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Discworld Monthly Issue 252 - March 2018

Issue 252

1. Editorial

On 12th March we stopped and took a few minutes to remember our great leader and friend Terry Pratchett who took Death's hand and left us three years ago. In the last three years it is heartening to see Terry's legacy continue. We're still as busy as ever, still loving the interaction with other fans and are particularly looking forward to the Convention in August.

There's still lots to look forward too. We've just heard from Neil Gaiman's Twitter feed that filming has wrapped on the Good Omen series and now the serious work of post production begins. From the pictures we've seen leaked via Neil's feed it's going to be seriously fun.

We have heard, on very good authority, that some official news about The Watch TV series will be coming very soon.

This April is seriously packed with stage productions and events around the world to celebrate what would have been Terry's 70th Birthday at the end of April. Check out the relevant sections for more information. For once there may be an event near you!

* * * * *

Last month we launched our new look HTML version of the newsletter. We had quite a lot of feedback on the new look [mostly positive - RAR] . The biggest complaint was that the links in the table of contents were not working on Apple phones and tablets. After doing much research into the matter (with the kind assistance of Andrew Molloy) it appears that this is an issue that Apple introduced in iOS 8. Apple appear to no longer support internal links in emails. Sadly there is nothing we can do about this. The Table of Contents works fine on our website and should work inside gmail, outlook and on android phones. As far as we can tell the only place it won't work is with Apple mobile products - sorry. We have included a "View in Browser" link to get round the problem and have also moved the table of contents to the bottom of the email.

* * * * *

This month we have finally got around to releasing our new Soul Music mug design. Featuring Imp, Glod and Cliff mid concert, this is a design we are really proud of.

Take a look a this and our other Discworld Monthly products at: Discworld Monthly Shop

Jason Rincewind Anthony-Rowlands (Editor and Wizzard)
Rachel Anthony-Rowlands (Screaming for a PA)
William Barnett (Elite Mostly Harmless?!?!?!?!?!)
Richard Massey (Still working on a Kickstarter launch *) [* And has been for the last few years! - RAR]

* * * * *

1.1 Important Information

We have several places where you can get up to the minute news and information about all things Discworld from Discworld Monthly.

Facebook: Discworld Monthly Facebook Page

Twitter: @dwmoook

Instagram: Discworld Monthly on Instagram

And our website, which contains loads of information about the books, stage productions around the world, interesting articles, back issues and our merchandise shop.

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1.2 Submissions

Want to make your opinions about the Discworld known to the world?

Have you been to see a play or a Discworld related event and want to write a review about it?

Then get writing! We are always on the lookout for exclusive articles and reviews to share with our readers so don't hesitate, email us today with the subject Article/Review at

If you are putting on a stage production or know of a stage production near you, please email us and let us know about that too.

We happily advertise all stage productions for free and we can help in other ways too. Email with the Subject line "Stage Production".

The deadline for submissions to issue 253 of Discworld Monthly is Friday 20th April 2018.

2. News

2.1 Chalke Valley History Festival - UK

CVHF is the largest festival in the UK dedicated entirely to History and it takes place in the heart of the chalk.

There will be a recreation of Terry Pratchett's extraordinary writing office in a new special exhibition called The Shed of Doom. On the Sunday morning, courtesy of the Discworld Conjurer's Guild, the festival will be welcoming the fabulous and award winning Time Travelling Magicians Morgan & West.

Rob Wilkins will be in attendance on the Saturday morning with a new talk - The Write Fantastic: Terry Pratchett

The festival contains lots for everyone, from air displays, to Living History exhibits, History Tellers to the Red Devils and much more.

More information about the Pratchett Element will be forthcoming in the near future and we will keep you updated via our social media feed.

Chalke Valley History Festival runs from Monday 25th June 2018 until Sunday 1st July 2018.

Tickets will go on sale in April alongside camping tickets.

For more information about what else is happening at this amazing festival go to

* * * * *

2.2 Good Omens TV Series Round-Up

Good Omens finally wrapped up filming on Saturday 10th March.

Neil Gaiman left this message to all the crew on the last call sheet (#109)

"Over a hundred days of shooting. We've been frozen and broiled sandstormed and snowed dogbitten and burned down. We've not had any two days of shooting that were like any other two. Through it all we've persisted telling a story about Peace vs War about looking after this world because it's the only one we have about making the right choices. Thank you all of you from Terry Pratchett and from me."

Neil Gaiman

And Douglas Mackinnon said this on the same call sheet.

"Thank you everyone for completing this marathon shoot. It is hard to believe that principal photography is over. 109 days of Good Omens. To the UK crew that have seen it through all the days I'd give you medals and a place in heaven if could if it wasn't or the fact I don't believe in hierarchy or heaven. So delight at your work will have to do. To the UK crew that didn't come with us if you are listening we missed you here. To the SA crew you have delighted and surprised us on a daily basis. Thank you all!"

March also saw the announcement of a surprise guest star in Nick Offerman.

Currently it looks like we will get this on Amazon Prime as of Feb / March 2019 with the UK BBC showing it fairly rapidly afterwards.

It will feature six, one hour episodes.

Neil Gaiman has gone on record to confirm that the series is very much a Good Omens Plus as many of the scenarios that Terry and himself discussed for a sequel to the book have made it into the series.

[I hope the powers that be make the scripts available to buy in book form so we can all read the extra bits! - Rachel]

There is also hints of it coming out as a boxset on DVD and Blu-Ray.

As soon as we know more on release dates, we will let you all know via our social media channels and the newsletter.

The known cast list (to date) looks like this. Some well known names amongst them, including a man who once played Terry Pratchett in the documentary Back In Black.


