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Discworld Monthly - Issue 59: March 2002

Table of Contents:

1. Editorial
2. News
3. Readers' Letters
4. Birthday Trivia Part 4
5. Competition: ISIS Audio Books on Offer
6. Article: Thud The First Ever Discworld Board Game
7. Competition: New Cunning Artificer Creation
8. Article: Discworld Convention News - Prices Held!
9. The End

1. Editorial

Welcome to issue 59. I've recently visited The Cunning Artificer's store in Wincanton, Somerset where I was treated to a very nice sticky bun and an introduction to the new Discworld game Thud. You can read more about Thud later in this issue. We are hoping to play the game over the next few weeks and let you know our experiences with it in next month's issue.

Bernard is working on a new creation based on the new Discworld novel Nightwatch. We cannot tell you what the model is yet as many would consider it a bit of a spoiler. Later in this newsletter you can find details of how to win this model... and see you name immortalised in plaster!

Jason Anthony (Editor)
William Barnett (Deputy Editor)
Richard Massey (Failed Chess Buffoon)

2. News

News from Colin Smythe: I'm told that NIGHTWATCH (the 27th Discworld Novel) will be published in the UK and USA simultaneously on 7 November. There have been various reports as to the early names of this novel. Terry's preference was always for 'The Nature of the Beast', but he wasn't happy about using it as Frances Fyfield's 'The Nature of the Beast' was published in Britain only last October - too close for his comfort. He therefore used his fall-back title, 'Nightwatch' and for that reason asked Paul Kidby to produce a parody of Rembrandt's 'The Night Watch' for the cover, the sort of thing that Paul has already done supremely well for The Science of Discworld. 'Doing Time' had also been discussed, though Terry was never really happy with that.

A condensed version of 'Die volle Wahrheit' - the German translation of 'The Truth' - was to have been issued by A&R BMG Wort on three CDs (ISBN 3-89830-275-X; EUR 24,50), and on two cassettes (ISBN 3-89830-276-8; EUR 16,00) last October, but due to the illness of Dirk Bach, production and release has been delayed. His health permitting, the recording is now expected to be made on 13-14 February, and to be released in March to coincide with the Leipziger Buchmesse.'

The Cunning Artificer is having a grand Thud Day on Bank Holiday Monday 1st April. (See section 6 for more information on Thud).

The event will take place from 11 am till 6ish. There will be Thud games played and displayed, and for the novice a lesson or two from Trevor Truran, the Thudmeister himself.

While you are not playing you can try your hand at painting your own Soul Cake Duck eggs.

The usual hospitality will be shown to all ne'er-do-wells, including chocolate eggs.

Terry will be coming along in the afternoon to do his thing and award the prizes.

As a special treat to Discworld Monthly readers, if you say to Bernard 'Jason Anthony has trouble with his socks!' you will get a chocolate egg.

Therefore any one in fancy dress with the theme 'April's Fool' will be given a prize. And the one judged the most foolish will be given the silliest prize.

The Cunning Artificers shop is located at 41 The High Street, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 9JU. You can contact Bernard on 01963-824686 or or visit or

Out Of The Hat will be taking delivery of a new 1000 piece Discworld jigsaw of Reaper Man. You should be able to pre-order this new jigsaw from their web site now. For more information visit

Terry will be out for a short signing tour during May to coincide with the release of Thief of Time in Paperback.

Wednesday 1st May

Salisbury, Ottakar's 9 New Canal, Salisbury, Wiltshire

Swindon Literature Festival
In Conversation event

Thursday 2nd May

Kingston, Waterstone's The Bentall Centre, Wood Street, Kingston KT1 1TP (late night opening)

Friday 3rd May

Milton Keynes, Ottakar's 72 Midsummer Place, Milton Keynes, Bucks MK9 3AG

Saturday 4th May

Bath, W H Smith 6-7 Union Street, Bath BA1 2QZ

Wednesday 22nd May

Brighton Festival Joint event with Terry Jones

Becky ( ) writes: Esso Music and Drama are performing Carpe Jugulum at The Waterside Theatre, Holbury, near Southampton on May 2nd, 3rd and 4th. If anyone wants to see what we did with Wyrd Sisters (our first visit to the Discworld) they should visit our web site

We have just won the Southern Evening Echo Curtain Call Award for Best Lighting and Effects for Wyrd Sisters! We were also nominated for Best Ensemble for the show but were pipped at the post by the production that eventually won Production of the Year so we don't feel too upset about that.

