag - you will find your spot in the Great Hall. Bring a group or make friends with your neighbours and enjoy the evening with the ladies D & M.


To book your space, please email Pop and your cell number to


COST: R50.00 per person of any age


Bank: Nedbank

Branch Code: 132805

Account No: 1010719874

Reference:DWMovie + your name

Location : The Moors Castle, 638 Larsens Road, 1739 Muldersdrift, Gauteng, South Africa

Date : Sat 14th October 2017

Time 19:00-22:30 UTC+02

Facebook Event Page :

* * * * *

[UK] Rhyl Liberty Players presents Wyrd Sisters as adapted by Stephen Briggs

Location: The Rhyl Little Theatre Vale Road Rhyl LL18 2BS

Dates: Tuesday 25th to Friday 28th October.


Box Office: 01745 342229

* * * * *

5.2 November

[SOUTH AFRICA] DISCWORLD DAY at The Moors Castle, Gauteng, South Africa

Location: The Moors Castle, 638 Larsens Road, 1739 Muldersdrift, Gauteng, South Africa

Date: 4th November 2017

LIMITED NO OF TICKETS available from Quicket - Discworld Day - South Africa

Tickets: Online - R60.00 At the Gate - R80.00 Kids under 12 FREE

Dogs and unruly luggages to be kept on leashes at all times.

To find out more visit their Facebook Event page

* * * * *

[AUSTRALIA] Roleystone theatre presents Mort as adapted by Stephen Briggs

Location: Roleystone Theatre, 587 Brookton Hwy, Roleystone, Western Australia, Australia 6111

Dates: 24th, 25th and 29th Nov then 1st and 2nd Dec 2017

Tickets: 20AUD Adults, 15AUD Under 18's and Pensioners.


* * * * *

[UK] Studio Theatre Club present Raising Steam as adapted by Stephen Briggs. This has been postponed until 2018/19

* * * * *

[NEW, UK] Thalian Theatre Group presents The Truth as Adapted by Stephen Briggs

Location: Mirren Studio, The Townsgate Theatre, St Martin's Square, Basildon, Essex, SS14 1DL

Dates : 9th - 11th November 2017

Time : starts at 8pm

Tickets 11GBP Adult, 9 GBP Concessions

Box Office : 01268 465 465

Website :

* * * * *

5.3 December

[NEW, UK] Youth Theatre Company presents Lords and Ladies as adapted by Irana Brown

Location:Theatre Royal, Theatre Street, Norwich NR2 1RL

Dates: Thurs 14th Dec - Sat 16th Dec (Audio Described performance on the Sat)

Times: Performance starts at 7:30pm


Website : htttp://

* * * * *

5.4 January 2018

[UK] Progress Theatre presents Maskerade as adapted by Stephen Briggs

Location: Progress Theatre, The Mount, Reading RG1 5HL

Dates: Thurs 18th Jan 2018 - Sat 27th Jan 2018 (Saturday Matinees included)


* * * * *

5.5 February 2018

[USA] Gainesville Theatre Alliance presents Monstrous Regiment as adapted by Stephen Briggs.

Location: UNG-Gainesville's Ed Cabell Theatre, 3820 Mundy Mill Road, Oakwood, GA 30566

Dates: Fri 16th Feb - Sat 24th Feb 2018

Time: 7:30pm on the 16th, 18th and 20th - 24th, with matinees at 2:30pm on Sat 17th and Sat 24th

Tickets: 18-20 USD Adults, 16-18USD Seniors and 12-14USD Students


Box Office: 678 717 3624.

Special Events at this production

FREE Stage Tour (a peek behind the scenes!)

1st Feb 2018 at 6:00pm

Preview Performance: Ticket is 10USD (Preview tickets go on sale 29th Jan 2018)

Thursday 15th Feb 2018 at 7:30pm

FREE Opening Night Reception: In the lobby following the performance with the cast and crew, catered by ACE Catering

Friday 16th Feb 2018

Talk Back with Cast & Crew: a lively (and free) Q&A session following the performance on Tuesday 20th Feb 2018

* * * * *

[NEW, UK] We are Theatre presents Maskerade as adapted by Stephen Briggs.