  • Michael Sheen - Aziraphale
  • David Tennant - Crowley
  • Adria Arjona - Anathema
  • Miranda Richardson - Madame Tracy
  • Michael McKean - Shadwell
  • Jack Whitehall - Newton Pulsifer
  • Nicola Harrison - Newt's Mother
  • Jasmine Hyde - Sister Grace
  • Nina Sosanya - Sister Mary Loquacious
  • Nick Offerman - U.S. Ambassador
  • Samson Marraccino - Warlock Dowling
  • Sam Taylor Buck - Adam Young
  • Ilan Galkoff - Brian
  • Alfie Taylor - Wensleydale
  • Amma Ris - Pepper
  • Daniel Mays - Arthur Young
  • Sian Brooke - Deidre Young
  • Steve Pemberton - Glozier
  • Mark Gatiss - Harmony
  • Mireille Enos - War
  • Lourdes Faberes - Pollution
  • Yusuf Gatewood - Famine
  • Death - Death
  • Anna Maxwell Martin - Beelzebub
  • Ariyon Bakare - Ligur
  • Ned Dennehy - Hastur
  • Derek Jacobi - Metatron
  • Nicholas Parsons - voice of God
  • Jon Hamm - Archangel Gabriel
  • Reece Shearsmith - William Shakespeare
  • Gloria Obianyo - Uriel
  • Sharon Cherry Ballard - Officer Julia
  • Jordan Long - Officer Fred
  • Brice Bexter - Secret Service Agent
  • Sophie Jugé - French Agent
  • Tim Wallers - British Agent
  • Georg Nikoloff - Russian Agent
  • Paul Chahidi - Sandalphon
  • Rosie Day - Lisa
  • Louise Stewart - Frobisher
  • Jill Winternitz - Harriet Dowling
  • Nathan Amzi - Smythe
  • Paul Kaye - Horace
  • Dilyana Bouklieva - Pedestrian
  • Orlando Brooke - Green Alien
  • Dan Balme - Running Villager
  • Steve Barnett - Street Clone
  • Rosy Benjamin - Woman
  • Gary Finan - Soho Firefighter
  • Nina Kumar - Soho Passerby
  • Raj Awasti - Soho Passerby
  • Jackson Kai - Shopper
  • Ross Kernahan - Commuter
  • Craig Thomas Lambert - Guard
  • Robin Morgan - Guard
  • Jennifer Armour - US Soldier
  • Thom Ashley - Teenage Boy
  • Jag Patel - Driver
  • Charlie Robinson - Tennis Player
  • Deborah Rock - Stallholder
  • Stewart Scudamore - Minister
  • Vic Waghorn - The Village Vicar
  • Amir Boutrous - Megiddo Guide
  • Sean James - Lorry Driver
  • Rowan Polonski - Waiter
  • Claire Greasley - Commuter (uncredited)
  • David Sullivan - Villager (uncredited)


  • Director - Douglas Mackinnon
  • Writers - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett

We would love to hear from you about what your expectations are of the series. (email Subject Good Omens)

To trawl the images that Neil Gaiman has been posting from the sets head over to Neil's Twitter and Instagram accounts: (@neilhimself and Neil Gaiman on Instagram )

* * * * *

2.3 HisWorld Exhibition NEWS

Terry Pratchett: HisWorld has been shortlisted for the Best Temporary or Touring Exhibition award in the Museums and Heritage awards 2018.

The Museums and Heritage awards are in their 16th year. The 13 different awards recognise projects of excellence, innovative and groundbreaking initiatives from galleries and visitor attractions across the UK and overseas.

This year there were hundreds of entries and the judging panel had a very hard job to whittle them down to the final shortlist. The judging panel are Bernard Donoghue, Director of ALVA, Diane Lees, Director General of the Imperial War Museums, Matthew Tanner, Chief Executive of the SS Great Britain Trust, Stephen Duncan, Commercial and Tourism Director for Historic Scotland and Maggie Appleton, Chief Executive of the Royal Air Force Museum.

Reverend Richard Coles will be announcing the winners at the 2018 Museums + Heritage Awards for Excellence on Wednesday, May 16 in the Historic Staterooms of London's 8 Northumberland Avenue in a glamorous awards ceremony.

Salisbury Museum's Terry Pratchett: HisWorld exhibition has some tough competition from 6 amazing exhibitions in the Temporary or Touring Exhibition.

The full shortlist for the category is as follows.

People's History Museum, Never Going Underground: The Fight for LGBT+ Rights

The Salisbury Museum, Terry Pratchett: HisWorld exhibition

National Trust, Prejudice & Pride

Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft, Eric Gill: The Body

Science Museum, London (as part of the Science Museum Group) , Robots: The 500-Year Quest to Make Machines Human

Victoria and Albert Museum, You Say You Want a Revolution?

National Museums Liverpool / Arts Council Collection, Coming Out: Sexuality, Gender & Identity

The category is sponsored by

Congratulations to Richard Henry and all the team at Salisbury Museum. To be shortlisted is an amazing achievement and we will have everything crossed that Terry Pratchett:HisWorld take home the award on the 16th May.

* * * * *

2.4 Other News

Audible Australia have named their Most inspirational female characters and the Discworld was represented in Granny Weatherwax. She was ranked no 2 to another witch, Hermione Granger . Following Granny was Brienne of Tarth, Mara of the Acoma, Princess Leia and lastly Anne Shirley.

* * * * *

GNU Jan Kantůrek - Jan was the Czech translator of the Discworld series. He had also performed as the Librarian in stage productions. He was awarded "Best Translator" by the Czech Academy of science fiction, fantasy and horrors in 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1999. Discworld was awarded "Best Book Series" in the same years. In 2003 he received an award for his lifetime work in science fiction by the Academy. He had translated over 100 titles.

Jan died on the 22nd March 2018 - he was 69 years old.

* * * * *

Puffin books have got a brand new web page dedicated to the characters of Terry Pratchett.

Puffin is the younger reader branch of Penguin/Corgi books.

There is a quiz to do about Johnny Maxwell in Only You Can Save Mankind and a guide from artist Laura Ellen Anderson on how to draw a feegle plus lots more.

To quietly procrastinate for half an hour, head over to: The Characters of Terry Pratchett

* * * * *

Backspindle Games - the wonderful people behind Guards! Guards! and Clacks board games have a kickstarter campaign running for a new game called MourneQuest

MourneQuest is an Adventure Game filled with Myth & Folklore from the heart of the Emerald Isle which is based on the teen novel of the same name by Irish author Garry McElherron,

MourneQuest is a cooperative board game for 2 to 4 players.

Players assume the roles of the book's heroes and must journey in the Mourne Mountains to work together to defeat the evil Shimnavore before it is too late. On their quest they'll encounter many enemies, including infuriating Bogbeans and terrifying Nightmares like the Banshee, the Changeling and the Dullahan. To triumph, heroes must gather charms, equipment and magical relics, to increase their powers and use their skills and combat abilities effectively.