I need to prove to my committee that the Discworld is 'proper' theatre or we may not be able to visit it again. So come on all you Discworld fans - show some support and let's start proving to all Amdram committees that the Discworld has a place in the future of amateur theatre.

DWM adds: We will be visiting this production of Carpe and will, of course, supply a highly critical review of the proceedings.

Unseen Theatre Company presents "PRATCHETT PIECES" four short stories by Terry Pratchett namely Theatre of Cruelty, Troll Bridge, Hollywood Chickens and Turntables of the Night adapted for the stage by Pamela Munt, directed by Pamela Munt and Melanie Munt as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival from March 12-16, 10.30pm at the Bakehouse Theatre, 255 Angas St, Adelaide.

Tickets: Adults 18 AUD; Concession 14 AUD; Groups (of 6 or more) 14 AUD; Club 26 12 AUD; Fringe Pass 15 AUD; Conference Pass 14 AUD; Artist Pass 14 AUD.

Bookings: Fringe Tix Phone: (08) 8201 4567 In Person: 4-10 Ebenezer Place (off Rundle St) or at "The Hub" (Adelaide Uni) Online at

More Information: Pamela Munt, director. Phone: (08) 8296 3519 Email:
or visit and

Wyrd Sisters will soon be performed in Victoria, Australia at The Boilerhouse, Building 20, Victoria University (Sunbury Campus). Sunbury is about 30 minutes from Melbourne on the Calder Fwy or the Tullamarine Fwy. The show opens on 1st March and the other dates are March 2,7,8,13,14,15 all at 8pm. Tickets go on sale on Monday 11th Feb, and you can book on (03) 97443567 (All tickets are 10 AUD).

On Friday and Saturday the 29th and 30th March 2002 StudenT, the theatre company of the University of Antwerp, will perform the first Belgian production ever of Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters in 'Het Fakkelteater', Antwerp, Belgium. Further information and online reservations are available at

Graham Smith ( ) writes: Not sure if anybody out there is aware but Terry's first three books have been released in an Unseen University Special edition in leather bound hardback. Unfortunately the only place I have found them is at the fantasy and science fiction book club ( where all three can be bought for just 40 GBP. These are a fabulous collectors edition with a Discworld map in the front of each.

Small Ads....

Please note, DWM has no way of checking the veracity or validity of any of the items in our small ads section. As always, exercise caution when giving out your details over the Internet. We *strongly* recommend parental supervision for younger readers who
follow up any of these contacts.

Jordan Taylor ( ) writes: I am on my 21st Discworld (well, 21/26 novels on the main list) novel. If anyone knows anything about some sort of Discworld convention in Sydney, Australia, please email me, as I cannot travel to England for such an event. Thanks and happy reading.

John Martin ( ) writes: Some years ago I was given the first (at least I think it was the first) Discworld computer game. The one that opens with Rincewind in bed, being summoned by the Archchancellor. I am ashamed to say that to date I have not even managed to leave the University grounds. Can anybody help me to proceed? Also, what other Discworld computer games are there, and from where can they be obtained?

DWM replies: That doesn't work!

Chris Sheen ( ) writes: I am looking for people in London (preferably South of the river) who either do, or are interested in, putting on PTerry plays. Any leads however tenuous happily received.

Kate Read ( ) writes: The Barnet South Company of Players are trying to do a production of "Wyrd Sisters" but are coming up short with a few main characters, ie the Fool and Hwel and would like anyone in the local area who is interested in acting to come along and try out. We never turn anyone away and welcome bit players and those who can do main parts.