Location: The Black Swan, Peasholme Green, York, YO1 7PR

Dates: Mon 26th Feb - Wed 28th Feb 2018

Times: 7:30pm

Tickets: 10GBP


Box Office: 07521364107

* * * * *

5.6 Timey Wimey Events

These Events are at least six months away on the calendar, but if you have a T.A.R.D.I.S. or a doorway to L-space you may be able to dive into the future and bring back a review for us now! If you don't have access to either ( or a time-travelling hot tub or phone box) then you should be able to purchase tickets and travel forward in time the old fashioned way - one day at a time.

[Dutch Discworld Convention]

CabbageCon 5 will be happening in 2018!

Register on their website now to be one of the first to know all about Cabbagecon 5 in 2018

* * * * *

[UK Discworld Convention]

The location and date of 2018 Discworld Convention in the UK has been announced.

It will be at the Chesford Grange Hotel on the weekend of 3rd - 6th August 2018.

Memberships have been released and have SOLD OUT.

Don't fret though, ConCom are now operating a waiting list for those who wish to have a chance of attending.

To find out more visit

* * * * *

[Australian Convention] Nullus Anxietas VII in Melbourne 2019

It will be held from the 12th to 14th April 2019 and is authorised by Ankh Morpork Post Office.

Currently you can guarantee your place by purchasing a supporting membership now at 40AUD from

Australian Convention 2019 Booking

* * * * *

[Scheibenwelt Convention]

Scheibenwelt Convention have announced that the next German Discworld Convention will take place from the 3rd to the 6th of October 2019 at Castle Ludwigstein.

The theme will be Hogswatch.

Tickets are not on sale as yet but do visit their website to find out more information .

6. Recurring Monthly Fan Meetings

[UK] The Broken Drummers meet at The Monkey Puzzle, Paddington, London, W2 1JQ, England at 7pm. For more information contact Helen Nicholls on

Unless otherwise stated the Drummers meet on the first Monday of each month.

In August there is a special weekend meetup on Sun 27th August at 12.30 at The Monkey Puzzle.

The Drummers are now holding irregular weekend meet-ups in addition to their regular Mondays. Dates are posted on their Facebook page and sent out via their mailing list.

The Drummers are always happy to welcome new visitors. You can find out more at: or Broken Dummers Facebook Page

* * * * *

[Adelaide, Australia] The City of Small Gods is a group for fans in Adelaide and South Australia. They have regular monthly dinner and games nights, longer games days, plus play outings, craft-y workshops, and fun social activities throughout the year. For more info and to join their mailing list, visit:

* * * * *

[Brisbane, Australia] The Pratchett Partisans meet monthly at either Brisbane or Indooroopilly to eat, drink and chat about all things Pratchett. For more info about their next meetup, check out: The Pratchett Partisans Facebook Group

* * * * *

[Melbourne, Australia] The Victorian Discworld Klatch is a social group for fans of Discworld and Terry Pratchett. We meet monthly for fun activities and to talk all things Pratchetty. Information on our current event can be found on Victorian Discworld Klatch Facebook Group or email

* * * * *

[Perth, Australia] The Treacle Mining Corporation meetup to celebrate the works of Sir Terry Pratchett, and welcome any fans of science fiction and fantasy.

Join them for their monthly discussion of Discworld, Terry Pratchett and all things sci-fi and fantasy. They meet the first Monday of each month, subject to holidays, and all are welcome.

The group meets up at Carpe Cafe, 526 Murray Street, Perth, WA. Meeting at a cafe means they are under-18 friendly!

For details follow them on Twitter @TreacleMiningCo, Instagram treacle_mining_corporation, and Facebook Treacle Mining Corporation Facebook Group

Otherwise message Alexandra Ware directly at

Unless otherwise stated the group meets up on the first Monday of each month.

* * * * *

[Sydney, Australia] Sydney Drummers normally meet on the first Monday of every month.

Meeting location: 3 Wise Monkeys, 555 George Street, Sydney, 2000 from 6:30pm

For more information contact Sue (AKA Granny Weatherwax) on

* * * * *

[Sydney, Australia] Western Drummers (western suburbs of Sydney NSW Australia) meet 6pm on the third Tuesday of the month at the Nepean Rowing Club for dinner chat and games.

Western Drummers Facebook Group

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* Calling USA / Canadian Fans *

Appreciate Discworld and Sir Terry Pratchett? Want to chat and gather with other Discworld fans in the US and Canada? Regional Discworld fan Facebook groups are linked below!