To back their kickstarter (and to find out more) head over to: MourneQuest on Kickstarter

You only have until the 12th April to back this wonderful game from the guys at Backspindle.

* * * * *

Stephen Briggs has been in the recording studio placing down the track for the Josh Kirby Marmaduke Mousington audiobook. The book was published via a kickstarter campaign earlier this year and the audiobook was the last reward to be completed. For those of you who backed it, it should be coming your way very soon.

* * * * *

The Josh Kirby Estate has teamed up with Bard games to bring you the Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby, a new and exciting board game inspired by, and featuring, Kirby's epic artwork. While they are still deciding on the final images, you can be sure some of your favourite book cover art will be represented. Bard Games and the Kirby Estate will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring this to fruition, so stay tuned for details.

* * * * *

The Josh Kirby Estate is proud to announce this breathtaking Limited Edition Greebo sculpture. Modeled after a long, lost Josh Kirby illustration, it's a true collector's piece. With only 350 available in this world, the Discworld, or any other, you do not want to miss it.

Brought to life by Dobby Lyn Art Works, this one of a kind has many special features, all of which give life to our beloved Greebo.

1. To honour Sir Terry Pratchett's description that Greebo's eye "glittered like the sins of angels" each sculpture will feature a hand blown glass eye with a custom infusion of gold leaf powder and liquid clay, and will be hand set by Lyn Marie (the sculptor) , making every piece unique.

2. His "milky white eye" and claws will be individually coated and polished with a pearlescent finish that will "glow" with a bit of demonic sparkle when the lights go out. Yes, it glows in the dark!

3. His paw pad and nose shimmer between pink and purple hues.

4. Special care has been taken to emulate Josh's brush strokes, pulling his mischievous illustration into three dimensions.

5. As a final touch, Greebo's cushion is finished in a deep, plush scarlet that reflects the rich, mottled red in Josh's original work.

To make this incomparable work of art available to as many fans as possible, they have three payment plans for you: One payment, four payments and eight payments.

How much is this magnificent collector's piece? 177 GBP plus shipping!

Greebo at Josh Kirby Art

* * * * *

2.5 A Peculiar Launch - Cardiff UK

Peculiar Productions are inviting you (our readers) to join them in celebrating their newly established theatre company Peculiar at Cathays Community Centre, 36-38 Cathays Terrace, Cathays, Cardiff UK, CF24 4HX on Saturday 28th April, from 16:00 to 19:00.

Their launch event is a FREE fairground-inspired offering of comedy shorts, games stalls and associated performers--from strongmen to fortune tellers.

There will be a short welcome at 16:30 followed by a Big Reveal of their first large-scale production this coming August!

Freshly baked goods and FREE drinks will be available throughout the event.

Any proceeds from the event will help the company stage its first play, in support of Mind Cymru.

They would be so pleased if you joined them! What better way to celebrate what would have been Sir Terry's 70th Birthday?

Peculiar Productions

* * * * *

2.6 Charity Auction News - VERY Last Call for Items!

Last call for auction items! As previously stated, there will be a charity auction at the 2018 Discworld Convention in Chesford Grange. They are literally begging for AMAZING items to auction off for charity.

So if you have something that you think other Discworld fans will want, email the team at with full details and a photograph of your item.

The closing date for registration is 20th April 2018. This is to allow the auction team time to produce a catalogue for all you prospective buyers out there.

The auction team will make a decision about your item and if it is accepted they will send you an email with instructions for getting your item to the auction.

The auction will have approximately 60 lots. The team require all items to be pre-registered so they may keep the auction varied with items for every pocket. Unfortunately, this does mean that they may have to turn down some offered items.

Any questions?

The email address for all enquiries regarding the auction, and to register is:

* * * * *

2.7 Troll Bridge News - There is STILL time to get your Pre-order in!

[I'm going to keep this here until Daniel Knight tells me otherwise. - Rachel]

We have seen this film go from strength to strength and develop so much over the years.

We know the team at Snowgum films can see the finishing line and we really don't want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to own a copy of this most Epic of Epics. After all the only way you will get to see this in your living room is by putting your order in asap.

Troll bridge's contract states that they can continue raising money while they are still in a position to spend money. Once the film has been completed and outstanding expenses covered, SnowGum Films may need to close off DVD availability.

So if you want it on DVD or Blu-ray, pre-order it now as you may not be able to get it later!

To get yours -

Pre-order Trollbrige from Backerkit

Troll Bridge: The Movie

3. DiscTrivia

This month I have decided to base our trivia questions on Only You Can Save Mankind!

Q1.What is the name of the race of aliens in the game?
Q2.What was the name of the game that Wobbler wrote?
Q3.What would happen if you kept Wobbler's game running for 3,000 years?
Q4.What soap opera did Kirsty's mum want to watch?
Q5.What is the name of Johnny's local shopping mall?

The answers as always appear at the end of this issue.

4. Birthdays

Everyone has a birthday. If you know someone who would like a mention or if you would like your birthday included in the listings, send us an email the month before your birthday and we will add it to the list! Email Subject: Birthday

We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday this month but special Discworld Monthly birthday wishes go to:

William "Bill" Barnett, Karen Boudicca, Dennis Pelton, Susanne Vanden Bosch, Bobbee Lyn Gerson, Chris Tarttelin, James May, Laura Smith, Sophie Marshall, Peter Kinsley, Ian Thomas, Kim Griffiths, Mark Hayes, Jan Uzzell, Alan Hughes, Pam Oxley, Amy Anderson, Amber Grundy, Mandy Eldred-Tyler, Grace Koscielna, Howard Legg, Sue Gill, Kate Sayer, Chris Riddell, Clare Dimmick, Ben Robertson, Pam Martin, Hanna Stewart, Louise Richardson, Chico Kidd, Chris Petticrew, Reb Voyce, Claire Selby, Kathryn Jones, Andrew Molley, Su Eriksson, Liesel Jungreithmayr, Elizabeth Lamming, Ann Mackenzie and, of course, Sir Terry Pratchett who would have been 70 on the 28th April.

5. Only You Can Save Mankind Competition Result

Last month we purchased a copy of Only You Can Save Mankind with the new Mark Beech cover to give away.

In order to win this prize, we asked you to send us the answer to the following question:

Q1.What are the names of the other two books in the series?