Francesca Paterson ( ) writes: I'm quite possibly Terry Pratchett's biggest fan. However, most of my mates reckon I'm absolutely mad. Is there anyone out there who would like to swap emails with me (only about Discworld - and we'll never be able to meet because my Mum wouldn't let me!) so that I know I'm not alone? Thanks guys, TERRY PRATCHETT ROCKS! from Commander Vimes

Laura Shortridge ( ) writes: I'm a 15 year old girl from South Africa who is a conservative anti-feminist, anti-communist Christian who loves history and Terry Pratchett books. I'm suffering from 'lack of Pratchett fans friends' withdrawl syndrome. Can anybody help? My name's FiRE sometimes and Laura the rest of the time.

Neeson Jones ( ) writes: I've got books for swaps, or sale. At the time of me writing this I can't remember what they are, but e-mail me and I'll send you a list.

James Farrington ( ) writes: The Prince of Wales Youth Theatre are putting on a Terry Pratchett play in March called "Wyrd Sisters" for more information e-mail me at the above address.

Vicki Pimlott ( ) writes: I have recently discovered a shop in Manchester that sells old issues of SFX. I spent over an hour on Saturday trawling through what they had in stock looking for any PTerry related articles. I managed to get hold of a copy of issue no 25. I would be very greatful if anybody could email me a list of any other issues which the great man (or anything else of relevance) features in.

The Servant of Obilivion. ( ) writes: I'm Jarec Undead an official Discworlder, and one of three Editors of a site dedicated to the Discworld. Just want all you out there to pay us a visit anytime soon, and check us out.

K.P.Scroggins ( ) writes: I have a hardback copy of 'The Fifth Elephant' in perfect condition, none of the words have been damaged in anyway by over-eager or careless reading. It was a duplicated Christmas gift from my well-meaning Mum.

If any fans out there want to make me an offer for it, I'll accept the best one over 3 GBP (please, UK postage 1 GBP extra, overseas at cost if neccessary).

Tim Robson ( ) writes: I am 14 and a great Terry fan. I haven't read all of the books, but have most of them. My favourite in the series is Captain Carrot. Please email me and tell me what your's is.

3. Readers' Letters

If you have any letters/comments, please email

We assume any correspondence is eligible for use in the newsletter unless otherwise stated, including the sender's email address. We may also try to bring some semblance of English grammar to your letters.

It is vitally important that you don't pass off other people's work as your own. If you use information from other resources please let us know so we can give proper credit.

Each month the writer of the month's best letter will receive two Discworld badges with Terry quotes on them from Snapdragon Gifts. You can contact Snapdragon Gifts at or Please mention DWM in any correspondence.

* From: "Niji & Elli" ( )
We are two Greek girls (Niki & Elli) studying architecture. We really like Terry Pratchett's work. We like it so much that we decided to do our thesis about the architecture in Pratchett's books! Let me tell you it isn't an easy job, especially when our supervisor has read only half a book, Maskerade. Therefore we really need all the help we can get! We have prepared a questionnaire for anyone who is interested, or anyone who is willing to help us to get high marks. If you choose to answer please to do with a few words, without looking at the books for correct answers. There are no correct answers, we are only interested in you opinion.


  1. Please describe Ankh-Morpork.
  2. Please connect the following places to our real world (If there is any connection at all): Ephebe, Klatch, XXXX, Genua, Howondaland, Uberwald,
  3. Please describe the Patrician's Palace.
  4. When reading the books have you noticed any architectural reference and if so did it help you to create a picture?
  5. Please describe Death's House.
Thank you all for your time.

* From: "Gerhard Uibel" ( )
Does anybody know by chance if Terry might be afraid of horses? I like his different look at the elves, but I could never quite understand him describing horses as mad beasts - and I am really not sure about anybody running faster than a horse even on the first few meters. I once had a horse that made a (very) good standing start!

* From: "Elizabeth Wadsworth" ( )
For those who like to collect obscure Pratchett references, I recently ran across the following in a book called "Dracula in London" edited by P.N. Elrod, which I received as a Hogswatch gift. The reference occurs in a story entitled "Beast", by Amy Gruss and Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, which describes a meeting between the Transylvanian Count and a very young Aleister Crowley. Young "Al" has pinched from his employer a couple of rare books specially ordered by a mysterious Doctor from the Netherlands:

"Couldn't grab Agnes Nutter's grimoire, could you? Couldn't grab the Yetzeroth. Oh no! You had to go and get a bloody useless book in bloody useless German!"