Holy Wood Dreams (covers WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, NM, and HI):

Holy Wood Dreams Facebook Page

Central US Discworld Fans (covers ID, MT, WY, ND, SD, NE, UT, CO, KS, OK, and TX):

Central US Discworld Fans Facebook Group

Midwest Discworld Fans (covers IL, IN, WI, MI, KY, MN, IA, and MO):

Midwest Discworld Fans Facebook Group

Southeast US Pratchett Fans (covers AR, LA, TN, MS, AL, GA, NC, SC, and FL):

Southeast US Pratchett Fans Facebook Group

Mid-Atlantic Discworld Fans (covers PA, OH, WV, VA, Washington DC, and MD):

Mid-Atlantic Discworld Fans Facebook Group

New England Discworld Fans (covers DE, NJ, NY, Ct, RI, MA, VT, NH, and ME):

New England Discworld Fans Facebook Group

Canadian Discworld Fans (covers Canada and Alaska):

Canadian Discworld Fans Facebook Group

If you are in a border state or a province between two groups, feel free to join both groups.

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[Australia] Drumknott's Irregulars is a newly established Terry Pratchett social group based in Canberra. The group is open to anyone and their events are not heavily themed.

Facebook: Drumknott's Irregulars Facebook Group

Google Groups: Drumknott's Irregulars Google Group

7. Readers' Letters

If you have any letters or comments, please email them to

We assume any correspondence is eligible for use in the newsletter unless otherwise stated, including the sender's email address. We may edit your letters by asking Tubman the chimpanzee to throw yellow peppers at them whilst running around pushing his ride on car.

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It is vitally important that you don't pass off other people's work as your own. If you use information from other resources please let us know so we can give proper credit.

The Best letter each month will get a I "Heart" Discworld Monthly Car sticker so get emailing!

The best letter will get chosen by a member of the team who is not living in Swansea after publication. [Richard Massey might actually get to do the job he offered to do 20 years ago]

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From: "Carolanne Ellis-Brewer"

I was interested to see the 'Discworld Imaginarium' advertised on the website - but I have a question. There are 3 versions: the Deluxe Special Edition, which is 100.00GBP; the Special Edition at 75.00GBP and the normal bog-standard edition at 35.00GBP. However, it states very clearly that the Deluxe Special Edition is exclusive to only and - does this mean it contains content only found in this edition and not in the other two? For a collector of Terry's books this would be a bit much, as the only way to ensure you see everything would be to buy one or other of the other two editions as well as this very expensive one. For those of us on a budget, that is a hard thing to know that we will never see everything.

Slightly disappointed in this.

* * * * *

From: "John Prigent"

I expect I'm in a minority (possibly a minority of one) but I have to say this. The new covers are horrible. I've been a Pratchettarian since The Colour Of Magic first appeared as a paperback, and now have all of the Discworld and related books in hardcover. But what made me pick up and buy that first book was the cover illustration! If it had been one of the 'new lot' I wouldn't even have bothered to look at it, let alone read the first two pages and buy it. I'm sorry, but to me the current covers scream 'artist who can't paint and publisher who doesn't know how to make a book look interesting' - and the new Tiffany Aching covers are almost as bad.

* * * * *

From: "Bruno Cruz"

Dear editor (or whoever is reading this), first of all I want to thank you for your effort in bringing us all the latest Pratchett and Discworld news every month.

No, really. You have no idea how difficult it is for us in Brazil to get our hands on pretty much anything related to sir Terry and his work. Only relatively recently (in the beginning of the 2000's to be precise), the Discworld series was brought to this country. But even now it is still difficult to find most of the books - the first dozen or so were never republished, and the latter ones are still waiting for their chance to fill the shelves of Brazilian fans in our native language.

Which brings me to the topic at hand.

Men at Arms is finally being published for the first time in Brazil, under the translated title "Homens de Armas". The book was released last week, by publisher Bertrand Brasil, after being delayed for a few months. I don't know if you usually publish book news from outside the UK, but it would be nice if you did. This may look like small stuff, but for us it is pretty big.

Whatever the case, I'm happy I can share this with you and other Discworld fans. Once again, thank you for your work!

