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Discworld Monthly - Issue 297 - April 2023

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Discworld Monthly - Issue 297

1. Swansea Pride and Discworld Monthly's 26th Birthday!

As we have previously advertised, we will be supporting Swansea Pride with the team from Llamedos Holiday Camp this Saturday 29th April 2023.

It is also the anniversary weekend of Discworld Monthly's first issue 26 years ago (and the Friday would have been Terry's Birthday)!

We will be meeting from 10am outside the Pitcher and Piano (59-60 Wind St, Swansea SA1 1EG) as the march/parade will be starting at 11am.

Note: Wind street is pronounced Wine Street in case you need to ask someone for directions.

The march/parade route will end at the Brangwyn Hall (Guildhall Rd South, Swansea SA1 4PE) where an amazing Pride festival will be taking place with entertainers, music, stalls and food outlets.

The festival opens at 12noon and will continue until 7pm.

We are encouraging those who wish to join us to bring the Discworld to the Pride march. Our own Rincewind and Twoflower will be in attendance and we hope to see a colourful batch of Discworld fans alongside us.

We will have Discworld Monthly and Llamedos Holiday Camp banners to carry for the march.

If you are intending to join us, please either indicate via our facebook event page, or by emailing us at

This is so we know if we have everyone on the day. You will be able to contact us via our info email address on the day as we will have our phones with us.

If you are coming in by car, here are the details about the car parks in Swansea.

We suggest you don't park in the Copr or St Davids/Quadrant car parks. They are the most expensive in Swansea outside of the NCP facilities. Paxton Street car park (Bathurst Street, SA1 3SA) is a good option as it is closer to the Brangwyn Hall than the others whilst still being within walking distance to Wind Street.

We are really looking forward to meeting some of you this weekend, to not only support Pride, but also to celebrate Discworld Monthly's 26th Birthday!

2. The End

We'll aim to get a full issue of Discworld Monthly out to you within the next week.

Table of Contents:

1. Swansea Pride and Discworld Monthly's 26th Birthday!
2. The End
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