The answer we was looking for were: Johnny and the Dead and Johnny and the Bomb

The randomly selected winner of the competition is: Jenny Pierce of Broxbourne, Herts.

We'll parcel up your prize and get it into the post as soon as possible.

6. Soul Music Mug and Waterstones Librarian Gift Card Competition

This month we have one of our brand new Soul Music mugs AND a 5GBP Waterstones gift card up for grabs.

Soul Music Mug and Waterstones Librarian Gift Card

The gift card has an image of the Librarian upon it so this month's question is:

Q1.Who is the artist that produced the wonderful artwork on the Waterstones gift card?

Send your answer with your name and postal address to by Friday 20th April 2018

Your address will only be used for sending out your prize should you be the lucky winner. Once prizes are sent out all address details will be destroyed. Entries received after the closing date or sent to any other address will be ignored. No more than one entry per person will be accepted - multiple entries will result in a ban from the competition. Failure to answer the questions or provide your postal address will prevent you from being entered into the competition. Answers to the questions must not be posted to any websites before the competition ends. The judges' decision is final. The competition is open to all readers.

7. Readers' Letters

If you have any letters or comments, please email them to

We assume any correspondence is eligible for use in the newsletter unless otherwise stated, including the sender's email address. We may edit your letters using the deeply arcane and very complicated ritual of cut'n'paste.

It is vitally important that you don't pass off other people's work as your own. If you use information from other resources please let us know so we can give proper credit.

* * * * *

* From: "Adam Cullen"

Just a quick private email to you to congratulate you on the new look newsletter. The HTML layout makes navigation much easier with the links rather than scrolling to an item.

I'm a long time subscriber to Discworld Monthly living in Darwin, in the Northern Territory of XXXX, and it is great to see what is happening in the broader Your passion and commitment to all things Pratchett is phenomenal and much appreciated.

Congratulations on finding someone in Rachel who seems to share your level of passion for all things Pratchett (possibly passion for other stuff too, but that's your business!) . I also appreciate her efforts and that of the others that contribute to the newsletter, but wanted to personally thank you for all you have done and continue to do!

* * * * *

* From: "Gwen Blyth"

Just to say that I think the new layout is great. I've been receiving your newsletter from the very start and thought I'd be left pining if the format changed. But no, it's great to navigate through and much easier on the eye.

Well done!

* * * * *

* From : "Chris Mabry"

Greetings from Atlanta, GA!

Longtime reader and fan of Discworld Monthly, and love the new look. I did notice, however, that the content links (ie index) didn't work for me (on an iPhone 6s iOS 11.2) . I'm sure this is an Apple Wonkiness issue, and might not even be fixable. To that end, perhaps on the header you could include a "View this on the web" link?

Also, saw just tonight that in the U.S. Amazon Prime Video has added The Color of Magic (I know the 'u' is missing from Colour, but here stateside we seem intent upon doing things our own way) . Oddly enough it's in 3 episodes of just over an hour each. Even odder is a 2 episode version available to rent / buy, and another 2 episode version (UK) not available here at all. So search brings up all 3 versions. Weird.

Anyway, thanks for all you two do, and ook ook OOK to you!

Jason replies: Thank you for your feedback. We have taken your advice and added a "View in your Browser" link for those using Apple devices that would like to be able to use the internal navigation. Sadly, as it says in our editorial, this is a restriction that that Apple introduced in iOS 8 (thank you Andrew Molloy for the confirmation!) and not something we can fix. We are confident that, for now at least, it works for Android and on the wider web.

With regards to The Colour of Magic TV series. Originally it was broadcast as two, two hour episodes on Sky. Given the huge number of adverts Sky includes each episode was actually approximately 90 minutes. So two 90 minutes, or three 60 minute episodes doesn't really make any difference to the running time. I'd be interested in where the episodes split though. The first episode ended with the literal cliffhanger of Rincewind and Twoflower falling off the edge of the Discworld.

* * * * *

* From: "Steven Dean"

I have been a book dealer at every UK DWCon since 1998 but have decided not to attend any future ones. To that end I have a large stock of UK. Hardbacks that I'd like to sell cheap to clear my stock. They will be priced from 3GBP plus postage. If anyone would like a list of what's available please drop me a message.

8. Book Release News

8.1 English Language Releases

Discworld Imaginarium USA and Canada

The Discworld Imaginarium standard edition will be available to buy in the USA and Canada from the 24th April 2018.

Pre-order from:

Amazon Canada: ISBN:1473223377

Amazon USA: ISBN:1473223377

* * * * *

The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents - New Cover

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents will be re-released on the 26th April 2018 by Corgi in the UK.

Pre-Order from:

Amazon UK: ISBN:0552576808

Book Depository: ISBN:9780552576802

In the USA and Canada it will be available from the 25th September 2018

Amazon Canada: ISBN:0552576808

Amazon USA: ISBN:0552576808

* * * * *

Johnny and the Dead - Mark Beech Cover - Paperback

Johnny and the Dead will be published on the 28th June 2018 by Corgi in the UK

Pre-Order from:

Amazon UK: ISBN:0552576778

Book Depository: ISBN:9780552576772

In the USA and Canada it will be available from the 24th July 2018

Amazon Canada: ISBN:0552576778

Amazon USA: ISBN:0552576778

* * * * *

Terry Pratchett's Discworld Diary 2019

A ping on our radar has shown us that there will be a 2019 Diary. Currently called "Terry Pratchett's Discworld Diary 2019" it will be a hardcover book with 128 pages and currently the date of publication is the 9th August 2018 in the UK (subject to change)

ISBN-10: 1473223105

ISBN-13: 978-1473223103

Publisher: Orion/Gollancz

RRP 16.99 GBP

Pre-order from:

Amazon UK: ISBN:1473223105

Book Depository: ISBN:9781473223103

Amazon Canada: ISBN:1473223105

Amazon USA: ISBN:1473223105

* * * * *

Johnny and The Bomb - Mark Beech Cover - Paperback

Currently it looks like Johnny and the Bomb will be published on the 23rd August 2018 by Corgi in the UK

Pre-order from:

Amazon UK: ISBN:0552576786

Book Depository: ISBN:9780552576789

In the USA and Canada it will be available from the 25th September 2018

Amazon Canada: ISBN:0552576786

Amazon USA: ISBN:0552576786

* * * * *

Father Christmases Fake Beard Slipcase Edition - USA and Canada

The Slipcased deluxe version of Father Christmases Fake Beard and other stories will be available in the USA and Canada from the 25th September 2018.