- Bruno Cruz

P. S.: just for clarification, there have been two publishers that released Discworld novels in Brazil: the first one, Conrad, published the first dozen books (from The Colour of Magic to Witches Abroad) in the 2000's; they also released The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents and The Wee Free Men. After many years of hiatus, in 2015, Bertrand resumed publishing the series from Small Gods on, including a re-release of The Wee Free Man and A Hat Full of Sky. Because of copyrights, the first books can't be re-released and are very difficult to find, even used editions. Also, the Hogfather film adaptation was released in DVD - in a heavily edited, 2-hour version - and Good Omens was published several times over, the latest one a few months ago, also by Bertrand.

[This was sent to us at the end of July, just missing the deadline for the last Issue. If anyone is happy to point us the right direction I am sure we can start to cover book releases from places we haven't covered in the past . It's difficult sometimes to keep up - Rachel]

8. Terry Trivia

We're back with five challenging trivia questions for you - this month the questions are all about non-Discworld books and come from random sources such as various people's minds. Good luck!

What totally obvious reference to "Dune" is in a Terry Pratchett book?
Who is Kin Arad, and what relationship does she have to the Discworld?
What is "Dim Ond Ti All Achub Y Ddynoliaeth"?
Which UK proof from the Long Series did not have the title on the cover?
What is the dedication in the revised edition of The Carpet People?

The (hopefully correctly spelled) answers can be found at the end of this issue.

9. Review: Guards! Guards! in Cardiff

A Review by Rachel Anthony-Rowlands

We attended the Thursday night performance of Guards! Guards! at the Gate Arts centre in Cardiff. Monstrous Productions were at the helm of this one and we expected nothing but an awesome show based on previous Discworld plays by the company.

Guards! Guards!, for those of you who don't know, is the book where we get to meet the Ankh Morpork City Night Watch for the first time. Carrot Ironfoundersson is sent to the city by his dwarf parents to join the watch and become a man. They send him with a very old copy of the Laws and ordinances of the twin cities of Ankh and Morpork and a protector for his vulnerables. A series of events caused by the Educated Brethren of the Ebon Night cause a Dragon to appear in the city in a bid to upsurt the Patrician and put a king in charge instead. But as we all know. That doesn't work.

The cast here are a cast of a thousand faces, they always bring the characters they play to life with such warmth and depth which is why Monstrous Productions was one of the best Discworld companies around. We've seen them perform as rodents, thieves, postmen, witches, wizards and even demons but one of them always stands out as a perfect choice of a particular character.

Jes Hynes as Vimes IS the Vimes in my head. He nailed this early version of the Watchman with accuracy of a trained ninja. It's difficult when you've played a more refined version of a character to take him back to his roots but Jes did with flare and a wicked grin.

Christopher Maxwell made a wonderful Carrot with all the lack of common sense we expect of this early Carrot. Nobby Nobbs (Josh Flynn) was as cheeky as a street urchin which had me in giggles every time he opened his mouth.

Fred Colon wasn't quite what we expected. To me Fred has always been short and tubby in looks whereas Eamonn Corbett is neither. He did totally nail his character's attitude though and the dynamic between him and Nobby was perfect.

Errol was wonderful. Obviously based on Paul Kidby's image of him, the puppet (controlled by various members of the cast) was cute and cuddly, just like a good swamp dragon should be.

His flight across the Gate Theatre was timed to perfection and had the whole audience wowed by it as it was completely unexpected.

On the subject of swamp dragons, Lady Sybil played here by Becca Smithers had exactly the right amount of aristocracy. Her ability to hide/not hide her attraction to Vimes had me smiling from beginning to end.

The Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Knight had us all in giggles every time they appeared on stage. Their blatant disregard for each other and their cause was a great source of laughter for the whole audience. (I was a little disappointed they didn't run with the chant from the Discworld game Dragonnnn Dragonnnn Dragonnn - I was hoping to join in!)

Josh Stevenson-Hoare as Lupine Wonse was a sniffling little git when he was in the Palace, but as the Supreme Grand Master of the Brethren his voice changed so he sounded a lot like Gordon Burns from the Krypton Factor. The extreme change made it difficult for the audience to work out that he was the Grand Master until it became obvious within the script itself. As this is essentially a " Who Done it?" story, the extreme difference worked well.

Lowri Belson made a perfect Librarian, she really suffers for her art though . The costume was beautifully made but must have been extremely hot to perform in. Lowri moved like she had been studying Orangutans for a lifetime, she really deserves a spa break for all the time spent crouched so closely to the ground.