Of course, Anthony Crowley of "Good Omens" must have been inspired by the well-known Victorian demonologist Aleister Crowley - or are they intended to be one and the same person? Can anyone on the list answer this?

* From: "John Waller" ( )
Have just finished reading 'The Last Hero': Yet another masterpiece. I just have to say that as someone old enough to remember the Apollo 13 mission the phrase on page 105 "Ankh-Morpork, we have an orangutan", well it just creased me up. Most enjoyable how does he do it?

* From: "Anke" ( )
*lol* Seems like the Discworld is full of Colons and Nobbses... In "The amazing Maurice and his educated Rodents" Terry Pratchett once again used German names: Doppelpunkt=Colon, and Knopf=button, knob, which isn't too different from Nobbs. In fact, the similarity between Doppelpunkt and Colon is greater than between Knopf and Nobby, isn't it?

I loved this book, the first one I read three times in a row, but I don't really see why it is said to be written for "younger readers".

DWM replies: Anke get this month's Letter Of The Month.

* From: "Elisabeth Meister" ( )
I'm quite afraid I might be the only one who didn't get the joke, but since it got 'letter of the month' I nonetheless thought it might be worth asking - so could you please explain that thing about 'A-tuin' and 'A-froin'?

DWM replies: It's a pune, or play on words. 'To-ing and fro-ing' means going backwards and forwards and not getting things done.

* From: "Aiza Benyamin" ( )
I love the fact that everyone who enjoys Pratchett has invariably also read Tolkien & Rowling. I agree with Elliot Fry & Lizmari that there is really no need to berate any authors. I am oldish enough to experience a second childhood every time I read a Harry Potter book. And I love Pratchett who keeps me in a humorous mood on long transits between flights. I keep em puzzled as I'm usually the only one still smiling after yet another long delay is announced.

Do you all realise that it's a big world out there and so many people of various nationalities enjoy Pratchett? Not in the same unifying way as Baywatch of course.

* From: "Inneke Cox" ( )
My name is Inneke and I'm from Belgium. I've been reading Terry Pratchett books for about 10 years now, and still can't get enough of them. Two years ago I moved to Geneva, and my French has gradually been improving. So now I'm looking for some decent authors. If anyone can come up with some 'laugh out loud' French books with a decent storyline, vision and characters, please let me know. It doesn't have to be fantasy, I like anything written in a Terry Pratchett/Carl Hiaasen/Tom Sharpe style.

* From: "Rebecca Maxwell" ( )
How can there be a World Premiere of Truckers if the only place where the plays are being held is in the UK?? I never knew that the UK was the only place in the world!!

Rebecca Maxwell Western Australia, a whole other world.

DWM replies: As far as we can tell it works something like this. As this is the first production of Truckers in the world it is therefore the world premiere.

* From: "Matthew Murray" ( )
Last month's new section included: Ebury will also issue, on that date, a fully updated and revised format paperback of the original The Science of Discworld. Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen have written two brand new chapters for the book.

Does anyone else find this annoying? I bought the hardcover of this a few years ago (and got it signed), so I don't particularly want to get a new copy for two new chapters. Couldn't they just have included these with the Science of the Discworld 2? I know it wouldn't fit in with the plot, but I think most readers would appreciate not having to buy the same book twice.

DWM replies: We have to agree with Matthew on this subject. We feel that once you've purchased a book, you shouldn't need to buy it again. After all, how many versions of the Discworld Companion are there (rhetorical question)?

* From: "Jennifer Harley" ( )
The birthday trivia questions in issue 58 lead me to wonder whatever happened to Esk? If she managed to avoid the Mage Wars in 'Sourcery', surely Granny Weatherwax would've visited her whilst in Ankh Morpork! I think that the first female wizard on the Disc and Simon, her stammering, watery-eyed companion, deserve further mention. After all, they did save the Disc from the unspeakable horrors of the Dungeon Dimensions!