Pre-Order from:

Amazon Canada: ISBN:085753551X

Amazon USA: ISBN:085753551X

* * * * *

Only You can save Mankind - Mark Beech Cover/Paperback

Only You Can Save Mankind was published on the 22nd February 2018 by Corgi in the UK and will be published in the USA and Canada on the 25th September.

Order from:

Amazon UK: ISBN:0552576794

Book Depository: ISBN:9780552576796

Amazon Canada: ISBN:0552576794

Amazon USA: ISBN:0552576794

* * * * *

Father Christmases Fake Beard - UK Paperback

The paperback version of Father Christmases Fake beard is scheduled for release on the 4th October 2018 by Corgi in the UK

R.R.P. 6.99GBP

Publisher : Corgi

ISBN-10: 0552576662

ISBN-13: 978-0552576666

Pre-order from:

Amazon UK: ISBN:0552576662

Book Depository: ISBN:9780552576666

* * * * *

8.2 Translated releases

8.2.1 French Translations

Chapeau de Ciel - Hat Full of Sky

Chapeau de Ciel is due out on the 21st June 2018, published by l'Atalante.

ISBN-10: 2841728676

ISBN-13: 978-2841728671

[Literal Translation of Chapeau de Ciel is Hat of Heaven -RAR]

Pre-order from:

Amazon France: ISBN:2841728676

* * * * *

Regiment Monstrueux - Monstrous Regiment

Regiment Monstrueux is due out on the 21st June 2018 Published by L'Atalante.

ISBN-10: 2841728668

ISBN-13: 978-2841728664

Pre-order from:

Amazon France: ISBN:2841728668

* * * * *

Ronde de Nuit - Night Watch

Ronde de Nuit is another one due out on the 21st June 2018 published by l'Atalante.

ISBN-10: 2841728641

ISBN-13: 978-2841728640

Pre-order from:

Amazon France: ISBN:2841728641

* * * * *

L'Aspirateur de la Sorcière - The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner

L'Aspirateur de la Sorcière is also due out on the 21st June 2018 published by L'Atalante

ISBN-10: 2841728633

ISBN-13: 978-2841728633

Pre-order from:

Amazon France: ISBN:2841728633

* * * * *

Ch'Tits Hommes Libres - The Wee Free Men

Ch'Tits Hommes Libres is the last one to be published on the 21st June 2018 by L'Atalante

ISBN-10: 2841727718

ISBN-13: 978-2841727711

Pre-order from:

Amazon France: ISBN:2841727718

* * * * *

8.2.2 German Translations

Die Nomen: Die komplette Saga - The Bromeliad Trilogy

Die Nomen: Die komplette Saga will be published in hardback on the 3rd April 2018 by ivi

ISBN-10: 3492704867

ISBN-13: 978-3492704861

Pre-order from:

Amazon Germany: ISBN:3492704867

Book Depository: ISBN:9783492281669

* * * * *

Ein gutes Omen - Good Omens

Ein gutes Omen in paperback will be published on the 2nd May 2018 by Piper with the glorious Josh Kirby artwork on the cover.

ISBN-10: 3492281664

ISBN-13: 978-3492281669

Pre-order from:

Amazon Germany: ISBN:3492281664

Book Depository: ISBN:9783492281669

* * * * *

Die staubsaugende Schreckschraube: und andere Storys vom Schopfer der Scheibenwelt - The Witches Vacuum Cleaner and other stories

Die staubsaugende Schreckschraube: und andere Storys vom Schopfer der Scheibenwelt will be published on the 3rd July 2018 in paperback by Piper

ISBN-10: 3492281575

ISBN-13: 978-3492281577

Pre-order from:

Amazon Germany: ISBN:3492281575

Book Depository: ISBN:9783492281577

* * * * *

Hohle Kopfe - Feet of Clay

Hohle Kopfe will be available in paperback on the 16th July 2018 by Goldmann Verleg

ISBN-10: 3442487412

ISBN-13: 978-3442487417

[Literal Translation of Hohle Kopfe is Hollow Heads - RAR]

Pre-order from:

Amazon Germany: ISBN:3442487412

Book Depository: ISBN:9783442487417

* * * * *

Aus der Tastatur gefallen: Gedanken uber das Leben, den Tod und schwarze Hute - A Slip of the Keyboard

Aus der Tastatur gefallen: Gedanken uber das Leben, den Tod und schwarze Hute will be published on the 17th September 2018 by Goldmann Verleg in Germany

ISBN-10: 3442487293

ISBN-13: 978-3442487295

Pre-order from:

Amazon Germany: ISBN:3442487293

Book Depository: ISBN:9783442487295

9. Stage Productions

Whilst we would love to get to every event and play to write reviews and articles about them, we just don't have enough time, petrol and a wide enough spread of friends to borrow the couch for the night. But you, our wonderful readers do have the time, petrol and often don't need the couches as the event or play is on your doorstep!

We don't have English degrees here and you don't need one either to write something for Discworld Monthly!

PS. If you know of a play or event that we don't know about (shock horror) , email us. We like the surprise!

All submissions should be emailed to or

Don't forget to visit Pratchett Stage Productions for our most up-to-date list of stage productions.