Michael Dickinson-Smith as the Patrician (he has played him many times times before in various productions) was as diplomatic as ever. (on a side note - To Michael, keep playing him. Even in twenty years you will still be perfect as the Patrician)

Death (aka Matt Burnett) made us giggle in his random appearances. He made the audience members in front of us jump as much as the cast members he was there to collect. Brilliant usage of the dark moments on stage to get him to the correct "EEK" spots on stage.

Talking of the stage. We loved the appearances of the Dragon Nobilis. Lights and sound only made her seem so much bigger and grander than if we had actually seen her. All credit to the lighting and sound tech team. On this production they got to show their skills off to us all. Kudos to them.

The rest of the cast, in their many differing places on stage were brilliant as always. There is too many of you to mention by name but without you there is no Ankh Morpork.

We must acknowledge the backstage crew. For all their work making the props/costumes, doing the make up and changing the sets and props on stage, they are always the unsung heroes. Those on the stage couldn't be that good without those behind it.

Sadly this was the last production we'll get to see by Monstrous Productions. At the end of this run, they close their doors for good. People and things move on and in their five years of entertaining us, Monstrous have raised spirits, smiles and a huge amount of money for charity.

10. Review: Wyrd Sisters in Derby

Performed by the Marlowe Players, at Darley Abbey Village Hall, Derby. 25 to 29 July 2017.

Review by Tony Bunn.

The eager anticipation of the packed village hall was the start of an excellent Saturday night's entertainment. The friendly welcome from front-of-house wisely included a hi-vis jacket.

Scene One: The three witches establish their characters and show how they would propel the story forward by not meddling in any way at all.

Our natural wariness of dukes, duchesses and all those in authority is well emphasised in a truly unpleasant couple.

The guards, of course, have the impossible task of pleasing their masters and respecting the witches, which is carried out mainly by the humour found in buns and apples.

A well-chosen cast of 16 in multiple roles, and confident performances from all was a great basis for the comedy, pathos and wisdom to come - I could name a stand-out moment for every actor, but these descriptions demonstrate that everyone together created a fast, funny and thoughtful show.

Bringing key scenes forward of the stage made a small venue into an intimate space - for courting couples in particular.

Linking a small kingdom with the big city and a story of 18 years duration was well achieved, with the advantage of drinks in the 15 year interval.

Proficient use of sound, light, props and costume provided many more layers to support the story into fantasy and occult. The simple and effective settings allowed the rapid pace to flow freely and retain the mood created.

Watching actors playing actors develops the sense of fun and fear backstage - that we know everyone on stage is really feeling.

The forlorn ghost, the demon and the torture-chamber have the horror taken from them beautifully by the wit of the witches, whose different characters show such differing powers and strengths.

As we sink deeper into the obsessions of the Duchess and Duke, Felmet created a stir in the audience, as he peeled the skin from his hands and ... - I'll leave it to your imagination.

So we know he has crossed the line from reality and lost control.

We revel in the approach of a fairytale ending, with destiny being controlled, and everything working out for the best... but what else would you expect with three experienced witches not meddling.

11. Review: Wyrd Sisters at The Edinburgh Fringe

Review by Kenneth Hay

Having very much enjoyed Duck In A Hat's performance of Mort at last year's Fringe, when I discovered they were repeating their performance this year with Wyrd Sisters, I had to get a ticket.

The show was in the Paradise in Augustine's venue, which is essentially a church basement, with a pillar in the centre of the stage holding the ceiling up. This does allow you to get far closer to Duke Felmet than you might ever want to in real life!

The pillar came in very handy for chaining Nanny up in the dungeon where she spoke to Felmet and the Duchess as though having a cheery chat over tea and biscuits.

I'm sure the story must be shortened a bit in the conversion from book to play, but I didn't notice any scenes missing other than Nanny's game of I-Spy with the ghost of King Verence.

The actors put on a great show which was much enjoyed by the audience, judging by the laughs. Some lines are definitely funnier in the play than in the book ("you forgot the Lawks" "Bugger. Sorry. Lawks!" and the sudden flourishing of a twig getting a particularly good reception.)

I think the prize for "best performance" would have to go to the actor playing Felmet. An early scene with a guard (He had a biscuit, sir), was brilliantly tense and also hilarious. His growing insanity throughout the performance, complete with peculiar giggles, nervous twitches and growing bandages while trying to remove the blood using the other hand, a file, a cheese grater and something like an arrow was carried off perfectly.