I truly look forward to receiving 'Discworld Monthly' every month. Keep up the good work!

* From: "Emma Horner" ( )
I am a great fan of PTerry and have been for many years now, having first read Mort when I was 9yrs old I have been hooked ever since (now being 18) but getting to the ever important point of things... does anyone know if there are any plans for more of the Discworld novels are going to be made into cartoons! I have Soul Music and Wyrd Sisters and think they are wonderful but would love to see more!

DWM replies: I have heard that because of the lacklustre way the cartoons were treated by Channel 4, Terry decided that no more would be produced.

* From: "Neerav" ( )
I recently read "The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents" and thought it much better than "The Last Hero". Seeing it described as "(a children's book set on the Discworld)" in issue 54 of DWM I almost didn't borrow it from the library, but I'd already read the other Discworld books umpteen times so I gave it a go and thought it the best Discworld book for years! I highly recommend it to other fans and don't know why its targeted at "children" because the language used in it has just as much detail and depth as the other Discworld books.

On another matter I accidentally found myself in the audio books section of the library and ending up borrowing "Interesting Times" on cassette. I found listening to it, (during a typically hot day in Australian summer), quite enjoyable considering id read the book many times before, and had more "laugh out loud" moments because some of the details I missed while reading were brought out (this is probably because you cant "skip ahead" or "skim through" when listening to something compared to reading it).

Other DW fans should consider purchasing/borrowing some DW audio books as they fill up a lot of time (if you are eg: on a long car trip or on holidays with little to do) at around 10 hours per book.

DWM replies: You did read our review of TAMAHER, didn't you?

* From: "00robsont" ( )
I have been reading about Discworld puzzles. I would like to know what they are and where I can find them, possibly on the Internet. I could do with a couple of Terry's books as well (I haven't got them all yet) so anyone selling them (cheaply?) who lives around Bognor Regis, please contact me.

DWM replies: We recommend Out of the Hat for Discworld puzzles. More information can be found at

* From: "Dagna" ( )
Browsing the Poetry, Drama and Criticism section of, I found The Truth under New and Future Releases.


96 pages, due for release on the 21st of this month. Is this a play? If so - is it a bit short? G!G! is 200 pages...

* From: Sarah ( )
My friends and I, being college students with nothing better to do (ha!) have recently taken it upon ourself to devise a thing that, for lack of a better name, we call the Stick and Bucket Dance. It involves sticks and a bucket, so we feel perfectly justified in calling it this. I will attempt to have at least minimal instructions and possibly pictures posted on the web by the end of the month at

* From: "bailly" ( )
It seems that you don't have any contribution from people outside the English-speaking readership! I guess that you've received some emails from European fans of the author? So what's the problem? I recognize that we don't speak English perfectly, especially in France... :-). Anyway, it doesn't prevent us from appreciating Pratchett and especially the work of his translator. The French translator (and all translators around the world from what I have read) is really excellent. Terry is a brilliant and witty author and each book is a real pleasure. I "met" his work by chance, when I was offered a book. Then I became a fan and ran to the bookstore to buy all the series. Therefore, I had the chance to read 15 volumes within a month! And now, I'm waiting (and it seems so long!) for the 19th book of the series to be published before the end of this month.

Really, I'm pleased to have discovered your site, and I'm looking for the next issue of your letter.

4. Birthday Trivia Part 4

This is the forth instalment of five questions from my birthday trivia quiz. All questions were written by William Barnett so if the answers are wrong, once again blame him.

What do children say when they're talking to the Hogfather?
What does GBL stand for (it's a part of Hex)?
Who is Mr Dinwiddie better known as?
What does 'De Chelonian Mobile' mean?
What is Goodboy Bindle Featherstone of Quirm?

The answers can of course be found in the final section of the newsletter.

5. Competition: ISIS Audio Books on Offer.

ISIS have come up with another mouth watering competition this month. The winning prize is an audio book of The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents and also an audio book of The Fifth Elephant signed by both Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs. The second and third prizes are audio books of The Amazing Maurice.