* * * * *

9.1 April 2018

[AUSTRALIA] Tribe Youth Theatre presents Wyrd Sisters as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: BTC Arts Shed, 15-17 Allingham Street, Golden Square VICTORIA 3555 Australia
Dates: Thurs 5th April - Saturday 8th April
Times: 7pm
Tickets: Adult 22AUD, Conc 20 AUD, Student 17AUD, Child under 12 14AUD, Family (2+2) 57AUD
Box Office Website:
Website: Tribe Youth Theatre
* * * * *
[NEW: GERMANY] Die Dramateure presents Mummenschanz (Maskerade) as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: Großer Saal des Riesen, Sackgasse 14, 63500 Seligenstadt, Germany
Dates: Sat 7th April - Sun 8th April 2018
Times: Sat at 7pm, Sun at 5pm
Tickets: 16.05EUR, Concessions 11.55EUR
Box Office Website:
Website: Die Dramateure
* * * * *
[USA] GreenMan Theatre Troupe presents Monstrous Regiment as adapted by Chris Hainsworth
Location: First United Methodist Church, 232 S.York Street, Elmhurst, IL, USA
Dates: Fri 13th April - Sun 29th April 2018 (Fri, Sat and Sundays only)
Times: Fri and Sat at 7:30pm, Sun at 2pm
Tickets: Adults 17USD, Students/Seniors 15 USD
Box Office: 630-464-2646
Website: GreenMan Theatre Troupe
* * * * *
[NEW: UK] Headley Theatre Club presents Wyrd Sisters as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: Headley Village Hall, Arford Road, Headley, Bordon, GU35 8LJ UK
Dates: Fri 13th - Sat 14th April 2018, Fri 20th - Sat 21st April 2018
Times: Curtain up at 8pm
Tickets: Entry 8GBP - Food ticket for Porkers, Pies and Puddings an additional 5GBP
Box Office: 01428 717358
Box Office Website:
Website: Headley Theatre Club
* * * * *
[UK] Skipton Players presents Mort as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: Skipton Little Theatre, Clifford Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 2AD
Dates: Tuesday 17th April - Sat 21st April 2018
Times: Curtains up at 7:30pm
Tickets: 10 GBP Concess 5 GBP
Box Office: 07527 141176
Box Office Website:
Website: Skipton Players
* * * * *
[NEW: UK] Maskers Theatre Company presents Wyrd Sisters as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: The Berry Theatre, Wildern Lane, Hedge End SO30 4EJ Southampton UK
Dates: Tues 17th April 2018 - Sat 21st April 2018
Times: Curtain up at 7.30pm
Tickets: 12.50GBP
Box Office: 023 8065 2333
Box Office Website:
Website: Maskers Theatre Company
* * * * *
[SWITZERLAND] Theatre de la Cite de Fribourg presents Trois soeurcieres (Wyrd Sisters) as adapted by Stephen Briggs, Translated into French by Patrick Couton
Location: Theatre de la Cite de Fribourg, Grandes-Rames 36, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland
Dates: Thu 19th April - Sat 12th May 2018
Times: Thur-Sat : 8pm (doors open 30 minutes beforehand) , matinees: Sun 29th April and Sun 6th May: 5:30pm (doors open 30 minutes beforehand)
Tickets: CHF 18.- Adults, CHF 13.- Seniors and Students (no cards accepted) ; on Thursdays, a special price for students is applied: CHF 10.
Box Office: +41 26 350 11 00
Website: Theatre de la Cite de Fribourg
* * * * *
[NEW: GERMANY] Die Dramateure presents Mummenschanz (Maskerade) as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: Bürgerhaus Bischofsheim, Dörnigheimer Weg 21, 63477 Maintal , Germany
Dates: Sat 21st April 2018
Times: 7pm
Tickets: 10.00EUR, Concessions 8.00EUR
Box Office Website:
Website: Die Dramateure
* * * * *
[UK] Chorley Little Theatre presents Guards! Guards! as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: Chorley Little Theatre, Dole Lane, Chorley, Lancashire, PR7 2RL
Dates: Monday 23rd April - Saturday 28th April
Times: 7:30pm
Tickets: Mon-Wed 8GBP, Thu-Sat 10GBP
Box Office: 01257 264362
Website: Chorley Little Theatre
* * * * *
[UK] The Carlton Players presents Mort as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: The Little Theatre, Grange Rd West, Birkenhead, United Kingdom, CH41 4BY
Dates: Tues 24th April 2018 - Sat 28th April 2018
Times: Doors open at 7pm, Performance starts at 7:30pm
Tickets: 8GBP Adults, U16's/Students 6GBP
Box Office: 0151 647 6593
Box Office Website:
Website: The Carlton Players
* * * * *
[UK] Chelmsford Theatre Workshop presents Fifth Elephant as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: The Old Court Theatre 233 Springfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 6JT, UK
Dates: Wed 25th April - Sat 28th April 2018, Wed 2nd May - Sat 5th May 2018
Times: Curtains Up at 7.45pm
Tickets: 10GBP, 9GBP Conces
Box Office: 01245 606505
Box Office Website:
Website: Chelmsford Theatre Workshop
* * * * *
[UK] Castle Players presents Jingo as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: The Village Hall, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6DD
Dates: Thursday 26th April - Sat 28th April 2018
Times: Curtains up at 7:45pm, Sat Matinee at 2.30pm
Tickets: 10 GBP Concess 9 GBP
Box Office: 07938 965434
Website: Castle Players
* * * * *

9.2 May 2018

[UK] City College Plymouth Performing Arts presents Guards! Guards! as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: Tilt Theatre, City College Plymouth, PL1 5QG, UK
Dates: Wed 16th May - Thurs 17th May 2018
Times: 7pm - 9pm
Box Office Website:
Facebook: Guards! Guards!
* * * * *
[NEW: UK] Caversham Park Theatre presents Mort as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: The Milestone Centre, Milestone Way Precinct, Caversham, Reading, RG4 6PF, UK
Dates: Thurs 17th May - Sat 19th May 2018
Times: Thurs - Fri 8pm, Sat 7.30pm
Tickets: 7GBP plus online booking fee
Box Office: 01189 481 377
Box Office Website:
Website: Caversham Park Theatre
* * * * *

9.3 June 2018

[NEW: UK] The Company presents Wyrd Sisters as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: The University Drama Studio, Shearwood Road, Sheffield, S10 2TD UK
Dates: Weds 13th June 2018 - Sat 16th June 2018
Times: Curtain up at 7.30pm
Tickets: 8.50GBP Online, 9GBP on the door, Concessions 5.5GBP online,, 6GBP on the door
Box Office Website:
Website: The Company
* * * * *

9.4 July 2018

[NEW: UK] Pontlliw Players presents Wyrd Sisters as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: Pontlliw Village Hall, Carmel Rd, Pontlliw, Swansea SA4 9EX UK
Dates: Thurs 26th July 2018 - Sat 28th July 2018
Times: Curtain up at 7.30pm, Doors and Bar open at 7pm
Tickets: 7GBP email:
Box Office: 01792 897833/07986 135341
Website: Pontlliw Players
* * * * *

9.5 Timey Wimey Stage Productions

These Stage Productions are at least a few months away on the calendar, but if you have a pair of the trousers of time you may be able to slide into the future and bring back a review for us now! If you don't have access to either then you should be able to purchase tickets and travel forward in time the old fashioned way - one day at a time.