The actress playing Granny Weatherwax also did a very good job of capturing Granny's steamroller approach to diplomacy and manners. In the front row, I was able to spot that she was much younger than she looked, but the makeup was well done and proves that you don't actually have to be an old crone to be Granny.

The Fool, in traditional outfit with cap and bells had an air of hopelessness that I never quite pictured when reading the books, and his presentation of the joke about the caudled fillhorse exactly as though he was telling the audience the greatest joke of all time, followed by Felmet's disdainful "and then what happened?" had the audience in stitches.

As I said last year, if you have the opportunity to see a production by Duck In A Hat, seize it with both hands.

Postscript, having just watched Return of the Pink Panther, Felmet's madness is actually highly reminiscent of that of Inspector Dreyfuss, I wonder if this could have been an inspiration?

12. Review: L-space Voyager - The new Discworld Ale

By Rachel Anthony-Rowlands

I was quite surprised when this arrived here at HQ. I hadn't had any warning from the Librarian and no warning either from anyone else. So when it flew out from between the bookcases, I had a bit of a shock.

L-Space voyager is the latest Beer from the wonderful people over at Ales by Mail/Discworld Ales. Brewed by Drum brewery it is a Peanut and Banana Hefenweizen (what else would you expect from a can with the Librarian on it?)

Six 330 ml cans appeared in a very solid box with the wonderful can label designed by the talented Graham Higgins (the man who illustrated Mort The Big Comic and Guards! Guards! - the graphic novel. He also waved a magic wand at our banners and mug designs).

So at 3.30pm in the afternoon I cracked one open, poured it into a glass and had a good slug of it. I admit Hefeweizen is not a type of beer I had tried before and I am really not a fan of banananananananananas[1] or peanuts but hey, this is a Discworld Ale so I had to give it a try.

It surprised me. Yep thats a rare thing for a beer to do, it's not like it can jump out of a cupboard of it's own accord when I am making a cup of tea.[2] But it really did surprise me as it's really really nice.

It isn't hugely banana flavoured or peanut flavoured but you do get an intense smell of bananas and a very palatable aftertaste of peanuts. It's very smooth and goes down nicely, which is not what I had envisioned it would taste like at all. It was that nice that I had to hide the rest of the cans from myself to stop me drinking all of them in one sitting.

I have talked to some fans since drinking a couple of cans myself and opinions have ranged from "not as strongly flavoured a banana beer as I thought it would be, but I really liked it" to " I only bought 6 cans, how stupid was I?" Everyone heaped praise on it and they are all looking out for more from the Drum brewery.

I admit I am a fan of all of the previous bottles of alcohol that Discworld Ales have produced in the past, and this one has joined the list of those I will more than happily drink again.

Well done to Drum brewery and all the team at Ales by Mail for nailing the tastes of the Discworld once again.

To get a six pack or a 12 pack of L-space Voyager through more convention means than L-Space itself, head over to their website at:

6 Pack - L-Space Voyager (6 pack)

12 Pack - L-Space Voyager (12 pack)

Don't forget to enter their competition for a chance to win some beer as well as some other wonderful stuff.

Next month, I hope to have a full interview with Paul, the man behind Discworld Ales, about how he manages to steal this stuff from under the nose of the Landlord at The Mended Drum and why my door to L-space only brings me stuff and never takes anything away.

[1] where do you stop with that word?

[2] I had a jar of coffee that did that as a way of waking me up. I didn't need to drink it, just catch the thing as it leapt out of the cupboard to stop it smashing on the floor.

13. Micro Art Studio Death Busts - Unpainted and Metalized

A review and comparison by Rachel Anthony-Rowlands

It's been a fair while since this bust was produced by those super talented people at Micro Art Studio. I just hadn't had one in my hands to be able to give you a fair review of it.

Micro Art Studios sent over a Metalized version and an Unpainted version for my perusal and I have to say Wow.

In the flesh (so to speak) the Death Bust is amazingly detailed. His face has so much character depicted in it, his eyebrows really bring his whole face to life. The little details like the stitching on his cloak is superb and whilst his arm looks fragile, it's really quite robust in construction.

I am fortunate that we have examples of all the various unpainted busts that Micro Arts have produced over time and I think the new Death one is my new favourite. Who ever does the sculpting over at Micro Art is amazing and I really hope they do alot more of the characters as these very detailed but beautifully simple busts are exquisite.