In order to win one of the above great prizes you need to answer the following question:

How many Discworld audio products are for sale on the Isis Website (counting multiple versions of books)? For more information visit

Send you answers to by Sunday 24th March along with your postal address. We can only accept one entry from each person and can only accept entries that include your postal address. By entering the competition you are agreeing to let ISIS send you a catalogue of their products.

For more information on ISIS products visit or call them on 0800 731 5637

6. Article: Thud The First Ever Discworld Board Game

by Bernard Pearson "The Cunning Artificer"

For the very first time there is a board game that is unique to Discworld.


Thud is a game of strategy and skill that combines the magic of Discworld with an entirely unique approach to board game playing.

It is a board game that is deceptively easy to learn, and yet has layers of playing that are revealed as your skill increases.

Based loosely on the epic Battle of Koom Valley between the Dwarfs and the Trolls each player takes turns to play the fast moving Dwarfs as they attempt to trap Trolls in a carefully prepared ambush. Only to then play the part of the fearless Trolls as they move inexorably towards the ambush and entrapment of the numerically superior Dwarfs.

Thud has been a collaboration between a very clever game designer, Trevor Truran, Bernard the stout, Cunning Artificer to the Gentry, and the 'man' himself, whose genius caused Discworld to happen in the first place.

Those that have played and tested the game (and they include complete games novices of tender years, as well as a couple of highly seasoned chess masters) report that the game is dreadfully compulsive and enormous fun.

It tests not only your strategic judgement, but also ignites that little flame of martial instinct that turns even the most peaceful citizen into a shield biting berserker when roused. [You've only got to play any kind of board game over Hogswatch to know that to be true - Ed]

It is also horribly addictive. Time slips quietly by as the Dwarfs stalk the Trolls and vice-versa.

It has depth (a completely new slant on board games) and as your skill is acquired in its playing, so the levels of strategy deepen. Most importantly it is Discworld in concept, and that shines through the moves, the game plan and the entire ethos of the game.

And who knows, perhaps one day a very eminent man of letters may well sharpen his quill, to pen a word or two about the game and its history.

There are three versions of the sculpted game pieces:

The Collectors Edition.

This set is comprised of 32 individual Dwarfs, 8 unique Trolls, and the Thud stone. These pieces measure from two to four inches in height. This all comes on a board that measures twenty-five inches across, and a book of instructions, rules, and cunning ploys. The first in the series of our Collectors Editions is in an old bone finish. It sells for 99.00 GBP complete. It represents good value, at 2.41 GBP per piece, it is nice to handle, and the old bone has been stained to look like it's just been dug out of a tomb.

The next is a set that we have christened 'Polished Tusk'. This is my personal favourite. It looks and feels like it's been around for centuries, and handled by generations of Thud Masters. We've used mellow, polished old ivory, each set differing as the polishing is all done by hand. But it is an bastard to make, so it sells for 150.00 GBP.

We top it all with a wonderfully hand painted set which makes the pieces really live, and this is such an 'an bastard' that Howard Legg, the man with a miniature brush, will only paint 200, so were numbering them so he doesn't lose count. Price, don't ask, but you won't get much change out of 400.00 GBP.

Then the idea was mooted that a 'gamers' set was made. Whereas the Collectors editions are all individual pieces, some people said they didn't like losing their 'favourite' Dwarf, and wanted to have a set which was easier to carry about. It was decided to make this set and call it the 'Gamers Edition'.

The gamers edition is slightly smaller, and made in reconstituted stone. The Dwarfs measure one and a half inches, and the Trolls just under two inches tall. They look and feel like old granite and because of the style of sculpting and the finishes used they will naturally polish and deepen in shade with handling. They also come with a board, which is sixteen and a half inches across, and the gaming book, and sell for 49.50 GBP.