* * * * *
[AUSTRALIA] The Brisbane Arts Centre presents Men At Arms as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: Brisbane Arts Centre, 210 Petrie Terrace, Petrie Terrace QLD 4000, Australia
Dates: Thursday-Sundays from the 6th October - 3rd November 2018
Times: Thursdays 7.30pm, Fridays and Saturdays 8pm, Sundays 6.30pm
Tickets: 21 - 34 AUD
Box Office Website:
Website: The Brisbane Arts Centre
* * * * *
[NEW: UK] Studio Theatre Club presents Terry Pratchett: Judgement Day (Science of Discworld IV?) as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: Unicorn Theatre, Medieval Abbey Buildings, Checker Walk, Abingdon,OXON, OX14 3JB
Dates: 14-17 November 2018
Times: TBC
Tickets: TBC
Website: Studio Theatre Club
* * * * *
[UK] Kelvin Players presents Going Postal as adapted by Stephen Briggs
Location: The Kelvin Studio Theatre THE KELVIN STUDIOS, 253B Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8NY UK
Dates: Wed 5th December - Sat 8th December and Wed 12th - Sat 15th December 2018
Times: 7.30pm
Tickets: TBC
Website: Kelvin Players

10. Discworld Conventions and other Events

[NEW: Australia] Melbourne, Victorian Discworld Klatch

On Sunday 25th March, the Victorian Discworld Klatch will be meeting at the Charles Dickens Tavern, 290 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000 at 4pm to raise a glass to Terry.

'Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?'

Come to the Charles Dickens Tavern and raise a glass to the man who has given us 35 years of silliness, laughs and lots of books. We'll bring along the game Murder at the Fancy Dress Ball [1] and if you have a favourite card game bring that along too. Table is booked for 4pm under the first name of our favourite author so first one there gets to rig the cards.

1 Well I've been TOLD it was a game. Might want to be careful if you rock up in a funny costume just in case.

Facebook event : Facebook Event Page

* * * * *

[NEW, USA] Indiana - Backlist Book Club: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman

Date: 22nd April 2018

Time: 1400- 1500 EDT

Location: Second Flight Books, 2200 Elmwood Ave. Suite D-7, Lafayette, Indiana 47904 USA

Join them for their monthly book discussion! All are welcome for a lively chat and snacks. This month they will be discussing Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

BackList Book Club on Facebook

* * * * *

[NEW: Chile] Turistas del Mundodisco

On 28th April, Turistas Del Mundodisco are inviting fans to the Santiago library for an adventure through L- space to celebrate Terry's 70th birthday.

Date: 28th April 2018

Time: 1200 - 1630

Location: Santiago Library, Matucana 151, Santiago, Chile

The Santiago Library is located at Matucana 151, between Calles Moneda and Avenida Portales. If you come by car you must enter through Matucana street and access the free underground parking lots located almost on the corner of Portales. If you travel by Metro you must reach the Quinta Normal station on Line 5 and walk three blocks to the south.

Turistas del Mundodisco Facebook Page

* * * * *

[NEW: UK] Cardiff UK

Peculiar Productions Launch event

Date: 28th April 2018

Time: 4pm - 7pm

Location: Cathays Community Centre, 36-38 Cathays Terrace, Cardiff CF24 4HX UK

Website: Peculiar Productions

This launch event is a FREE fairground-inspired offering of comedy shorts, games stalls and associated performers--from strongmen to fortune tellers.

There will be a short welcome at 16:30 followed by a Big Reveal of their first large-scale production this coming August!

Freshly baked goods and FREE drinks will be available throughout the event.

* * * * *


Join in a celebration of life on Sir Terry Pratchett's Birthday (28 April) by honoring his legacy and experiencing his Discworld.

Discover the streets of Ankh-Morpork, the greatest city of the Discworld. A folklorique network of old lanes, squares and alleys for your walking pleasure. Where excitement and trolls lurks around every corner and much may be heard the traditional street cries of old time also the laughing visages of the denizens as they go about their business private.

LIMITED NO OF TICKETS available from Quicket - Discworld Day Box Office

Online: R70.00

At the gate/on the day: R90.00

PARKING: R10 per car

Kids under 12 FREE

Dogs and unruly luggages to be kept on leashes at all times.

MAP TO VENUE: On Google maps

Please note - there is a 1km dirt road to the venue but it is suitable for most cars.


- An Ankh-Morpork Adventure: Seek! Hustle! Build! Conjur!

Enter as a single person or with a team of wizzards, complete the tasks as laid out for you by the Patrician.

R20.00 per person (R10 discount for entering online and bringing your own entry sheet!)

- Fabricati diem, pvnc: test your mettle and train with the City Watch, they are recruiting!

- The presence of beer always greases the rungs of the evolutionary ladder so make sure your Inn-sewer-ants-polly-seas are up to date and join us in The Mended Drum.

Expect a test of wits, much revelry and many barbarians.

- The Discworld Dress Up. Embody your favourite character and be victorious. Win Thynngs.

- Burnt crunchy bits, dwarf bread, rat onna stick and other local delicacies can be found between Harga's House of Ribs and the Curry Gardens, so weary travellers and brave explorers will not have holes in their tummies. Keep an eye out for Cut-me-own-Throat Dibbler.

All guilds are welcome, so if you fancy yourself as an artificer, a seamstress, an assassin or a clown, you'll be sure to be in good company along The Street of Cunning Artificers.

Facebook Event: Discworld Day 2018

* * * * *

[NEW, UK] Chalke Valley History Festival

The UK's largest History Festival which will include talks and events about Terry Pratchett and The Shed of Doom among Living history exhibits and events.

Dates: Mon 25th June - Sun 1st July 2018

Location: Broadchalke, Nr Salisbury Wilts UK

Website: Chalke Valley History Festival

* * * * *

[UK Discworld Convention]

The location and date of 2018 Discworld Convention in the UK has been announced.

It will be at the Chesford Grange Hotel on the weekend of 3rd - 6th August 2018.

Memberships have been released and have SOLD OUT.

Don't fret though, ConCom are now operating a waiting list for those who wish to have a chance of attending.

International Discworld Convention

* * * * *

[Dutch Discworld Convention]

CABBAGECON 5 - Be a Barbarian hero !