But, would I choose a metalized version over an unpainted form?

Difficult choice.

I love them unpainted, you can see every little detail so clearly and they look good on the shelves as they are, in their naked forms. The downside here being that some of the unpainted ones I have are beige in colour and others are grey in colour. I know they all come in the grey colour if you were to start buying them now but I actually prefer the lighter beige.

If I had the ability to do them justice, I would give painting them a go. Several of my friends have painted the busts and they look amazing when done well. They look better than the original Clarecraft figures in some cases.

Having actually held a metalized one in my hands, I would be tempted to buy them all in this paint finish. It makes them look like they are solid metal and the sheen is brilliant on them. The Death Bust looks wonderful sat next to the Discworld Emporium's Death of Rats (which is also has a metal effect finish).

I have painted other busts in metalized colours myself in the past (Voldemort and Harry Potter if you need to know) and it is difficult to get the consistency in finish right doing it yourself Micro Art seem to have that problem nailed and it's well worth saving yourself the stress and getting them in the metalized finish if you are not confident enough to paint them yourself.

So, in answer my own question. I would buy the metalized version. The beauty of the sculpting and simplicity of the paint finish screams quality and it's worth every penny.

BUT , if you are one of those amazing people who can paint these to a high standard, buy the unpainted form and do it !! (and tweet us some pictures, I love seeing them done well. twitter @dwmoook)

To buy one for yourself head over to

Don't forget to enter our brilliant competition this month to have a chance of winning a bust of your choice.

14. Discworld Ale Prize Draw

We've teamed up with the wonderful peeps over at

for this wonderful prize draw.

You will need to visit and register for the discworld beers newsletter to be entered into the prize draw.

It really is that simple!

Winner gets a free 6 pack of L-Space Voyager, exclusive access to details of the next Discworld Beer and a freebie 6 pack of that when it's available too!!

Entries will close on the 30th September 2017 and will be drawn by the amazing brewing wizzards over at

Of course we will let you know in issue 247 who won that awesome prize package.

This competition is being run by and thus their terms and conditions apply. Do not send entries for this competition to Discworld Monthly as you will not be entered into the draw and may have raspberries blown at you for not reading this properly.

15. Micro Art Studio Competition

My, my, you really are lucky this month. TWO competitions for you to enter.

Micro Art Studio are brilliant at producing some amazing Discworld Figures. This month we were wowed by their Death bust that came out earlier this year and now you have a chance to win a bust of your choice from their range of Discworld Busts on their website

To win you just need to answer the question below:

How much in Euros does the Metalized Death Bust cost?

You will find the answer on Micro Art Studios Website at

Send your answer and full postal address to by Fri 22nd September 2017. We will contact the winner to ask which Bust they would like as the prize. Your address will only be used for sending out your prize should you be the lucky winner. Once prizes are sent out all address details will be destroyed. Entries received after the closing date or sent to any other address will be ignored. No more than one entry per person will be accepted - multiple entries will result in a ban from the competition. Failure to answer the questions or provide your postal address will prevent you from being entered into the competition. Answers to the questions must not be posted to any websites before the competition ends. The judges' decision is final. The competition is open to all readers.

16. Wedding Competition Result

Due to needing to release last month's issue early we decided to extend the competition for a few more weeks and they time to randomly select a winner has come.

We asked:

"What is the name of the dragon at Caerphilly Castle, AND what does HIS name mean in English?"

His name is Dewi and it means David but we also accepted Saint as he is named after Saint David.

The Winner is Cherry Edwards from Redruth Cornwall. Cherry wins a Jason and Rachel commemorative Wedding mug as well as one of our wedding favours (a handmade dragon candle).

17. The End

This month's issue is brought to you by the nice and accurate prophecies of Agnes Nutter, the whiff of bananananananas and the screams of a thousand rollercoaster riders.

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What totally obvious reference to "Dune" is in a Terry Pratchett book?
Giant Sandworms in "The Long Mars."
Who is Kin Arad, and what relationship does she have to the Discworld?
A planetary designer and archaeologist who traveled to the (proto-)discworld hoping to grab some cool stuff.
What is "Dim Ond Ti All Achub Y Ddynoliaeth"???
"Only YOU Can Save Mankind" in Welsh.
Which UK proof from the Long Series did not have the title on the cover?
The Long Utopia
What is the dedication in the revised edition of The Carpet People?
To Lyn, for then and now.

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