7. Competition: New Cunning Artificer Creation

Bernard Pearson, the Cunning Artificer, is offering one of his new Discworld creations, based on the forth-coming Nightwatch, to a lucky reader. More importantly, this is also your chance to get your name prominently displayed on the model! We're auctioning this exclusive prize for charity. Send in a bid, via email, to by March 24th and the reader who makes the highest bid wins - subject to following up their bid with an actual cheque of course. If you're not the winner, we won't expect ANY money from you :) The lucky winner's bid will be forwarded to the Orangutan Foundation. Please make all offers in GBP and we can only accept cheques in GBP.

We will announce the winner in next month's issue.

For more information about the Cunning Artificer and his wonderful Discworld merchandise visit his shop located at 41 The High Street, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 9JU, contact Bernard on 01963-824686 or or visit

8. Article: Discworld Convention News - Prices Held!

We were recently delighted to receive our 500th membership for the Discworld Convention 2002. With hotel bookings from members already filling over half the hotel it's becoming clear that the Hanover International will be changing into the Discworld International Hotel for at least one weekend in August. This name is made more apt by the fact that we will be welcoming Discworld fans from across the globe to the Convention. We have members from over 20 different countries, including those who will be jetting in from as far afield as the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.

But what is it that makes a Convention truly memorable? Is it the programme of events planned? Well, at Discworld Conventions we have a full programme planned right from when the event officially opens at the spectacular (and cunningly named) Opening Ceremony through until the last formal event (which again features an ingenious title), the Closing Ceremony [1]. The Convention will begin to take form as more people begin to arrive at the hotel -- it always amazes me how everyone seems to gel into a coherent mass of Pratchett fans enjoying themselves. I think we would still have fun even without the events, guests, dealers and all the other attractions; but of course at a Discworld Convention you expect to be spoilt for choice as far as entertainment is concerned, and we guarantee that this will be the case in 2002, even more than in previous years!

So, if seeing some spectacular Discworld events is what the Convention means to you, you will leave happy. There is another part of coming to the Convention that for some people will enhance their enjoyment of the weekend. Even if you get involved in just one programme item -- ask one question, help set up or run even one small event -- you will have contributed to the success of the event as a whole. You may even make a name for yourself and your exploits could enter the realms of Discworld history. If you are _extremely_ fortunate, Terry himself might pick up on what happens or is said and use it in one of his books (no promises here though!).

Getting involved in the programme couldn't be easier -- there is plenty of scope to assist the programme team both in the months before and the days during the event and no reasonable offer of assistance is refused. We are always interested to hear from people who would like to run some Discworld related event at the Convention. Even if it isn't specifically Discworld themed let us know and if we like it and have space we will do our utmost to fit it in. We are particularly interested in events that can be run for people not attending the Vampire Ball as we are very keen to ensure that all our members are kept entertained at all times.

You really need to be there to experience the atmosphere and understand what it's like. Since the Convention in 2002 could well be the last Discworld Convention (organised by us, at least), do you really want to miss a minute of it? Of course not. For those not in the know, the time is particularly ripe for purchasing your membership. Due to popular demand (and us being a bunch of softies) we're holding down the price of memberships at just ukp45[3] until the end of March, when the price will rise to ukp50. And although we _are_ pretty damn good at what we do, even we can't alter the fact that places are limited (including accommodation at the hotel), so we'd advise booking early. We guarantee it'll be worth it.

_Paul A. Rood_
Chairman, Discworld Convention 2002
Address: Discworld Convention 2002, PO Box 2002, Romford RM7 7DQ, UK
Tel/Fax: 0709 226 4571

[1] There is something called a Dead Monkey party after this, but it's really just an excuse for the committee and members that are still around to drink one last skinful before venturing back into the real world [2].

[2] Dead Monkey is optional. We ask that all members take their deceased furry mammals back home with them.

[3] Price of one full attending membership.

9. The End

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* Birthday Trivia Results *

What do children say when they're talking to the Hogfather?
''s' and ''nk you' (very timid and quiet)
What does GBL stand for (it's a part of Hex)?
Great Big Lever
Who is Mr Dinwiddie better known as?
The Bursar
What does 'De Chelonian Mobile' mean?
The turtle moves
What is Goodboy Bindle Featherstone of Quirm?
A swamp dragon (a.k.a. Errol)

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