Dates 20th - 21st October 2018

Location: Carlton President Hotel, Floraweg 28, 3542 DX Utrecht

Tickets: Weekend - Adult 65 Euros Child 35 Euros Student 50 Euros.

Single day tickets are available on their website.

To buy tickets and for more information head over to

Cabbagecon on Facebook

* * * * *

[NEW: IDWCon] Irish Discworld Convention

The date of 2019 Irish Discworld Convention has been announced, it will be on the weekend of 29th March - 1st April 2019.

The revamped website is launching on 29th March 2018. For more information please visit: Irish Discworld Convention

Memberships will be released on April 19th 2018.

* * * * *

[UPDATED: Australian Convention] Nullus Anxietas VII in Melbourne 2019

Will be held from the 12th to 14th April 2019 and is authorised by Ankh Morpork Post Office.

Full Tickets are now available from

Early Bird Prices available until the 12th Aug 2018

Full Members ticket - 160 AUD

Concession/child (5-15) ticket - 140 AUD

Family Ticket (2 adults/2 child or 1 adult/3 child) - 520 AUD

Full Prices - Valid from the 12th August 2018 - 29th March 2019

Full Members ticket - 200 AUD

Concession/child (5-15) ticket - 160 AUD

Family Ticket (2 adults/2 child or 1 adult/3 child) - 680 AUD

* * * * *

[Scheibenwelt Convention]

Scheibenwelt Convention have announced that the next German Discworld Convention will take place from the 3rd to the 6th of October 2019 at Castle Ludwigstein.

The theme will be Hogswatch.

Tickets are not on sale as yet but do visit their website to find out more information .

German Convention

* * * * *


It's happening in 2019. That's all we know. We'll update this when we get more news.

11. Recurring Monthly Fan Meetings

[UK] The Broken Drummers meet at The Monkey Puzzle, Paddington, London, W2 1JQ, England at 7pm. For more information contact Helen Nicholls on

Unless otherwise stated the Drummers meet on the first Monday of each month.

The Drummers are now holding irregular weekend meet-ups in addition to their regular Mondays. Dates are posted on their Facebook page and sent out via their mailing list.

The Drummers are always happy to welcome new visitors. You can find out more at: or

* * * * *

[Adelaide, Australia] The City of Small Gods is a group for fans in Adelaide and South Australia.

They have regular monthly dinner and games nights, longer games days, plus play outings, craft-y workshops, and fun social activities throughout the year. For more info and to join their mailing list, visit:

* * * * *

[Brisbane, Australia] The Pratchett Partisans meet monthly at either Brisbane or Indooroopilly to eat, drink and chat about all things Pratchett. For more info about their next meetup, check out: Pratchett Partisans on Facebook

* * * * *

[Melbourne, Australia] The Victorian Discworld Klatch is a social group for fans of Discworld and Terry Pratchett. We meet monthly for fun activities and to talk all things Pratchetty. Information on our current event can be found on Facebook or email

* * * * *

[Perth, Australia] The Treacle Mining Corporation meetup to celebrate the works of Sir Terry Pratchett, and welcome any fans of science fiction and fantasy.

Join them for their monthly discussion of Discworld, Terry Pratchett and all things sci-fi and fantasy. They meet the first Monday of each month, subject to holidays, and all are welcome.

The group meets up at Carpe Cafe, 526 Murray Street, Perth, WA. Meeting at a cafe means they are under-18 friendly!

For details follow them on Twitter @TreacleMiningCo , Instagram , and Facebook

Otherwise message Alexandra Ware directly at

Unless otherwise stated the group meets up on the first Monday of each month.

* * * * *

[Sydney, Australia] Sydney Drummers normally meet on the first Monday of every month.

Meeting location: 3 Wise Monkeys, 555 George Street, Sydney, 2000 from 6:30pm

For more information contact Sue (AKA Granny Weatherwax) on

* * * * *

[Sydney, Australia] Western Drummers (western suburbs of Sydney NSW Australia) meet 6pm on the third Tuesday of the month at the Nepean Rowing Club for dinner chat and games.

Western Drummers on Facebook

* * * * *

* Calling USA / Canadian Fans *

Appreciate Discworld and Sir Terry Pratchett? Want to chat and gather with other Discworld fans in the US and Canada? Regional Discworld fan Facebook groups are linked below!

Holy Wood Dreams (covers WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, NM, and HI) :

Holy Wood Dreams

Central US Discworld Fans (covers ID, MT, WY, ND, SD, NE, UT, CO, KS, OK, and TX) :

Central US Discworld Fans

Midwest Discworld Fans (covers IL, IN, WI, MI, KY, MN, IA, and MO) :

Midwest Discworld Fans

Southeast US Pratchett Fans (covers AR, LA, TN, MS, AL, GA, NC, SC, and FL) :

Southeast US Pratchett Fans

Mid-Atlantic Discworld Fans (covers PA, OH, WV, VA, Washington DC, and MD) :

Mid-Atlantic Discworld Fans

New England Discworld Fans (covers DE, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, and ME) :

New England Discworld Fans

Canadian Discworld Fans (covers Canada and Alaska) :

Canadian Discworld Fans

If you are in a border state or a province between two groups, feel free to join both groups.

* * * * *

[Australia] Drumknott's Irregulars is a newly established Terry Pratchett social group based in Canberra. The group is open to anyone and their events are not heavily themed.

Facebook: Drumknott's

Google Groups: Drumknott's

12. The End

This month's issue is brought to you by the Kronan warrior whose revolution failed because only his mum and her boyfriend turned up. Please let us have any submissions for issue 253 of Discworld Monthly by Friday 20th April 2018.

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Discworld Monthly Affiliate Links

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Terry Pratchett Biography

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12.7 Trivia Answers

Q1.What is the name of the race of aliens in the game?
A1.The ScreeWee
Q2.What was the name of the game that Wobbler wrote?
A2.Journey to Alpha Centauri.
Q3.What would happen if you kept Wobbler's game running for 3,000 years?
A3.A little dot would appear in the middle of the screen and a message would show saying "Welcome to Alpha Centauri. Now Go Home".
Q4.What soap opera did Kirsty's mum want to watch?
Q5.What is the name of Johnny's local shopping mall?
A5.Neil Amstrong Mall
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